Time To Go

I dreamt of a tall mirrored high rise building. I dreamt of a gated abandoned house/building with several stories. I dreamt that I had pooped a slightly curved tan “brick”, leaving it on top of the toilet. I had some dark remnants on my right leg on the top of my thigh under my belly. It was Micalanne’s turn to clean. She was poking it with a stick and smelling it, not smelling anything, trying to figure out what it was. I put the brick in a hole above the seat the size of the brick and flushed it. I … Continue reading Time To Go

Didn’t See

I asked, ” Who does the baby belong to?” I dreamt that it was Halloween around 3 p.m. Kyle and I were in the church. There was a room to the right of the exit doors. Someone was having the drug addicts come here instead of outside and getting into trouble. Some were in costumes, not fancy. There were people standing, going in a circle to the right. There were also some sitting on the outside of the circle on both sides. On the right there was a short guy in a wheelchair. I was sitting back by the door … Continue reading Didn’t See


I asked, “What is the meaning of lottery?” I dreamt that a black guy showed up suddenly who was a relative of mine. He had two young sons. I either only saw one of their faces, or neither of them. I’m not sure if his wife was Hispanic or something else. As I was passing them, a lady brought them to my attention but I didn’t have time to talk. I was carrying a white dress with small flowers, towards the right. The wife was holding some pajamas that looked similar but had something else than flowers. (From Aug. 23, … Continue reading Sudden


I asked, “What is the meaning of the gorilla?” I saw me playing with the face of a child. I dreamt that I was a missionary. A bunch of us had gathered for some fun activities / games. James Garner was sitting in one of the chairs for one of the games. We were divided into 4’s, with numbers on screens / dividers that were separating us. I wanted to ask him when he became / how long has he been a member of the church but I never got up enough courage. The missionaries then went home, but I was … Continue reading Child


I asked, “Are the voices involved with the negative entities who come in to my room?” I dreamt of being at what all I can think of describing as an amusement park. I was not amused.  There was an area where I wanted to go to another area that was below me. The only way I could see to get there was going over a wall that was in front of me. I was thinking that I might be able to make it if I hang over the edge then it would only be a short distance to drop, I … Continue reading Amusement

Go Back

I asked, “What is meant by the sex change?” I dreamt that I was in the cultural hall with other people. We were there for an event / program. I don’t remember all, but I ended up front (we were standing, at this point anyway) and was asked to give the closing prayer. I remember thanking Christ and the crucifixion. There was something about me having a dirty stirring spoon (don’t remember if it had holes / slots) and in line to take it to the back with the other dishes to get cleaned. There was a dishwasher but had … Continue reading Go Back

No One Wants Me

(From Dec. 2014) I was in the top of a 14 story building. Don’t recall if it was for working, or living. I was worried to be there because what could happen if there was an earthquake? The building was swaying left to right, and no one was bothered by it, nothing moving around. As it kept swaying, small at first, then gradually bigger, the top would bend down until it finally almost touched the ground, like a slinky. At that point, I jumped out, also worried in case the building would suddenly stop, and break. (From Nov. 20, 2014) … Continue reading No One Wants Me

Every Time I Turn Around

I am speeding on a somewhat uphill freeway, with 4 / 5 lanes, with no buildings bordering, and am about to pass through a hill. I am in the second lane, with no one in front. There is a yellow(?) delivery truck up ahead in the third lane. The first lane has a row of vehicles, trucks “sprinkled” in. Every once in a while, cars from the first lane move over into mine. As I drive past the vehicles in the first lane, some are about to move until seeing me, whereas others, I’m not sure what they’re doing since … Continue reading Every Time I Turn Around


I was in the backyard of the neighbor wading (about waist deep) in the water. There were wheat colored reeds, and some swans(?). He almost shot at me, not knowing what I was, but came out and saw it was me. He then invited me inside to eat some tamales he had just made. I was at the left corner (when outside looking at the house), attempting to look for a little uphill slope to get me out of the water without him noticing. He told me his wife had been battling cancer (which in waking life I’ve heard is … Continue reading Neighbor


I was hosting a party with / for wealthy people, except I was just the host. They brought the food, and set the tables, which wasn’t that hard to do. One of the men came in a red Ferrari. ┬áSometime during this, I went out back to the covered porch (the backyard looked like my teenage home, but the porch looked like one here where I’m living), walking the best I could because it was so windy I could hardly move, and saw water streaming out through the spigot, and was in a stream going across the porch, and going … Continue reading Windy