I asked, “How do I get rid of the entity that keeps entering my body?” The words “Bethesda” and then later, “Bathsheba”.

(From Dec 25, 2017 Birth)

I asked what was meant by the dream of me being spiritually connected with this guy. I dreamt something about land. A guy was showing it to me, and I think there were buildings, but I don’t remember what it was all about.

I dreamt about a little pig in a house. I think it may have talked.

I dreamt that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle both had big round blue eyes. Meghan had red markings on her legs from being nervous from being asked something.

There was a girl who was playing dead. She was in the bathroom and we were to find her. I didn’t want to look. A girl opened the door, and then the “dead” girl came out. She looked like her neck was sliced open, and there was a black hole there.

I dreamt that the mother cat, of the girls, had / gave birth to 3 new kittens. I was mystified because she was spayed.

(From Dec 24, 2017 Mom)

I dreamt that a guy was looking into a dark space (this is a b&w cartoon), and there’s a stick it note with an arrow pointing down. He looks as if he’s looking into virtual reality.

There are two other guys, one of them asking a question, something to do with playing golf, hence the arrow. The next caption has the first guy holding a check for $72 ($82?) for taquitos. One of the other two guys says, “Or otherwise.”

I dreamt that I saw a name, of a guy I was talking to online, on Google plus, and swiped left to check it out. There was a video of him sitting with a white shaving cream looking beard. There was a woman (30’s / 40’s) sitting to his right. I said, “Oh, he’s married”, but then realized that I didn’t know that.

There were five children in front of him, one a boy (11 / 12) with the same looking beard. I saw his daughter, made note that she was there. There were two children sitting on the floor to his left, a little behind him.

There was a woman, same age as other, sitting on the floor in front of him to his left a little, with two children. When I first saw her, I thought that she was a child. I then heard one of the children calling out “mom”. I don’t know who was saying it, and neither of the women moved. 



I asked, “What do I need to do to leave this (Ali) house?” I dreamt that Barry Manilow’s house, back in the ’70’s / ’80’s, was surrounded by flat land. Part of the house had caught fire because of something faulty inside.

I dreamt something about the Little People (show).

I dreamt that I had dreamt about something being a perfect fit.

(From March 6, 2018 Back On)

I dreamt that I was naked in bed. Briana was there also. I don’t know why she was there, but only for several seconds. 

Ali came in, but he was white. He was straddling me, taking his clothes off. I was asking him what he was doing. The wall in front of me had a window(s) facing the front so that people could see in as they walked by. Ali knew this, but perhaps hadn’t been thinking of it. 

Some people walked by, and the next thing I saw was Ali sitting in a chair under the window with his clothes back on, looking at a book, as if he didn’t want those people to see him.

I dreamt of a lady who had to leave her young family and so she showed her breasts and leaned over them so that they could feel her skin.

I dreamt of a guy who was naked in front of me and I was holding onto him, remembering how good it feels.

(From March 4, 2018 Breakdown)

I dreamt that Ali was washing some dishes and I crouched down next to a wall about to have a nervous breakdown. Ali was talking about having sex while he was doing the dishes. 

I was going to have a breakdown because I didn’t want to worry about getting my garments “dirty” again after being clean these past years.

I dreamt that Frida’s song, “There’s something about you” was actually named “If water could bomb.” (Actually, the song is called “I know there’s something going on”, and Level 42 sings the song “Something about you.” )

(From March 3, 2018 Cut Open)

I dreamt that there was a guy and two women holding down (?) a crying baby on a white table. They had poured boiling water over the baby and were wanting to cut open the skin. I don’t know why.

 I don’t know if I said it out loud, or it was just a thought, but I was saying that the baby needed to be dead before being cut open. (Before falling asleep, I was thinking about one of the ghost shows I watch where sometime in the past, a woman had put a baby / toddler in a bath and poured boiling water over it.)

I dreamt that I saw this baby lying still in a bed of flowers (?) with two other children above on either side. I was crying hysterically when the baby finally woke up.

I dreamt something about rice, and something in it.

I dreamt that I picked up, to look at, a stem of a pumpkin plant with tiny tiny pumpkins growing on both sides. 

I dreamt that a blue worm crawled up the back of my shirt and I was anxiously telling the others around me to get rid of it. No one was paying attention, doing their own thing.

 I think I grabbed the bottom of it (someone did) to take it off and only the end of it came off. I don’t know why the worm was there, and I don’t know if it was going to do anything. I just didn’t want it on me.

(From March 2, 2018 Frustrated)

I dreamt that Ali was laying next to me on my bed on my left side and I was holding on to his dick. I was thinking, “He actually did it / came in”, or something to that effect, and I was a bit frustrated at him for disturbing my sleep.

I dreamt that I was at some kind of camp and the people I was with made crafts during the week, but I didn’t because I didn’t know what they were for. At the end of the week, a husband of one of the ladies came with one of their babies, and this lady took the baby out of his (?) arms as she passed.

Same Weight

(From March 17, 2018)

(I don’t remember the exact order of these dreams.)

I dreamt that I had returned, from a mission, to live with mom and dad. We went to church. The Relief Society door had been moved to the left a couple feet. I was thinking that the ladies would notice my age and that I’m still the same weight.

 I dreamt that I was on a fast roller coaster, in the dark / at night, that wound through on the streets. I made a comment, to the lady next to me, something about imagining living in the houses with the roller coaster right outside.

There was a car pulling out as we passed. I also mentioned that I didn’t like roller coasters and that I was on one every day while on my mission and that there were steep rises and drops at the beginning but that it leveled out near the end with minor bumps here and there.

I dreamt that I was at a thrift store (D. I.?) with mom. I saw a sweater that I had seen on a previous occasion when I was there with Ali. It had wide vertical stripes of varying colors of brown / tan / cream. The top part was long enough to fold over and drape the shoulders to elbow. I mentioned to mom that I had tried it on but didn’t buy it because I didn’t like the fit. 

While walking through, I walked through the blue books. I commented how Ali wouldn’t even buy me one even with it being so cheap / inexpensive. Mom did go to the counter to buy something but don’t remember what. 

I dreamt of being at a recreational event (at a park?) . Micalanne was with me. We stopped where there was a tic tac toe game where you throw bean bags. 

There were people / children in the spaces. One of the beings came out. She wasn’t a person, per se, the body was round like a caterpillar, but was only about 1 – 2 feet (small enough to hold in my hand) and was a bit furry / hairy (not too long).

She said my name and I was surprised that she remembered since it had been a while since we had seen each other last. I had her in my hand and introduced her to Micalanne, without saying her name, only saying that she was my sister. 

I dreamt something about the country (side?).

Be Shown

I asked, “How do I go back and change my past?” I dreamt that I was with a group of people and we were waiting for a beluga whale to come and be shown to us. There was a guy up front, right corner, singing his songs, playing his guitar, while we were sitting and waiting. Seems that Michelle and Suzanne were there.

The people weren’t paying too much attention, though they heard. I was saying, to a couple of them, that it’s because there isn’t any feeling / passion, and they agreed.

Behind us were two “cages” to go in if we wanted when the whale got here. There were also a line of metal things in front of them, in different sizes (to show / measure different sizes?). 

As it got closer for the whale to show, I got emotional and started crying, wanting to be protected in a cage. 

There was a line of some of the guys, who were mentally slower, who were going in to the cage on the right (when looking forward to where the whale would be). Philip was at the end wanting to get in, not because he was scared.

As I was walking in, I was thinking how I’m almost 47, and I’m this emotional and crying, but then thought that it’s ok because of how big the whale is (I was feeling like it was as big as a humpback whale). When it arrived, there was a “pool” of water going horizontally in front of us, only big / wide enough to fit him.

I was in the cage and a handsome man, with dark hair, came walking toward me ( cage protection is now gone) with the whale walking, on his right, on his tail. When the man was on my left, and the whale on his left, he asked if I (lived with any?) complaints. I immediately told him no.

As he was walking toward me, someone said blue, as if saying “blue – ga whale”. 

There was something about showing his round nose.

I dreamt that I was talking with Briana and telling her about this dream, emphasizing that I was emotional. I was naked while I was telling her. I kept getting interrupted by mom and dad, who were in another room, saying that the whale is coming / appearing soon.

Toluca (used to be my mom’s black lab guide dog) even came in to my room and excitedly grabbed a pink bath sponge / pouf, threw it up in the air, and then left. I then went out, and had my garments on.

I dreamt that I wasn’t able to download a ticket to go see the whale because I didn’t have a computer. I was saying this to a young (teen?) skinny boy, thinking he would catch on to my dilemma and help out, but he didn’t, for either.

I then was at a four – way stop, and for some reason, wasn’t able to go the direction I wanted, at first, but eventually did. It felt chaotic as to not being able to get where I wanted.

When I finally got to where I was headed (crossing the street), there was a Christian / religious (?) man there, as if waiting for me, who smiled at me and then left.

I saw a hill (?) to my right and climbed it. There were small trees / branches (?). I grabbed one and threw it down, saying that it was mine. It may have glowed? This was to be my ticket.

I dreamt of someone putting “butter” (I think it’s called) down in a shower for putting in tiles. A guy there didn’t want to touch / get involved with it.

The thought came to me that Ray is the boozy way.


I asked, “What do I need to do to leave Ali’s house?” I dreamt something about blood.

I dreamt that I was in mom and dad’s bathroom, with another female (girl? woman?). I don’t remember why.

I was standing with my left leg up on the tub (?) and pulled out a full bloody tampon. Some fell on the tiles / grout and a couple drops looked like gel but not as dark. It was like the one used for cakes.

I was concerned about the grout but this female knew how to clean it up and started looking through a top drawer to find what she needed.

(From May 19, 2018 Mother)

I asked, “Who am I?” I was thinking, and feeling, that I’m a mother.

(From May 18, 2018 Book of Scripture)

I dreamt that I was driving the big truck that I want. Dark blue. I was at a corner at a stop light to turn right and I had to make sure that the brakes were working so that I didn’t come out in front of the oncoming traffic.

Amy (and Micalanne?) were waiting for me at an empty lot that was there at the corner. I drove in and stopped the truck.

I dreamt that Kyle was alive again and married to another girl. I had a distaste for him. I don’t know why.

I had a bed in the living room (?). A sofa bed? We may have been living at Amy’s.

(Don’t remember exact order of these next ones.) I was in my bed on Sunday morning, with eyes closed, when I heard this girl walking around and quietly say, “Book of Scripture” and another book that I don’t remember the title but may have been written by one of the church leaders, or / a prophet.

Amy was looking for these books and I made mention to her what I had heard. Either I, or Amy, then said that this girl has things to talk to / with the Bishop.

I was in Kyle and this girls bed. I was on his right. He asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she mentioned a certain type of taco. After he left, still in bed, she had his pills in a cup for him. I asked / said that he still takes his pills. She asked / said something about us not being together anymore. I replied that he had died.

Earlier in the dream she was talking about some people she had had sex with. One of them was her second cousin. She now was coming on to me. Telling me that she wanted me to suck her labia, but she used a different word, so I asked her to repeat it but she said never mind / don’t worry about it.

I was thinking that this would be my chance to see what it was like to be with another female, but I wondered if she was clean. I figured that we could do it the next day, Monday, when Amy was at work.

The Bishop and his wife came over for a visit. This girl asked who they were and then she disappeared.

Mom came back from a Dr appointment. She was standing tall and straight with her long hair. She had her weight spread out on her hips / waist. She was wearing a tank top with her shirt and garment top in her hand (s), as if she didn’t have time to change.

Her right temple of her glasses was broken off of her glasses with her still wearing it. I asked her what happened. I don’t remember.

Either Amy, or mom, brought in the mail. She didn’t have too much in her hands but she did have some for me. When she gave it to me, on the floor, there were tons of pictures in the envelopes that they come in after being developed.

The pictures of life with Kyle and I was so happy that I almost wanted to cry. One of the pictures was of our (dream) house that was two stories and at the corner entrance of the street.

The right side of the house was parallel with the main street (when inside looking front). Seems that the house may have been a subdued yellow. On the sidewalk between side of house and street had several big horses facing me. The front one seems to have been black.

The picture wasn’t totally clear. I had a couple muted broken black and white lines going horizontally across with muted black and white snow (?) covering the whole picture. These were not obscuring the picture but were enough to be seen.

The horses all of a sudden came to life galloping toward me and did this a couple times as if it were a gif. The horses then stopped, and when they did, the horses were sideways with some facing the street and some facing the house with heads down as if feeding.

I dreamt that I was talking to Ali, naming the streets where he lived in the beginning of living here in the states. He had love back then.

I then named a street that I assume was the one when he was at the University of Utah. It was ____ Ranch Rd. I said that he had a child there. I think I may have mentioned the next street. I asked him where the love went / what happened.

I dreamt seeing a (circular?) pergola with those tiny outdoor lights and a bunch of pinecones. I wanted to take a picture but decided not to.

One Way 

(From June 3, 2018)

I asked why I met Ali. I dreamt something about coming out of a parking lot about to go on the street. There was a median in the middle so you could only go one way. There may have been an opening to go the other way. I contemplated using it, but decided against it.

(From June 2, 2018 I Nudged It)

I asked the same question. I dreamt something about I was in a room and the right front tooth being loose and I think I nudged it (?) but it came out. 

When I looked at it, it looked like one of my back teeth. I started to sob / cry / ball about it coming out. I was thinking that one of my back teeth on my bottom left had recently (?) come out. I don’t know if had been replaced or not. There was family in another room waiting for me. They started to hear me crying.

I dreamt that the gardener (older Mexican man) was at the house in regular clothes wearing shorts. I don’t remember why he was there. Ali was telling him to leave (?). The gardener wouldn’t budge, so Ali was getting ready to fight him. I went over to Ali and told him not to do it. 

(From June 1, 2018 Wasn’t Good)

I asked why Ali met the Utah girl. I saw a man from above his knees to about his belly button, maybe a little below. He was wearing sky blue (?) / turquoise Speedos. His skin was tanned to the point of if he had been in the sun a couple more weeks, it would’ve looked gross. 

I dreamt of seeing a cracker box laying flat on the ground so that the top was facing / towards me. On the right laying next to it were three dark brown / black oval mound type things. They weren’t food, they weren’t poop, but they weren’t good.

(From May 31, 2018 Quick)

I dreamt Travis had white blonde hair and wearing a wedding ring. He was in a different room (?) than me but the door was open so that he was looking / watching me.

I dreamt that I was walking between parked cars where they would be left while the owners went and did whatever they came for. Some cars were in covered parking spaces with other cars behind them.

I was rolling a dolly toward the cars with covering. There was a part where the ground was slippery but I was quick to get where there was traction and get stable. 

The car I was going to was mine / my family’s / Ali’s. There was a grey haired man inside. I didn’t know why. He then came out. I don’t remember my initial reaction. Curiosity? 

I then thought that maybe I could have sex with him since I wasn’t getting it elsewhere (with Ali?). I asked him where Ray was. I then figured, and said out loud, that he must be at the other house fixing it up.

I then was lying down on a bed and this man said to me something about the pain I’ve been through. I started to get emotional and wanted to cry. At one point, I don’t remember when, I noticed that when I was standing, my stature was a lot bigger than this guy. 

Adding Layers

I asked, “Why does the entity keep entering my body?” I dreamt that workers were fixing up an eave on a house. It had been dark and worn down. They kept adding / repeating the same layers of material, one of them blue, until they were satisfied.

I dreamt that mom was wearing a Cary Cooper watch on her right wrist. We were watching an old movie of a high rise nearly being finished being built. 

Two men were standing on the top. One of them accidentally pushed something off and instinctively went to grab it. Fortunately, he landed on a landing (? couldn’t tell). When I saw his face, I recognized that it was Gary Cooper, the same man on mom’s watch.

I dreamt that I was with a couple guys. One was Sowin (?). There was an Asian guy, eating buttered bread. He then started acting like he was a gorilla, making a face, and swinging his arms, to a guy sitting in front of him, with a window between them (?). 

He was facing my direction, sitting in front of me, to my left. Sowin was sitting on my left. I said that I used to eat that when I was young(er). The guys didn’t seem to hear, so I started to get up to leave. Sowin put his arm on my leg (to keep me there?) so I stayed.

I saw a girl kneeling at the end of a bed, topless, bending over with her torso and arms on the bed. She was facing away from me. She had dark / brunette hair, up by her head, laid out. Her pants looked like they matched the blanket. I didn’t see her breasts, so I’m thinking that she didn’t have much.

(From June 5, 2018 Save Her)

I dreamt of seeing a guy physically torturing a young woman. I was with someone and we were trying to stay hidden, but also figuring out a way that we could save her.

I dreamt of Gene playing a musical instrument sitting down. It was long like a piano. It seems that I knew the name of it but don’t remember. The sounds were actually coming from someone behind him playing the piano.

I dreamt something about people at the / a house outside. I was doing something inside and was coming out when they started to leave.

 I told them that I thought they were going to stay and play in the water (pool / sprinkler that goes back and forth). A guy said no, that they weren’t.

(From June 4, 2018 Tarantula)

I asked why I met Ali. I dreamt something about a colored tarantula (like) spider.

I dreamt that I was walking around naked when I was with my family. 

I dreamt that I was seeing Ali and the Utah girl having sex on surveillance. I was hearing the words, “Wear (?) white so I can show the world” . 

I was told that I have intuition.

I was told that there’s no (not enough?) room for Obama.


I asked the same question. I dreamt that Ali and I were going to go on a bus ride to Florida. There was another lady with us. I’m not sure her connection. We both won the trip? She had her stuff in a plastic beach looking tote / bag. She had her swimsuit (bikini?) in there. I was thinking that she could fly back, after, if she wanted.

I dreamt that a lady (same?) wanted to catch up with us. I’m not sure where we were. There was a fridge and I changed the air freshener that was inside at the bottom, on the front left, before she arrived.

When she did, she had a couple folded baby clothes and thinking to herself, she said, “Oh well” and stuck them in her purse. One was white (fluffy wool?). 

I dreamt that exhausted, I got out of bed to feed the cats. My hair was at least to my shoulders, and crumpled. I started walking to the door without doing anything with my hair, and not looking up. I left the fan, next to the bed, on. There were two yellow hand towels, one at each end of the bed, as if dragged there.

I went out and closed the door. Not sure if I was wearing my glasses. A couple seconds later I opened the door and saw a man, wearing light blue scrubs, and glasses, standing a couple feet in front of me, looking at me, and then walking to the bathroom to the left. (Jack and Jill design)

I said, after several tries to get any sound out, “Hey! Who are you?” As he walked into the bathroom, he kept walking straight, to the shower (not in waking life). A lady with a diaper size bag suddenly appeared behind him. I couldn’t see her because it was dark. (I get up between 5 – 6.) I asked if that was a portal.

(From June 10, 2018 Dying)

I asked why I was turning black. I dreamt something about a young man racing cars on the street and ended up crashing (with hood facing up and forward) and dying. I then saw him walking with a young boy who I think hadn’t been born yet and the man was giving him some sort of advice.

I dreamt of a man that had built some sort of small round explosive. It wasn’t dangerous. I don’t know what he had planned for it. I saw him at an outside table at a cafe / restaurant, sitting next to a wall. He had placed this explosive up on the wall and accidentally pushed it over. He was one, or two stories up because it dropped a short distance. 

I then saw that it had some powder (yellow? orange?) that had come out in a line at the / an edge of the / a city. 

(From June 9, 2018 Late)

I asked the same question. I saw one of Ali’s photos of him when he was skinny, working out in the field when he was in Utah.

I saw a baby with a huge head / forehead.

I dreamt of a man noticing that I was getting smaller.

I dreamt of Ali and I at a restaurant (fast food?) and I ordered, and then asked for, some toast to go along with it. When I did that, Ali gave me a disagreeable look but I didn’t let it bother me.

I dreamt that the Siamese boy’s mother came back.

I dreamt that someone was telling me that I have intuition.

I dreamt that I shared an apartment at a fancy hotel. It was Christmas time. I had a single string of lights that I hadn’t opened (?) yet. When I did, the sun was coming up. I commented that it was too late. 

We were going / planning to have people over for a party. I was cutting a pizza slice, with pineapple, diagonally into three other pieces. We realized that we weren’t going to have enough food to feed all the people who were coming. Knowing that they were coming because dad was going to be there. 

On the tv was a show / movie with two black men going to a well to do party at a fancy hotel. One of them had some extra weight which was situated in two “rolls / roles”. He was wearing a light colored / fabric sweater, maybe wool type.

The other guy was thin and nicely casually dressed. They both, or at least the first guy, had a white date. They greeted each other by name in a way as to say, “I know you, right?” 

“Every step I take” by the New Kids on the Block came into mind when I woke.

The Key

I asked, “What is meant by Wet the Bear?” I dreamt of a vertical sheet of glass / plastic wall that had white poles throughout an area with discs, looking like cd’s, stuck in the poles, sticking out, to keep people from escaping.

 I didn’t see the wall. It was gone by the time I got there, but I did see the discs. Someone was saying, “In order to assist you” then I heard a pop (?). I’m not sure if it was in the dream, or real. 

The thought came to me that Jed Head has the key.

(From June 25, 2018 Fail Me)

I asked why I’m living at Ali’s house. I dreamt that I was trimming my hair where it was growing over my ears and then my hair became long enough to reach my ears. 

I then saw that the hair above my left ear had been cut back so that it looked like when men start to go bald. I was disappointed to see that but was able to cover it up with the rest of my hair. 

The words, “She’s never going to fail me” came to mind. 

I dreamt that I was with other people and we were waiting to go to a different building than the one we were at. As we were waiting, there was a younger, black haired girl smiling at me. At first I didn’t pay attention but then I looked at her, and wondering if / how I knew her. She did seem to look familiar.

There was a wall to my left that came slightly out in front of me. She then disappeared behind the wall, telling others that I was there. A minute, or two, later, several people, individually, came to me thinking that I was an actress from the Dungeons and Dragons (but seemed a different word) movies / tv show whose character name is Ami (ah me).

One guy gave me a baseball on a wooden angled ___. It was supposed to be from a famous person. I wondered why he would give it to me but he left after giving it to me and looking at it further, I wasn’t sure if it was from a famous person or not.

A coach came up to me, telling me his name, twice, reiterating who he is / was. He was someone that people who were in sports / athletics would know his name. 

There was a screen up on the wall with the picture from the show / series. I deleted “my” name / character and the people were saying that I have a new avatar. As the people were coming up to me, I got a kick out of it.

Ali must’ve been to my left. I didn’t see him, but I said, “So this is what it’s like for you.” ( Some people come up to him thinking he’s famous.)

After people stopped coming to see me, the ones I was there with said that I should’ve given the gifts back, but I said I couldn’t because they left after giving them to me. It was decided to put them up for auction.

A young mother showed up with her young (7?) daughter with big blue eyes and long blonde hair. The daughter thought that she was going to see this actress and when she saw that it was me instead, started crying, being devastated. 

I told the girl that I would contact the actress and tell her what happened and see if she could come to see this girl. The girl brightened up when I said that.

I was being called “Will”, “I Am” and “Ami”.

Lot Of Change

(From July 3, 2018)

I dreamt that I was putting / stuffing a lot of coins in my little blue coin purse and I said, “I like a lot of change.” I may have added a little too much so that I had to take some out so I could close the purse.

There was a covered up dumbbell and a lady asked if it was that, or a bone. 

I was trying to remember what to say to expel evil. I think I finally did remember what to say.

I saw the Utah girl sitting on a toilet and nothing coming out.

(From July 2, 2018 Different Dates)

I dreamt something about different dates for the Taurus sign (they’re not always consistent). 

I saw a bird and knew that it always showed up after Ali and the Utah girl had sex. I knew what type it was when I saw it, but don’t remember. The bird was a sign that they shouldn’t be doing what they did. 

(From July 1, 2018 Job Done)

I dreamt that my vehicle (Buick Park Ave?) was submerged in water and I had to push it out so that I could drive it. 

I dreamt something about Judy in a car and being excited to see her and showing someone that she was (t)here. 

I dreamt about a guy needing to trim his hair. I took him to the bathroom(s) we had in the main level (and above?) but they weren’t sufficient so I took him to the basement and that was white and all clean and big enough to get the job done. 

(From June 29, 2018 11:11)

I dreamt that there was a big man inside a / the house wanting to hurt people so we all got out. After a while, after he had left, I went back inside and there was calming music playing that he had put on. I thought that odd.

I dreamt that I was in the / a house with other people. I think Joe Vitale was there. I saw that the time was 11:11 so I showed it to him, giving him a look as if to say, “You know what they say about 11:11.” 

 I then saw a Siamese cat pacing back and forth by the sliding glass doors to outside. Joe started walking over to let it out and I told him the cat’s name is “Samaria” ( Sam a ria). The cat hid under a coffee table that was there but soon came out when it saw it was going to be let out.

I dreamt that I was in Greece, looking down at the coastline. In the right the coast came out like a triangle tip. There was “netting” over the tip that was a cream color. I think it was made out of plants / nature. 

I then (don’t remember exact order of events) was on the ground and saw a fire across the water. People were saying how pretty it looked. I was disturbed by this and said / thought that there were homes over there.

Coming out of the smoke / clouds I saw a formation of Jesus. I wanted to get a picture of it with my iPod so I started taking pictures but the formation was gone as soon as it showed up.

I then saw a woman walking toward me, on my right, wearing a horizontally striped shirt / outfit. As she passed me, I half loudly said, “Thanks for showing your nipples” because they were coming out from between the stripes. Her breasts were fallen half way down.