On Vacation

I asked, “When will I win the lottery?” I dreamt that my family was up in the mountains and a lady was saying that the blacks would befriend the new Mexicans that showed up here and take them (Mexicans) under their (blacks) wings, but not in a good way. There was a Hispanic family (wife, husband, somewhat grown daughter) up here in the mountains, from church, who went on vacation. The husband’s brother also went. They ended up drowning, except for the brother. They may have been in their car when it happened. The funeral may have been in the … Continue reading On Vacation


I asked the same question. Before falling asleep, I saw my dad’s hands on the shoulders of a young boy in front of him. Keeping his hands there, he pushed the boy forward, presenting him to me. I didn’t see the boy’s face as I was concentrating on my dad’s hands. The name David then came to mind. I dreamt that I had an open glass (?) door in my room to the backyard with a closed screen. The mother cat and the orange tabby were there. I opened the screen from the left and the mother came in while … Continue reading Present


I asked if Ali has any mortal children. I saw 4 young children placing green sturdy / durable plastic stars in my (left?) hand. I didn’t look at them much, but they were holding the stars in the middle, as if there was a small handle / bridge for them to hold on to. There also may have been a string attached. I dreamt of an 80’s band who re -released an album because it wasn’t popular the first time. There was a song on it called “Heaven”.  I was reading something about them and it mentioned the lead singers … Continue reading Heaven

White tea

(From Sept. 16, 2018) I dreamt that I was at a coffee shop (Starbucks?). Although I still had half, I asked if there was more white tea (I don’t drink). There was a shortish buzzed girl at the drive thru window who I asked but she was busy. There was a girl a couple feet behind her waiting for instructions to make a drink. I asked her while she was waiting. She looked confused and didn’t know what to do. An older lady then showed up (boss of manager?) and so I asked her and she got me some. I … Continue reading White tea


It’s my first day back at work at D. I. I’m in the back, not knowing where I should be, but am in an area where the new clothes are hung up before going out on the floor to be sold. A girl is hanging bikini thongs. It’s lunch time, and the kitchen / break room is upstairs. The “stairs” are a stack of books in a darkened area that looks like an old bookstore. There are books everywhere. The stairs take a turn to the right, at head level, then circle up, but I don’t see the upper portion … Continue reading Unsturdy


I was on a bike ride on a mountain path. Other people bike riding were there also. We came to a point in the path were it was blocked off with bicycles blocking our way, and then there were professional (as in Lance Armstrong) bikes lining the rest of the path up to where it curved, thinking it continued on, but don’t know how far. I had the feeling there was going to be work done on the path, so bikes were used to block off the area. As we were coming back down (the road wasn’t vertical, as it … Continue reading Stopped

4, or 5

I did about 4, or 5 separate posts of putting up my pictures on my blog in rapid succession. I was back on a mission. I had been out for ten months, and had 7 months left to go. Somehow, I also was thinking that I was halfway with being out 7 months, and 7 months left totaling 14 months. (For the females, it’s actually 18 months.) Vacation room that was all (almost lime) green, with tropical leaves on the walls. Mansion(?) turned speakeasy(?) for blacks. (I was only an observer during this.) The room was bright white, and large. I … Continue reading 4, or 5