Older Woman

I asked, “Do I need to be with Ali?” I dreamt that someone came to me for information. I pointed out an older woman, with white-ish hair, who was sitting at a desk across from me and a little to the left, facing me. I dreamt that I was outside at night. It was raining but I wasn’t getting wet. I was walking (?) up a hill (?) on the right side of the street. There was a fast food restaurant and I saw Sean Connery driving one of those toddler plastic cars with the yellow roof. He was with … Continue reading Older Woman

How To Pick A Partner 

I asked the question, “What should powerful moms (or was it parents?)  know?” I dreamt of a young (3 / 4) blonde girl walking on my right, going ahead of me. She was wearing shorts and I was noticing her long legs. I was wishing that I could go back in time and start over. I dreamt of an old man, going deaf (only in the right?), asking if I would consider him. I don’t remember my response. He then gave me advice on how to pick a partner.  I dreamt of Madonna as part of a British tv show.  … Continue reading How To Pick A Partner 

Trunk, and 1947

I’m in a small living room, loft / studio like, with a cabin feel. Mark is here, mom, and some others. I have gotten sick (strep?), and so have been sleeping in my parents bed. I haven’t notified my teachers about me missing class. Every so often, I wake, and look at the clock on the wall. It’s about quarter to 8, but I’m thinking it’s close to 3 (I had to think about this when I was writing). I get up so I can shower, and go to class, even with me still very sick. Outside of the bathroom, … Continue reading Trunk, and 1947


A tall, black man brings a baby, buckled in a stroller, with only a head, that could fit in a hand. The eyes were shut, and the mouth was still a bit sealed, as if it was still developing. Two couples were lounging on some grass, behind some rocks, on a beach(?). One of the guys was twirling a lit cigarette between his toes of one of his feet, while he was smoking another one. Ray(?) was sitting at a table drawing up plans for the truss of the addition to the house, using one of those triangular rulers. A … Continue reading Searching