Clean It Up

I asked, “How do I block the entities from entering the house?” I dreamt of a young boy (5 – 7?) who had blown out the brains of a guy (mob?). I was thinking that he must be used to seeing this.

I saw blood (and a bit of water?) on the floor and then noticed it on the walls. I told his mom (?) that he needed to clean it up. I then saw that someone had swiped through the middle of them to begin the clean up.

(From June 8, 2018 Meat)

I asked why I met Ali. I saw “meet” spelled as “meat” (to mean sex?) 

I saw the Utah girl at a drive – in movie theater. There was a car behind her without people but there was a box of See’s candies. She went and took them, which belonged to Ali, not for her. 

(From June 7, 2018 Comforters)

I dreamt that I was in someone’s (black people) house that was in a dangerous area hearing gunshots (almost) nightly. While I was there, it was peaceful. 

We were on the floor with two huge comforters. We were between two couches (?). There was a window to the right. I may have gone and then come back. I was thinking that the person who owned the comforters may have left them and I had taken them then realized that I was still in their house.

I dreamt that I was on a street corner in a “hood” . At the corner I saw a woman dressed only on the top. She was just standing there, eyes closed, sighing relief.

She was standing slightly bent over / forward. I thought that she had her hands touching herself, then realized that she was homeless and taking a shower that someone (cop) had set up. There were other homeless there but I didn’t pay attention to them. 

There was a short cop there on his day off. He had a mustache, but groomed and not as bushy as most. His shirt had writing. I don’t remember exactly what it said but I think it was something about treating the homeless with kindness and giving them a better life / bigger home.

He had several who stayed at his home that was almost mansion like (didn’t see, only knew). 

I dreamt that I went to a tall building where grey toys and video games are there. Not sure if they’re sold there because I didn’t notice a cashier. 

The displays went up at least two stories. They were small. I don’t remember what they were.

I asked (out loud?), “These are toys?” When I first got there, there was a man who I was excited to see. The place, and the way he was dressed, had a somewhat futuristic feel to it.

He was excited to show me his game. He got it ready for me to see but didn’t see it so asked where it was. He turned to his left (he was standing facing me) with his arm pointing out to it. 

I saw several big screens with a tall / high chair in front of one of them. I asked how to get up to the chair. He, or someone else, demonstrated by walking (invisible?) 10 – 12 steps going to the chair.

I asked / wondered (out loud?) about if there was a railing to hold on to. This person demonstrated the way to get down was to fall on your back. I then said that I wasn’t going to fall on my back, meaning that I wasn’t going to climb if that was the only way down.

I dreamt that I was in a school bus with other people. I don’t remember the beginning. We were going fast (?) when a heavy equipment (?) vehicle decided to do something (don’t remember) that caused everyone behind to back up.

I was looking out back and concerned that the driver was going to hit a motorcycle, which eventually went to the right side of us, and a Mazda Miata (red?) that were behind us. 

The bus stopped before doing so, then sped up, going around a corner and almost falling off / going on its side. 



I asked the same question. I dreamt that Ali and I were going to go on a bus ride to Florida. There was another lady with us. I’m not sure her connection. We both won the trip? She had her stuff in a plastic beach looking tote / bag. She had her swimsuit (bikini?) in there. I was thinking that she could fly back, after, if she wanted.

I dreamt that a lady (same?) wanted to catch up with us. I’m not sure where we were. There was a fridge and I changed the air freshener that was inside at the bottom, on the front left, before she arrived.

When she did, she had a couple folded baby clothes and thinking to herself, she said, “Oh well” and stuck them in her purse. One was white (fluffy wool?). 

I dreamt that exhausted, I got out of bed to feed the cats. My hair was at least to my shoulders, and crumpled. I started walking to the door without doing anything with my hair, and not looking up. I left the fan, next to the bed, on. There were two yellow hand towels, one at each end of the bed, as if dragged there.

I went out and closed the door. Not sure if I was wearing my glasses. A couple seconds later I opened the door and saw a man, wearing light blue scrubs, and glasses, standing a couple feet in front of me, looking at me, and then walking to the bathroom to the left. (Jack and Jill design)

I said, after several tries to get any sound out, “Hey! Who are you?” As he walked into the bathroom, he kept walking straight, to the shower (not in waking life). A lady with a diaper size bag suddenly appeared behind him. I couldn’t see her because it was dark. (I get up between 5 – 6.) I asked if that was a portal.

(From June 10, 2018 Dying)

I asked why I was turning black. I dreamt something about a young man racing cars on the street and ended up crashing (with hood facing up and forward) and dying. I then saw him walking with a young boy who I think hadn’t been born yet and the man was giving him some sort of advice.

I dreamt of a man that had built some sort of small round explosive. It wasn’t dangerous. I don’t know what he had planned for it. I saw him at an outside table at a cafe / restaurant, sitting next to a wall. He had placed this explosive up on the wall and accidentally pushed it over. He was one, or two stories up because it dropped a short distance. 

I then saw that it had some powder (yellow? orange?) that had come out in a line at the / an edge of the / a city. 

(From June 9, 2018 Late)

I asked the same question. I saw one of Ali’s photos of him when he was skinny, working out in the field when he was in Utah.

I saw a baby with a huge head / forehead.

I dreamt of a man noticing that I was getting smaller.

I dreamt of Ali and I at a restaurant (fast food?) and I ordered, and then asked for, some toast to go along with it. When I did that, Ali gave me a disagreeable look but I didn’t let it bother me.

I dreamt that the Siamese boy’s mother came back.

I dreamt that someone was telling me that I have intuition.

I dreamt that I shared an apartment at a fancy hotel. It was Christmas time. I had a single string of lights that I hadn’t opened (?) yet. When I did, the sun was coming up. I commented that it was too late. 

We were going / planning to have people over for a party. I was cutting a pizza slice, with pineapple, diagonally into three other pieces. We realized that we weren’t going to have enough food to feed all the people who were coming. Knowing that they were coming because dad was going to be there. 

On the tv was a show / movie with two black men going to a well to do party at a fancy hotel. One of them had some extra weight which was situated in two “rolls / roles”. He was wearing a light colored / fabric sweater, maybe wool type.

The other guy was thin and nicely casually dressed. They both, or at least the first guy, had a white date. They greeted each other by name in a way as to say, “I know you, right?” 

“Every step I take” by the New Kids on the Block came into mind when I woke.

Take A Break 

(From June 11, 2018)

I dreamt that I and family (?) were at nice apartments looking for a place to live. We were there with a real estate agent. We were in one and then he mentioned another that was available. It was on a left corner, possibly upstairs. The door was outside and it was colored black in a classy way.

I was the first to go check it out. When I opened the door, a young man was inside. The place was furnished and he had a desk to the right of the door where he was working.

He was standing when I came in. I told him that the other guy said that this one was available. I then saw him at an office with other workers. They were all wet, sweating from continually working and not taking a break.

I announced that I was going to take a break and rest. The others decided to as well and some of them said that they were going to take a poop (because of not resting). I said, “Gross”. 

Before I saw him in the office, he had a toddler son and newborn girl (within a couple months) show up. The baby had red / strawberry hair. At one point while the son was walking around, he got under a table and bumped his head. The man became concerned at this and we told him that the son had done it on purpose. This relieved him.

At the office, there was an Arab guy who started repeating something (in English? don’t remember). He then started saying it more forcefully and got up to walk around. We were worried that he might become violent. 

I was looking at a reflection in a window within the office near where I was sitting. I saw that there was a security guard on the right side but wasn’t moving toward this guy because there was a another guy there who was ex military.

This guy went up to the scary guy bumping up against some windows in a corner within 20 feet from me. I started to get concerned that they would come over my way and I would get caught up / involved with them. I then calmed myself thinking that I’m safe and whatever happens is meant to be. 

This military guy got a hold of the other guy’s hands with one of his (left) somehow and had the other pushing into his chest, making a fist (?). This was keeping him (scary guy) under control. 

I saw Ali in a delivery truck, standing in the back, being “delivered” to the Utah girl. I didn’t see her, but I knew what was happening.

I dreamt that I was in a room in (a) church (?) with some older people. There were a bunch of canes that were left behind. One of the canes, I was going to take to its owner but he showed up to get it.

Someone was asking where Ethel, an older black woman, was.

I dreamt that there was a young teacher and I was going to have sex with him and have children. At first I was hesitant at showing him my body but then I was ok with. 


I asked, “Why does the entity keep entering me?” I dreamt of being in a classroom after the class, in church. I think I was in England because all, or mostly all, had the accent. 

There were quite a few pregnant women, and a young tall one with long blonde hair, just above the hips, who looked like she was still a teenager.

There was a tall woman who I recognized (from the streets?) who had two boys (teens?). She was standing by the door, facing right, talking to another woman. She had cut her short brunette hair so that the back and sides were close to the head.

I dreamt something about listening to (somewhat) loud music on a Sunday, and thinking how I get after others (in my head) for doing so. 

Ali was there, another female, and others (?). I was listening to the Thompson Twins on a record. Ali was saying something about the quality / thinking it was bad / poor, and suggesting ways to make it better. We told him that it wasn’t a recording / wasn’t recorded.

I dreamt that I was in France, staying with a woman. I asked her when I was going back home. She said that I was going back (on) May 28. I repeated that several times, asking her, to make sure I heard correctly because I had thought that I was only going to be there for two weeks.

(From June 13, 2018 Staying Away)

I dreamt that I was in a glass booth / room / office with a robot who was playing music. There were other people there, outside of the booth. He may have been playing for them, or not. 

I was asking him what he wanted. He wasn’t answering so Michelle Obama and Joe Biden’s wife showed up, walking through a door on the outside on the other side on the left. They were humbly coming to ask forgiveness (?) of / from this robot.

A baby boy suddenly appeared on the robot’s left side, in a suit, and slid across a bench into a small seat where another baby was sitting. The baby looked like Bryce.

I started becoming emotional when I realized that the robot wanted me to have a child so this other baby could have a friend. 

In my head I then heard two knocks on my door and a man telling me, “We’ll guide / glide you into it.” 

I dreamt that Ali suggested going to Utah, and I said, “No. I’m staying away from that state because of her.” 

 I dreamt that the Utah girl’s breasts were smaller than mine.

Add More Water

I asked, “How do I block the entity from entering my body?” I dreamt that the family, extended as well, got back from a celebration for my dad. The driveway (area) was curved up by the house, with plenty of space, and covered, like how wealthy people have. 

I saw that the cat’s water bowl was low and that I needed to add some more water. 

Dad was complaining about the shape / outline of the lawn. Knowing that it was shaped like that when we moved in, I snapped back, “Don’t blame me for the shape of it!” I wasn’t standing by him.

I then was in my room. Briana was sitting on the edge (upper right?) facing the wall (?). A couple extended family members were there as well. It was dark enough to turn on a light, but it was not. 

In the middle of changing, I was topless and stood / placed myself where the outside light would hit / light up my breasts, wanting to show them to Briana, without letting the others see / trying to hide my breasts from them so they wouldn’t see. 

I dreamt that I was in a successful man’s house. He had a lot of children (all girls?). I was standing in a corner of a white hallway, looking to the right. The walls had white painted wood, looking like big picture frames (don’t know what the design is called). I was staring at them, thinking / wondering if this is the house I see in my dreams.

The girls each had their own room. Their doors were decorative, with a small lamp on the front of the door. 

One of the older girls worked at home. She was on her computer, talking to a small toy size colorful robot looking man who was her boss. She was sharing her screen with him, showing that a YouTube video continually becomes staticy. People had been complaining about it.

He told her to get something from stepped plastic that was in the middle of a hallway. As she got it, I realized that the plastic was separate from the house, and not actual steps to a second floor / story, as I was wondering how I was going to walk up them.

(From June 15, 2018 Sex)

I asked what I was prepared for. I saw myself with lots of money and part of a “power couple” . 

I dreamt of sex. 

I dreamt of being at the 99¢ store, looking for toothpaste. The store looked like Bed, Bath and Beyond. I found a white metal bin with toothpaste. I was going to get Aquafresh, but I saw some light brown toothpaste instead. I don’t remember the name of it. The tube was clear.

The bin of toothpaste was at the left end of the aisle. On the other end were sponges attached to clear tubes meant for washing dishes. The sponges had been used and some were barely there. Amy, and Judy were there, and I think other family members.

I saw a list of benefits of consensual sex. I didn’t see all of them. I’m not sure if healing was one of them, or if I put it there.


I asked, “Who keeps entering my body?” I don’t remember the beginning but I was in the back of a car (two rows?) on / behind the drivers side. There was an older man (50’s – 60 (‘s)) sitting next to me. It was dark. At night? 

A cold kidney shaped “balloon” showed up between the front of us. I sternly asked, several times, “Who are you?” It moved to the seat in front of us / older man, and turned into a guy who looked like Aaron Goodwin, but had a mustache that grew down both sides of his mouth, reaching down to his chin. He may also have had a tiny triangle under his bottom lip.

I could only see him visibly enough to see what he looked like. He had died earlier in the dream, not in a good / pleasant way. He was someone who used to be our coworker.

It looked like he was wearing a casual dress shirt (if that’s what they’re called), short sleeve, plaid style with bigger squares (?).

I told the older man that it was Steve. The old man responded, “My wife?” So I asked him, “Is your wife’s name Steve?” 

I wanted to ask “Steve” how it felt when he was dying but was woken up by a cat. 

I dreamt something about being in a backyard of a house that was for sale. I was standing on the right side looking to the left. There was a pool next to the house. The right wall was curved up, like the luge. For some reason, I felt dizzy while looking at it.

Next to the pool was a small golf course that ran along the length of the pool.  The lot size was the same as Ali’s. He may have been there also? I was thinking that if this lot was big enough for these, then they would fit in Ali’s yard.

I dreamt something of turning right and having traffic coming at me, as if I was in England. I maneuvered to the right of them to the dirt edge and was thinking, “I hate it when they’re driving / going the wrong way.” No one honked, or got upset at me.

There was something about people wearing purple.

(From June 17, 2018 Bubbles)

I asked who my husband is, as in / with the power couple. I had several dreams but I started doing something when I woke so all I remember is huge bubbles, like soap bubbles.

(From June 16, 2018 No Big Deal)

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was running up a hill with someone. I don’t remember if I knew who it was, or if I saw the face. I was a little slower than him and I was saying to myself, “Come on body.” 

I dreamt that Mando was holding my hand. There were other people around. I didn’t let go until I went to do something else.

I dreamt that married Hispanic couples were at the park taking pictures. I was thinking that there were still other couples getting married and will arrive shortly after. I was wondering why they were getting married when / if they’re related.

I dreamt that I was in a building and there were other people there. I was telling a blonde guy (famous?), without him saying / asking anything first, that I shaved my head because I felt like it, and also, because I was upset. I don’t remember what he said but it was to the effect that it’s no big deal.

A female showed up and then I was saying that I like it because I can just get up and go (and was thinking that it’ll take longer after it grows / I’ll have to take care of it). 

I was in a hallway with a sign with yoga (written / or poses?) on it. Some guys passed by, back / behind to front, and I told them that I like doing it, and the feeling I get after doing it. They didn’t believe that I did it / could do it.

Before waking, I was told / heard the words, “You’ll receive (an) ailment after 9 years.” 

Never Bought

I dreamt that I had married (?) Judy because I thought that was the only / best solution. We were in a bedroom in a building with other people. Judy decided now was a good time to get intimate. I figured ok, that this would be a good time to try out being with another female.

I don’t remember if I thought about Ali and what he might think, or not. I did think about what the consequences might be. Either she kissed me once, or was about to, when I decided that this wasn’t a good thing being / doing this with my sister, so I rolled over on to my left side. Judy looked slightly hurt but dealt with it.

There was something about ants on the furniture next to the bed and a small portion on the bed by the pillow. I brushed them off. 

There was something about a tv show on.

I dreamt that I was at the Salt Lake temple outside at one of the sides. It was dark and abandoned with an iron fence around it. I was looking up at it, noticing the architecture of all the spires (?), knowing that it resembled one of the buildings / churches over in Europe.

There were a couple other people also. I knew that at one time the temple had been put up for sale but was never bought. 

I knew that haunted tours would come by to look. It wasn’t because there was negativity, since there wasn’t any. 

I dreamt of a woman who was able to easily manifest her desires into reality. I think she looked like me, it was vague. 

(From June 18, 2018 Control Their Claws)

I dreamt of a puppy outside in the rain getting soaked and miserable. Water was coming close which would possibly have drowned it. 

I dreamt about bears and a black panther sleeping in someone’s bedroom. I was next to them on the bed. They were awake and showing how they communicate by touching the wall with their toes. I was a bit worried about getting scratched and wondered how they were able to control their claws not to come out.

Wasn’t Far To Walk

I asked, “How do I get it all out of me?” I dreamt something about Amy up in the bedroom before being in the kitchen. I didn’t see her, but was thinking of her as I was doing something with clothes / pants and that she could go on without me (?). 

I went in the kitchen and saw a box of Cheerios (?) with some of the big shredded wheat squares stuffed in the bag. I also got a banana. I usually didn’t eat at this time, before going to school / work, but I decided to this time, and it wasn’t far to walk / get to where I was going. Mom was in the kitchen as well.

I heard a cat meowing and went to look and saw the mother cat jump off the top of the couch through the open windows, to outside. She wasn’t the one I heard / was hearing. 

(From June 21, 2018 Wasn’t Waking Up)

I dreamt that I left my bedroom door open. The voices told Ali. Sleeping, he got upset and was talking about me leaving the door open for the cats to come in. I hurried to close the door but soon realized that he wasn’t waking up and coming out. 

(From June 20, 2018 Someone Else’s Baby)

I dreamt that I was outside, and I think it had been raining, but not sure. There was a small size pond where there shouldn’t be one. 

I almost got in to cross / swim across, but decided against it because I didn’t want to get my clothes wet.

I was walking, quickly, past it, crying at it because it scared / frightened me. As I was going past, I was wondering what water in my dreams means. I was looking for a way to get away from it. 

There was iron fencing all around.

I dreamt that I was holding someone else’s baby and had gone to look for their puppy in a building where other people were. I found the puppy and Becky was there. 

The baby fell asleep so I decided to wait a couple minutes before taking off. 

Shouldn’t Be Bundled

(From June 23, 2018)

I asked the same question. I dreamt about cable companies shouldn’t (?) be bundled. 

I dreamt about William Faulkner. 

I dreamt about a young guy being with me. I asked him if he had a job and he said no. I wondered how he got his money. He didn’t look homeless. 

We were hugging each other in the top of an empty brick water well. We were floating slowly, going in circles. I saw water coming in but didn’t see it going down and wondered why.

I saw a spider / cobweb going across the top half of the entrance and the water was falling onto that. I broke the web so the water could go / fall down. I no longer saw the water and don’t know how deep the well was.

The guy starts kissing me with his full lips. I start to resist because of Ali but then I think about what I told Ali (in waking life) a day or two ago. (Referencing an earlier dream, I thought that maybe the grown children I saw on a dock, the female who looked like me, maybe she comes from someone else first and then the other three come from Ali.)

After I think of this, I stop resisting and enjoy the kiss. I then see two white outlined people drop down, one a bit higher than the other, and am thinking they are my children from this young guy. 

I think he told me that I was a certain type of shaman. That type left me when I started waking.

(From June 22, 2018 Close To Going Home)

I saw a rainbow.

I dreamt of a dirt “pool” that was empty. It was as long as a ship and as deep as one and as wide. It then was filled with water and I told the people that it had been filled again. A guy jumped in to swim. 

It was above ground. On one of the sides was a shell of a Viking ship. I only saw the walls, so not sure if there was anything inside. It was stationary but was able to shake / move / sway back and forth as if someone jumping in the middle to get it to move. 

I dreamt of motorcycles on a street and one of them making a left turn right in front of some other motorcycles. 

I dreamt that I was a missionary. Everyone was going to a building for something. The Elders, some, were talking about sex. I kinda gave them a look (I was in front of them?) but I don’t think they noticed / cared. 

There was a line divider for the females to go to the left and the guys to go to the right. There were some guys there that I was surprised at first to see because they had been there for a while but then figured that they must be close to going home. 

I was at the last to go in with two others. Seems maybe we had to wait a bit before going in? I walked in front of them. As I started to walk into a hallway to the area we were all meeting, there was a black man facing me with his right arm stretched out to his side. 

I thought he was telling me to go on so I did. I soon realized that he was stretching his arm out for his toddler (?) girl. He didn’t say anything to me so I kept going. 

When I entered the area where everyone was, there were tables lined up horizontally on my right where they were sitting. I don’t remember if there were some on my left. Everyone stood as I walked past them. 

Once a year (?) someone was appointed (?) / chosen as Queen. I knew I was the one chosen and still walking past toward the front. I was then given a large white cardboard / paper with a poem on it about the worth of a person who had been chosen.

Before reading, I kinda sang out, “I knew that I was a Queen, yeah, yeah, yeah” twice, a little bit slowly. 

I dreamt of children dancing, putting on a show. There was a group of five year old girls having a lot of fun. They had makeup on. One of them didn’t have the foundation smoothed in along the jaw line. It looked like soap suds would look like.

(June 22, or 23 The Change)

I dreamt that I was at the register with mom. I was buying something that was .25¢ but I only had .20¢ so I was asking mom for the other .5¢. She was also buying some things so maybe I included mine in with hers? 

In the middle of this, as I was going through the change (it was all coins), dad asked me to help him with his transaction outside of the store, so I had one foot in and one foot out. 

I helped him with beginning his transaction with his change then went back inside to finish mine and mom’s transaction.

End Of Cycle

I asked, “What is the meaning of Wet the Bear?” ( different wording) I don’t remember the beginning, but it was in the 1800’s (?). Two young skinny guys took some chickens and took them to another person’s house, to frame (the) two cooks of stealing.

Their punishment was hanging. They were hung inside the well, that was underground, inside the kitchen, facing different directions. As the “crank” was turned, it broke their necks. These boys got / had blood on their hands. I was thinking, “Wait until the girl (who these cooks worked for) finds out.

A female who preached Christianity nationwide and was well known, was somehow involved.

I dreamt that I hadn’t seen the cats all day. I noticed that the floor was flooding, coming from the back and going toward a hallway on the left (when looking at the back).

I went to the sliding glass doors and noticed that there was grass right up to the house, and on the right, was all flooded. The sprinklers were at the end of their cycle and turned off when I looked outside.

I had opened the door and it was cold outside. The cats came over and I was keeping them from going out. 

A young (poor?) boy, without a shirt, somehow opened the left of the door and walked in.

(From June 24, 2018 Caretaker)

I asked why I’m living at Ali’s house. I dreamt of a limo floating past me, left to right, in water. I took a picture. It came out well, enough to post publicly, possibly in a gallery.

I dreamt of a girl driving a car, me as passenger, and she was going fast when she was trying to park, car going kinda skiwampy. The car ended up in the secluded entrance to a white house that was for sale. 

The back of the car backed up to the house, side touching right side. I was telling her to slow down and that I had to learn to slow down. The house had big windows vertically. I then was inside. I don’t remember all that happened.

There was a young family living there until the house sold, acting as caretakers. There was a huge mirror backed up to the front windows on the right. Somewhere in the front on the floor I saw a sign. It was black numbers on white paper / board. 

When I saw it, I thought it said $810 mil, the price of the house, and wondered how / why this house would be that much. I then realized that it was $810k. I mentioned this to the lady (?). The numbers looked like how numbers were written centuries ago, as if they had ivy on them.

I was told to try again to start a family. I asked if this was real, or just words in my head. The words, “Fail not through me” then came up. I then said that it needs to come through Ali. 

A name came to me and then the meaning, which was “newness”. The name disappeared as fast as it came.