Turn Into Dust

I didn’t ask a question last night. I dreamt that Ali would make people’s (sleeping) dreams turn into dust. (That’s what the Utah girl does to mine.) I dreamt that I was standing out past right field of a baseball field. There were other people as well. I was thinking that if the ball hit my glasses I could get some new ones. Shortly after thinking this, a ball did hit the bottom of my right lens, breaking and shattering it. Amy cleaned it up. I didn’t move. I dreamt that a short silver horse trailer was standing on the … Continue reading Turn Into Dust


I asked, “What is the meaning of the numbers coming from the bird?” I dreamt that I was lying down on some grass. There was a small explosive ball chained with a short chain to my left (?) leg. I knew that I had been through this two persons ago, dying. I was thinking about my consciousness and what it would be like after I died / was gone. There was a fire down to the explosive below my knee but never made it there. There was an open fence on my right and some friends / family drove through … Continue reading Explosive


The side of the neighbor’s house was painted all green. I thought, “So, that’s why that man was here”, but as I kept looking, I saw that it hadn’t been painted yet , but was being prepared for painting. As I kept looking even more, I saw the whole side of his property, and Ali’s, were covered, were green. I then thought it was because their house was being tented, but if Ali’s side was covered also, then his house must also be tented. If that is so, why were we not told? I decided to go take a look … Continue reading Preparation

To Unlock

Mark, and I, are at someone’s house. They are waiting for food to be delivered, not in the traditional way, but in a futuristic way. It is being delayed for some reason. I dot over by Mark, wanting some of the food also, even though I had eaten a small amount of food earlier. Futuristic looking website that hasn’t been worked on for a while. A guy is holding a card this is a bit bigger than a credit card. Near the top is a row of numbers, hologram / holograph looking, with graphics below that correspond with the website. … Continue reading To Unlock


Diana Barry, and her husband, and baby were at a park, with other people, lying on their blanket enjoying the day. I was noticing the beautiful smile of the baby. A free flowing microphone, with the cord, came by them, and she took the mic and announced that her father had an announcement to make. She then stood up, holding the baby in air while waiting for her chubby husband to get up. All the other people had disappeared. Did they go to where her father was / is, or did they take off? They had left their blankets behind. … Continue reading Announcement

Groups of Pictures

I am putting some of my pictures in different groups on a website. The last two I decide not to. I’m thinking maybe because the groups were full? I get the feeling that one of the pictures was of a house. (Ali’s Dream) The police were stealing my expensive audio system looking for information because we were not giving them any. I caught them attempting to take, and I told them I was aware that they were doing this. I was going to go after them, and told them that they can’t take the system, and told them to leave, … Continue reading Groups of Pictures


I was supposed to work the night shift, but my body was too tired to move, so i stayed in bed. I was in the bathroom looking at myself in a full length mirror. My face, and arms were sunburned. They had calmed down from the stinging feeling.  My arms were slightly stiff. There was a piece of skin left on my nose to be peeled off. My hair was long (about bra strap length) with Betty Page type bangs. My facial features looked more richer and refined. People needed to look up my name on a website, or it … Continue reading Shedding