I Don’t Know Why I’m Here 

(From July 8, 2015) I am in the main / family room (with big windows / doors to the backyard), sitting on the floor. Ali is outside. He walks past me (left to right), over to my bedroom (end of house), to knock on the window to let him in. I then wake, and hear a knocking on the window, louder than at other times. Kyle, and I, are in the Mexican neighbors house. Kyle is on the floor in front of the TV, unable to move / use his legs. The neighbors are gone, about to come back, having … Continue reading I Don’t Know Why I’m Here 

King of the Mountain / End of the Line

(From June 19, 2015) Some men were over, fixing the SmartTV so that it’ll stop crashing. There was a black box, from inside, that was out, hanging by the cords. The men explained what they were doing, but don’t remember what they said. One man had a small lightbulb under his left nostril. It wasn’t real, and wasn’t touching him. It was more like it had been drawn there. King of the Mountain from Midnight Oil (From June 20, 2015) Flying / going over a mansion in Alaska, that I wouldn’t mind having. There was greenery covering it. It was … Continue reading King of the Mountain / End of the Line

We Don’t Have 

(From June 1, 2015) I was at the top of a stadium, where the offices are, in a blonde performer guy’s room / office, which wasn’t small. There were some church members, from my teenage years, who were there as well. Rillene(sp?) said that they come every year. I’m doing / cleaning some dishes, because I want to. The performer is standing next to me, on my left, and asks what I’m going to do with my life. I tell him, “Nothing “, then think to myself, “because Ali (who is sitting in a chair up against a wall behind … Continue reading We Don’t Have 

No Trouble Standing 

(From May 30, 2015) I was on a bed, on the side of a very steep green mountain / hill, with my head towards the bottom. There was a horse, up near the top, feeding. The mountain / hill was so steep, that I was amazed that I wasn’t flipping over.  (Ali’s dream) We were hiking Runyon Canyon. He said to me that he liked my voice, that it was unique. The other people then started telling me that they like my voice, surrounding me as we were walking. Ali was thinking how he was the first to say it.  … Continue reading No Trouble Standing 

I Didn’t Want It 

(From May 20, 2015) I’m watching a movie. A man is on his way to his (mom’s) home, in the evening. Two guys had just left from there. He asked how the food was (?). The two men said that her meatloaf tasted like raw meat. The man then had a discouraged look on his face.  There were people walking in the city streets, but it was obvious that they were stationary, and the city screen behind them was moving.  (From May 21, 2015) As I was laying in bed, a (male) spirit was going to massage my left leg, … Continue reading I Didn’t Want It 

God, Help Me

(From May 5, 2015) I saw a face, without an outline, representing others, with rosy / red cheeks. Actually, I think that’s all I saw, but knew it was a face. The cheeks were that color because they had (what is called) B. D. These people were to have a shot, made from / by Monsanto, to cure it. I did something which caused the majority of the people to decline the shot. The few who did have / get it, died.  (From May 6, 2015) I was standing in a room, with other people, for an event (?). I’m … Continue reading God, Help Me