I asked, “Do I need to have children from Ali?” I dreamt that Briana had taken a picture while on the road of some small pillars (?) with what looked like an outline of a dog’s face on them. The picture was blurry from rain but clear enough to see what it was. I dreamt that I was at the bottom of a ladder in a submarine (?). I was asking if I could come up. I was told I could. Someone with me said, “Be careful. They don’t let just anyone up” as if I might not be able … Continue reading Blurry


I asked, “When will Ali wake up?” I dreamt that I was remembering dad at church in (gospel doctrine?) class standing up and giving his testimony and I became emotional as I was remembering. I dreamt something about a young mother and baby “escaping” from a crashed wooden boat / ship, not being found when the authorities came, reuniting with her deceased mother. I dreamt of a woman wearing a clown wig under her regular short hair “old woman” curled wig, showing just enough above her left ear for people to see that she was gay. She was holding her … Continue reading Escaping

Who Is He?

I was with my family. I was hearing about Greg’s death. (I was with my late husband when I heard.) I stopped talking, withdrew emotionally, and became sullen / melancholy. There were times I would walk by myself, and would stop, and start to cry, though not heavy. At the church for the funeral, Briana was several rows in front of me. She turned back, and motioned to me that at home, she was able to see me across the street in my home. There was a fluffy thing in my bedroom while I stayed at Briana’s. It was made … Continue reading Who Is He?


There were three couples, at least the woman, on horseback, with the men walking beside. The woman in back had recently become pregnant. They needed to stop and rest because this woman had become nauseated and needed to vomit. I put a pug in a steel apron sink to give a bath. As soon as I started filling the sink, the water turned black. I filled it so that the pug’s head could be above water, but also underneath. A young black girl was putting on a wig. When she faced me, and someone else, all I could see was … Continue reading Nausea