I debated on whether to start this, or not. I finally decided to post my dreams, thinking perhaps they could be of use to others.  Obviously, if I don’t remember, I won’t post. But also, if I do remember, but don’t know how to explain, I won’t post that dream, but will post others I have had. A site that may be of help in interpreting dreams id the work of David Dribble at New DreamWork. I have found it fascinating, and some dreams  I have done some work on (at this time, some I’m too scared to interpret). I would highly recommend a look.

Earlier this month (August 2013) I started sungazing. I haven’t been doing consecutively day after day, but when I do, I have noticed that my dreams are more vivid, and are more in a story form. I would suggest trying it out, and see how your dreams start to change.

The end of the dream is the solution. The beginning is the problem, and the middle is all the stuff you are working through to get there.


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