Robin Williams 

(From Feb. 24, 2015)

I’m in a flower shop when a guy, who had ridden his bike there, and had come in through the workshop / stockroom, asks me if Alex (name Ali gives to workers) is here. I tell him, no. He then goes to leave, and I notice flowers, in own bags, against the door to the back. 

There are white flowers (tulips?) laying on the floor of the workshop. The door, going to, had gone from a regular size, to a garage size. 

(From Feb. 22, 2015)

My body had slowed down, being infected. Ali told me that it’s a sign that he’s going to infect me, getting me pregnant, at 11 pm. I said something like, “Oh, really?”, not believing him. He then responded in the affirmative. Instead of going back and forth, I said okay, knowing he would be asleep at that time. 

Gwen Stefani, and her twin, were going to jump from some sort of moving platform, high in the sky, into (pool) water below. At first, I just saw Gwen , riding a horse. I was worried about the horse. The horse then changed into a cabriolet car. The (horse?) was gone, and her twin showed up. They were both singing. Her twin backed up to her. There were people watching, saying that she wasn’t going to make it, etc. I then told them to shut up until they jump before speaking again. 

(From Jan. 25, 2015)

A bunch cats. 

Robin Williams and his wife were married, but there was no relationship. He had lost all hope in life. 

I read a letter he wrote to me, stating how he had wanted to have a relationship with me. 

He was involved with a production, play(?), behind the scenes. At one point, he was in his dressing room. I urgently told several guys to go check on him, because I had a feeling he was going to harm himself. (This dream woke me up, and I wanted to cry for him. Writing this makes me want to cry.)


The Mother

I am standing between benches, turned toward the back, in the chapel of the church, on the right side, speaking with someone. I am wearing an empire waist dress, blue / sea green(?) coloring, maybe some tiny flowers(?). My hair is dark brown / black, but looks natural. I have added some pounds (10-15/20).

A tall, big man walks in at the back. He sees me, and walks to the left toward a lady, to ask about me. Jovially / happily, she says, “Oh, the Mother”, and brings him to me, which by now I’m near the front on the left side, and introduces him to me. He reminds me of Kyle, intriguing me. I tell him, yes, I am a mother, thinking about my two children, thus the weight. Later on, though, I realize / tell myself that I don’t have any children.

This man has a Polish last name, with the weird spelling. He is funny, having previously been on SNL. His singing is beautiful, to almost being of an operatic quality, seeing him sitting where the choir sits, in the top row.

At one point, I am walking through a hallway, in the church, with him, and others, behind me. I’m having a bit of a difficult time walking, but not struggling, with a smile on my face when I look back.

There are some cards with names inside. Don’t know what for. I see mine, and the big guys together, mine having his last name. A man says it’s because he always sees us together.

I’m sitting outside, by a round table with an umbrella(?), watching two dark black bald men, who are about 20 yards away, get situated. I’m wondering what the big guy would say / do if he saw me looking, but also thinking it wouldn’t bother him too much.

I had put a sleeping bag outside, in the back, but forgot about it. Next thing I know, it’s raining, and Steve, as a young boy (11?), is in it. A church leader, who isn’t physically there, but can see him, asked how he is doing. Steve responded that he is fine, except for the fact that he can’t feel his fingers / hands, and toes / feet. He then covers himself. There is a small grave next to him, with something buried.

There is a line of Asian men, wearing black suits, holding red umbrellas, on the side of a mountain. I only see the faces of the first couple of them, as I see them from above. I don’t know where they came from, where they are going, or how many there are, as I assume that they go around the corner.

(From Oct. 26, 2014)

A tall, big man, who likes me, and wants to get involved, picked me up so that my back was against his left arm, and my legs over his right.

I’m worried about him being able to hold my weight, but then concluded that he could because of his stature.

(From Oct. 25, 2014)

I’m outside, taking a test. My teacher is Bishop Powers. He is enjoying the day, and is enjoying it so much, that he becomes overheated, and needs to lie down on a table. I mention to him, “I thought you had learned from last time”, or something to that effect.

While taking the test, we were able to freely converse with each other. I was one of the last two to finish. The test papers were more like a thin book stapled(?) together, and the pages were of varying shapes, sizes, and maybe colors. The questions themselves also weren’t thought out well. One of the last ones wanted me to put in order several animals, stacked upon each other, which included a hummingbird, turtle, and a cat. The longer I looked at this, more animals seemed to show up.

A guy appeared, as I was finishing, who sat as close to me as he could, on the right side, in an affectionate way. He looked a combination of Eddie Vedder, and a 7th grade t.a. We had taken a previous class together, and knew each other from that, but didn’t do anything outside of that class.

He told me he was from Provo, Utah, and he was what is known / called “Nu Essence”. He then took out, from his right pants pocket, what looked like a small jewelry box, and then got on the ground next to me, facing me. He said he was what was called “Level(?)”, which I might have heard of / about. I told him no, I hadn’t. He then started to explain. (I woke as he was doing so.)

As he was on the ground, I assumed that he was going to ask me to marry him. I was thinking I would tell him that we hardly know each other, but I was considering saying yes. I was also going to tell him that I would give him an answer the next day, as I needed to discuss this with Ali.

(From Oct. 24, 2014)

Ali was gone for several days, for something, and my dad was here with me. Shortly after going to bed, the alarm went off. I went to check it out, and by the time I got to it, it was turned off, and a guy from church in Moreno Valley was there. He came because some of the floor, in the kitchen(?), needed to be removed and replaced. I saw water underneath the house. He then left, but I told him the floor needed to be fixed, and he said it would be. Another guy, also from church in Moreno Valley, showed up to fix it.

The alarm was in a closet, and I saw writing, in black ink, written by a lady. Ali had smudged some of it, maybe so I couldn’t read it?

We had a large round, globe sized, chandelier, and two men were fixing the lights / lighting.

I was reading, in a newspaper(?), “The life you are to have will be”, or something along those lines.

Dad asked about death, if whether now, or at the end life, or both. I said both.

(From Oct. 23, 2014)

A female is parked in a white car, backed up. Not in a lot, but more like under an empty overpass. I don’t see her. She is frantic, on the phone to 911. She is telling the operator that a man is coming after her. The operator knows about this man.

The man, in a car, backs up to her car, speeding, crunching hers, then takes off.

I’m standing on the passenger side, by the back, a ways back. I see her falling out in two, but she is not a body, but more like two burnt circles. I think someone comes with something to cover her.

Black family, mostly women in their 50’s / 60’s, leave church early, as one of them is in a wheelchair, and they don’t want the other people to get in the way.

David Bowie is there, dressed warmly in a dark sweater. I ask him if Iman is ok with him being Mormon. He acknowledges yes.

We (including?) are at Oprah’s house, looking at her collectibles collection. She has some life-sized statues from different movies. She also has some things of Einstein.

I am riding in a rail train, with no top, with somebody else, inside this room. Looking down, I mention that the rail isn’t there, but then I see it.

I’m in Alan Alda’s bedroom, standing at the end, to the left (if on the bed). I think there might also be an orangey cat.

Alan is on the right side of the bed. He has on those square glasses with the big black frames. He is wearing striped pajamas, but I see that they are see through, and see what looks like white shorts underneath.

His wife is next to him, sitting up, with shorts on. She is skinny, so much so, that I can see a bone sticking out of her left leg, up by the hips. She has really short hair, and I wonder if she is gay. There are several different colored striped pajamas on the end of the bed between them.

Alan puts his arm over her stomach / chest area, bringing her down, wanting to get frisky with her. She mentions that I am there. I know they do other things, read, when I’m not there.

(Didn’t realize I had so much to write.)

Help Me Hold On

Me, and the old man neighbor, are together at a warehouse that sells plants, and flowers, a nursery. We are resting by the doors, watching the people, which are few. A manager(?), and another employee are doing something behind a counter. (There’s more, but I don’t remember.)

Ali, and I, are walking down a very rocky orange-y / rusty colored hill. About halfway down, I see cars traveling from left to right, on the hill. I see Ali’s vehicle below. Just above the cars, there is a crevice(?). He is able to jump across, and down to the car. He gets in, starts to drive, not leaving. He looks back, waiting for me.

The crevice looks too dangerous for me, so I decide to go back the way we came. I’m not able to get a grip, slowly sliding down. I’m telling myself, out loud, to hold on. I continue slipping, becoming scared. I then cry out, “God, help me hold on!” I then stop, being able to get a grip on the edges of an arrowhead rock formation. I look below, and see that if I had kept going, I would’ve fallen on the hill a bit of a distance down. I then look to my left, and see the wife of a church leader standing on a level area. She was sticking her head out, looking at me.

Wanting My Attention

I’m in a building, in a class(?, don’t see anyone, but had a feeling), and I see half of a gold wedding band in front of me. Later, next day(?), I see two whole, and complete, bands.

I have an understanding that I am pregnant.

As I’m getting in the car, there is a Dalmatian, and a dachshund, running by me. The Dalmatian wants my attention. I use my hands, directing it boy/girl?, telling it to take the other dog home. The Dalmatian had been here before, with another dog, wanting my attention.

At one point, when I was pointing, to the right, my hand was down between(?) the dogs, and the Dalmatian snarled at me, though I didn’t feel terribly threatened.

I then see a couple of notes taped to the inside of the driver door, on the pocket. There is an additional note, from my mom, explaining that these other notes are from Kyle, and she had forgotten she had them.

As I took off my mom’s note, to read, I tore one of the other ones, diagonally, exposing, but not harming.

I am at my parent’s, deeply devastated at Kyle’s passing, wanting only to stay in bed.

Two men are having a conversation. One says to the other that the government is forgiving student loans (after graduating, implied).

A lady is under the impression that she has to live a painful life, so she sticks her tampons as high as they will go. She also has a semi-dirty house. I don’t say anything about the house, but I must’ve mentioned something about the pain, because I am showing her how to use a pad, since she has never used one before.

There are some men who heard about some wolves on this lady’s property, so they go out to hint them down. By the time they get out there, though, the wolves have already gone over a hill, and crossed over into someone else’s land. The men leave, leaving the other people to deal with the wolves, which doesn’t seem to bother them.

There is a hill in the back of this lady’s house, with trees, and bushes, and a light-colored wooden fence. These men start to walk up this hill, past the fence, when they decide to”hide” on the side of the path, under the trees, and bushes there.

An old, drunken man walks down, with another, younger man. They stop in front of these “hiding” men , which anyone who was paying attention, could see, and the older shoots the younger in the head, and walks on. These men can not believe what they just saw. They can not believe that this many ing here, is now dead. They all know that they are eyewitnesses, in case the old man denies it.

(Ali’s dream)

We are lying in bed, cuddling, and kissing, when some people come in with sick cats, and other animals. I become furiated / animated, telling them to take the animals outside, that they could cause allergies. Ali was not saying anything, and was surprised to see me like this.

(From Sept. 5, 2014)

Ernest Hemingway’s wife is in a convertible limo (their day), being driven by someone famous, enjoying the day.

I’m at someone’s house, in the evening, looking out front. I see that we are on the border of South Beach, Florida, which is a dangerous place.

(From Sept. 4, 2014)

Evening, outside, grassy, hilly area, and I see a big black bird (hawk / eagle size) flying toward me, but not at me. It then grasps, its left talons, a smaller black bird (crow / raven / rook, etc), with the head to the left. Several electric sparks come out of the smaller bird, on the left.

Ali is standing behind me, on my left, back a ways, so I turn, and point the birds out to him, telling him to look.

Spiritual Leader

I’m up in some kind of treehouse tower, rectangular shaped. There is an opening to see below, and an unsturdy floor. I am standing on the edges, where it’s solid, on the other side of a doorway that leads to the middle. There are some people in the middle, and I hear my name, and them discussing me. They say something, then I hear them say that I will be a (spiritual, implied) leader of Israel.

I then am in an area / room with some of my family, Ben included. After hearing this, I enthusiastically ask them who is going to join me. They raise their hands as if in school. Ben does not. He is looking down, looking solemn.

I then am looking through the hole, and see them drive / ing away.

Travis is here at my parents house. At one point, he is outside doing something, and I am lying next to his car, looking underneath. I notice one of his tires is patched up with duct tape, going up to the sides of the tire.

He has some melted chocolate to eat with some food.

Seems we may have discussed, or I knew, that he was no longer with his wife. We also may have discussed, again, about the notes I sent him in high school.

Las Vegas

The family had gone back to Las Vegas for a visit(?). There were a couple of dogs I played with while there. After we got back home, there were also some dogs to play with. I mentioned to someone how I really missed playing with the dogs back in Las Vegas. While I said this, I was envisioning it, hoping for it to become real again.

I was inside a small racetrack where my dad was going to race (my family never watched / participated). Across the street, I saw a man placing a box behind some tall white metal doors he had, blocking the view to his backyard. His house was sideways so that the front door faced left. He put the box there so that his wife w/couldn’t say anything.

He then started putting things on his workhorse / sawhorse so he could make something out of wood.

The race started, and I was standing at the loop furthest from the street. I saw some runners running, starting to make the loop, towards me. My dad came racing from behind me, toward the runners. When they saw him, they moved to an outer track, and kept going.

Right when my dad was to (barely) pass me, his car stopped because a part of the car blew. My dad told me what it was, and what it did, but I don’t remember. It looked somewhat like a baby jellyfish, but with only two strings(?).

The guy across the street yelled(?), asking my dad if my dad wanted him to call for someone to come out, and repair it. My dad said yes because he would’ve fumbled his words, and wouldn’t know how to explain what was needed. I then heard the man on the phone describing the situation, what was needed, and where.

I’m at church, sitting in one of the front rows in the chapel. Bethany is to my right. She is holding a baby, and playing with it (girl?). I say that it likes it’s cheeks tickled, but (in the dream) I don’t remember how.

Bethany then gives the baby back, and I notice she is wearing a short white crop top, almost showing. I told her, “As long as nothing shows”, and the family were surprised that I would be so outright about saying that.


Several women standing by me. One of them asked me if I was supposed to fast today. The others chuckled at this, and one of them said that they (LDS) fast on Sunday’s, and don’t fast on the holiday’s.

Something about thanksgiving.

Larissa (ex-coworker)

Jeanie had become physically ill, so much so that an ambulance had to be called, and she taken out on a stretcher. She had become ill because when someone, at the pulpit at church, had been talking about Jeff (her brother who recently passed), several people in the congregation had been interruptive.

I was parking, little bit diagonally, in a two stall garage, in a station wagon(?). A man had come in, in front, from right to left, in his Smart car (the red and black colors). I moved back a little to allow him room, as there was some extra.

He was impressed with my driving / parking, and I told him that I used to have a Toyota pickup (with late husband, but didn’t mention that). He may have asked where I got it, not sure, but for some reason, I was having a hard time getting out how I had come into possession of the vehicle. I was fumbling my words a bit.

(From July 10, 2014)

A short Arabian man was speaking Spanish to his tiny wife. Someone nearby thought that strange.

I, and someone else, found, in a backyard, a small collectible doll, and what looked to be a shade for a ceiling light. It was shaped like the 60’s hairstyle with the flip at the bottom, like in Hairspray. It was colored / tinted a deep / dark purple, for to use at parties. It also had slits on the sides, in case one wanted to use them for books.

A man said we couldn’t take them away, but that they had to stay with the property.

To Unlock

Mark, and I, are at someone’s house. They are waiting for food to be delivered, not in the traditional way, but in a futuristic way. It is being delayed for some reason. I dot over by Mark, wanting some of the food also, even though I had eaten a small amount of food earlier.

Futuristic looking website that hasn’t been worked on for a while. A guy is holding a card this is a bit bigger than a credit card. Near the top is a row of numbers, hologram / holograph looking, with graphics below that correspond with the website. This guy has a confused look on his face as he touches the numbers rapidly like a piano. He is working on unlocking something connected with the website.

While waiting for the food, I look out the front, and see the house across the street blacked out. I’m thinking there are new owners for the house. I look closer, and see them doing something in their front yard, still blacked out. The house has a brick exterior, with a slope on the left side.

The street is a one lane street. I see a man, and wife, walking with four dogs, left to right, one a Great Dane (dark color marble), with the others almost as tall. They are on the other side of the street. There is a car going from right to left. Don’t see / notice headlights on. The Great Dane wants to cross, almost getting hit. After the car passes, the man is mean to the dog (no hitting, but more verbal). I want to go out, and give him a word or two, but he stops as I get to the door.

The man then walks up to the open garage, on the right, and speaks to a man inside for a minute or two, then walks out.

I go outside, and ask if the Great Dane is one. The man says yes. I don’t see the wife for a bit. I then see some dirt on the head of one of the other dogs. I start brushing it off. I uncover what looks like several “ditches” from side to side, to about the middle if his head. The last one deeper like a toaster. They have dirt, and a couple dry leaves inside. I am then a couple of feet away, and the dog turns his head so that I see his profile. His face is gone, and it is flat, white, non living (like a robot?).

(My 250th post)

Chill Out

(Night before, asked if we live in multidimensions)

Gypsy’s….chill out.

I went to see one of my dad’s brothers (this brother was only in dream) who lived in St. Augustine, Florida (he had a brother who used to), who I had never met. I think someone was with me. The air inside was stale (like how old people homes are), but I didn’t smell anything. He was mostly in my rear left vision, though there were a couple, somewhat fancy / decorative, pedestals, which one had a hole on the side, and he somewhat fancily dropped a coin in.

There was a little skinny older lady walking around with lots of energy and vitality, looking for, and finding, her purse, with a clear shower cap over her short (20’s style) hair. Seems she may have been my grandma. Her, and another tall lady, were about to leave.

My uncle’s wife was sitting in one of four recliners, the other chairs reclining. The chairs were facing each other in a circle, diagonally. She was wearing 70’s clothing. I “fell” into one of the recliners.

There was a maid, that when I saw her, I wondered to myself if I had seen her back in California. She had come from the back, through a hallway. She had received a phone call, on the rotary phone, so stretched it out to the front, outside.

Seems there were times I needed to go back home to get something, and then come back, and the distance was as only a couple blocks. When it was time to leave, though, I was thinking about how long it was going to take, with it being several days.

Wilhelm…not sure if he was the one with me, or not.

I woke (still dreaming) just as the sun was about to rise. I looked outside at the neighbor’s houses, at the end on a cul -de – sac, and saw that they all still had their Christmas lights (red, which I dislike), and decorations. I was thinking it interesting for them to be still displayed.


(From May 14, 2014 Night before asked if there are multidimensions)

Saw, through iron swirly railing, a fluffy white cat(?) with eyes slanted up, laying there.

Oh, Yeah?

(Night before, asked what was so wrong)

Steve is about to become gay. He even started an escort type service while /when on his mission. His wife, Natalie?, had given him bj’s before his mission.

I am at a school. The buildings are white, two-story. Travis is also there, in the same “class” as I. (Students were able to walk around.) Before class(?), I had seen, through a (window) opening, a giant outside, who was here with his friend. He was as tall as a three-story building, wearing a white, and orange (?), horizontal striped polo shirt, the white stripes being broader. I didn’t tell anyone, but kept it to myself. I thought he was a giant, thinking about him while in class.

Some guys, in class?, were saying there isn’t such a thing as God. I was thinking, and wanted to say, “Oh, yeah? Just you wait ’til your time comes, then you’ll see.”

The end of class, as some were working on projects, I wasn’t too sure if I could leave. Some students had gone as soon as there was a hint they could go. I asked if Travis was still here, and someone had said he was gone, being one of those who had left.

When outside, I saw the giant on the other side of a building, only seeing his chest, and up. He is watching his friend walking up some stairs of that building. I affirm to myself that he indeed is a giant.

There are other giants there, one saying they have been here since 6:19 in the morning, coming from Palm Springs, and were getting tired, as the day was starting to turn into evening. I wanted to say / question that the ride must not have been too long seeing as how the cars are so big (to accommodate them). No one else paid any / much attention to them, as if it was normal for them to be there.

They started walking in a slow formation leaving the school. Some being Native Americans. I was in awe of them, their height, stature. They slightly smiled down at me, acknowledging me. One Indian was a woman, dressed similar to the princess in Disney’s Peter Pan.

I saw a long braid in front of me, knowing one of the Indian men had cut it, and dropped / set it there. I grabbed it, pulling out a couple strands, not messing the braid, and ate them as for food. The woman saw me, stopped walking, stopping the formation, and sat down next to me. She started undoing the top of the braid, talking to me about it.

Walking home, barefoot (kinda hoping Travis would see me), I was holding Bear (Kyle’s big dog), and my shoes / sandals. I wished I had a leash to put him down. He was struggling a bit to get down. I was walking on the sidewalk of a busy street, a brick wall to my right, though now, there were only two cars, which were stopped / parked. I was pointing out the cars to Bear, telling him what they are, and that that’s why I couldn’t let him down. I made sure as not to say his name so that the people / person who had taken him from me wouldn’t know I had him. I wasn’t worried about him needing to “go” since he had been roaming all day at the school.