Flow Energy

I asked, “How do I block unwelcome entities from entering the house?’ I dreamt that it was Halloween. Inside the house was bright white. The sun hadn’t gone down yet. Greg was in his room doing something with his music with his door closed. It was dinner time. I noticed that his place setting was at a different table so I asked why. Mom said that his could be brought over with the others. We had a white rabbit hopping around a flat Easter bunny that was on the floor, ending up facing away from me toward the dinner table … Continue reading Flow Energy

First Distraction

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was listening to one of Briana’s CD’s. She showed up but didn’t say anything. She wanted me to bring her yellow VW bug, that was out in the open, close to the house in the enclosure / behind the gates / fence. I dreamt that there was a guy, and his friend / assistant were doing an experiment on a new couple. The couple were sitting at a table and the guy noticed a girl walking past. The first two guys excitedly proclaimed, “First Distraction.”  (From Feb 1, 2018 Go Home) … Continue reading First Distraction

Waiting For Me

I’m thinking that I have written a previous dream about black hills. Ali is sitting on the left side of a bench in the chapel at church. Judy is sitting on the bench in front of him, and Micalanne is sitting on the bench behind. I don’t notice any other people. Travis has become LDS, and is wearing a nice looking, somewhat expensive, grey, bit shiny, suit. He is going to wait for me when church gets out. Judy, and Micalanne, are in their cars, in the parking lot, parked by each other. Judy is parked in back, facing the … Continue reading Waiting For Me

Music of the Night

Midsummer Night’s Dream (heard these words) Amy went somewhere with some Mexican men to get something, and the family wasn’t happy about that. City decided to chop a tall tree that was bare (because of season), and the limbs were already chopped off. The top of the tree was chopped off, and the people were excited because a decision had finally been made as to what to do with the tree. I was saddened because I thought chopping it made it look ugly. (From Jan. 13, 2014) My family was visiting other family. Dad drove a VW bus we used … Continue reading Music of the Night

Third Eye

Tom Cruise and another taller, thinner guy with blondish hair, put their heads together. Someone had filmed that, and blended the two “inner” eyes to look like a third eye. There was a guy outside, in the evening, smoking, leaning against the beginning of a wall(?). In front of him was a sidewalk going to the area behind him, which was dark. We heard a vehicle coming toward us (sounding a bit like an old VW Bug), with a bit of fear (at least for me), not knowing who it was, and why they were coming this way. As the … Continue reading Third Eye