I asked again if Ali is my husband who will take me to the temple. The words, “Verbal abuse notwithstanding” came to mind, and also the song “The Prayer”.

I dreamt that a girl (works at Starbucks), with short blonde hair, was walking to work, at Target, at night in the rain. She had two children with her (boy and girl? 8 – 10?). I was in a parking lot that she was walking next to. She was walking from right to left.

The entrance to the lot wasn’t a straightforward entrance, but looked more like an on / off ramp of a freeway, with one lane curved, which was was across from me on my left. I decided to give her a ride to work.

As I turned and waited for my turn to go, she crossed the street, going to a house that looks like an old small craftsman style. The paint was white, and chipped. A front window had been smashed / broken in pieces outside. She was sweeping it up. She angrily said something but don’t remember what.

I dreamt that I was telling Stephanie that lately I was waking up feeling like I had had sex.

(From Nov 26, 2017 Deloitte and Touche)

I dreamt that the old man neighbor was turning gay. He was wearing wedge (?) shoes (the one with cork), and a shirt / coat that had pink stripes / blocks. When he wore these shoes, he had to look further down on his wife.

As for her, when I heard her voice, but couldn’t see, her voice sounded fake. 

The tax firm Deloitte and Touche keeps coming to mind.

I dreamt about a couch behind a fireplace that was mostly hidden, only being able to see the right end of it. It was a place to go when wanting to “get away from it all”, but still being visible in case of being needed.

(From Nov 22, 2017 Devil In Me)

I dreamt that when someone touched me, they could feel a sensation of the devil in me. I was giving some type of drink to get rid of it / him. It may have been some type of egg mixture (?). 

As I drank it, I could see that there was a bit of powder at the bottom that didn’t get mixed in. I was able to get it loose somehow. I didn’t hate the drink, it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. It was tolerable. I could start to feel my body doing something shortly after drinking.

(From Nov 19, 2017 Complete)

I dreamt that there was a Christmas present missing under the tree. Someone put one there, and then it (Christmas?) was complete.


(From Nov 28, 2017)

I dreamt that I went up to Utah for the Christmas devotional with mom, Amy, Judy, and Micalanne. We were in a bedroom with a log bunk bed. There was a shelf on the top of the wall for the top bunk to use. Micalanne used it.

I was down on the floor near the foot of the beds. The carpet was dark color, and a bit loose. I was making it make little waves. Micalanne asked me how I did that. I either told her, or showed her. 

I made a design on a piece of paper with rows of small squares that had blue, red, and I think some other colors so that they almost looked brown. Micalanne got upset at me for using those colors. I told her that it was because it was made for me. She kept going on.

It was lightly snowing outside. I decided why not take some pictures for the people back home. There were some silver candlesticks (?) on a table near the window, so I decided to take a picture of those. I used one of the settings I had recently found, then was looking for to turn the flash off looking through the other settings. 

At the devotional, one of the apostles has his scriptures, which are thick, and is talking about books in the bible that I had never heard before. A group of pages on the right side of his scriptures are folded up, starting from the middle. He puts them down, smooths them down. This is before the program starts. 

Mom is sitting with these additional books, in large print. She had them mailed there, so it arrived in the box, while she was sitting there. It was as big as her lap. She had to move what she had on her lap. It seems as though one of the additional books was named Delphinium.

I had a bit of red polish on. I started putting clear on top, and the red went away, so I reapplied the red. I accidentally smudged it a bit, but it still looked good, and I reapplied the clear to seal it.

(From Nov 27, 2017 Closure)

I dreamt that dad had done some grocery shopping. I don’t know where mom was. He had gotten some meat patties, and some other form of meat I think, but don’t remember, and some cut and trimmed celery sticks, and cubed butter / margarine.

He also got some food from a fast food place, I think, but don’t know where, and don’t remember what. He didn’t put the food away. I found it still out the next day. I took the clear bag with celery and butter and started putting the celery in the freezer, out of the bag.

I dreamt about Tony Curtis and his first wife (don’t know how many he had) had recently split and their two children (both girls?) were feeling the affects of the split. His wife was slowly pacing in / by front of the front door, crying beside herself. She finally decided to meet with him for closure, and peace.

I dreamt that a girl was on a skateboard coming down a hill so steep that vehicles couldn’t drive up. I was worried for her not knowing how she could stop. 

She was actually behind the skateboard trying to catch it and get on. She finally made it to the bottom where it was level. I didn’t see how she got there.

I dreamt that the Ghost Adventures crew were up in the mountains. I saw the mountains lit up from the headlights of the cars, which were few. There was a flat spot, and Zak Bagans was there wearing a white shirt.

He was standing behind / next to a podium (?). He was praying that the crew would be safe as they did their investigation. There was a headlight on the ground with something attached to it (like an antenna) from an old car.

One of the guys stuck it in a hole in the front right by the bumper. They eventually took it out in case someone who knew where it had come from saw it and c/would’ve gotten upset that they had it.


I asked, “What is the relationship of Yonny to me?” I dreamt that people from Nepal / Mongolia were being massacred here in the states. I kept looking for places to escape to. I did see who was doing the killing, but forgot.

I was walking by a fence that was on my left. I saw ahead of me a royal procession coming around the corner from the left, all in white, with a female from the royalty.

There were horses, on my right, leading the way. The first two, or three, fell down / apart, like ones used in movies / mechanical. I was grateful that they weren’t real. A white horse then showed up next to me, looking forward along with me. An Arabian?

A young girl walked passed me. She had both sides of her nose pierced. I was saddened that she wasn’t going to be here for long / wouldn’t survive.

There were some black birds flying in the air. Some were shot, from all the shootings, and then turned into spirits. One of them came toward me and turned into numbers. 529 was on top and 5179 was below that.

I dreamt of being in outer space, with other people, in some type of enclosure. We were dressed normally. There was a young woman on a screen and having fun that I wasn’t using the Morse code that was being used. I was looking at the dots and asking someone how to use it.

Carla (Starbucks customer) was there. I was telling her how weird it is that when we walk out the door, we were in space. Someone was called to go back home.

I dreamt something about a lady having fun telling someone that West is on the left and East is on the right.

I dreamt that I was standing at the border between Ali’s and the old man’s house. There were lemon trees lined up.

The old man and his wife were standing outside, by the back door, inside the indented space where the door is. They were waiting, and watching what I was doing. 

They were wanting to go somewhere. They finally decided to come out. I was pretending to look at the lemons.

(From Nov 30, 2017)

I dreamt that I was driving in a parking lot and Briana was in the passenger seat. She wasn’t doing anything, she was just there. 

The lot had aisles where you could only go one way. There was a row of empty spaces, with a handicapped space as the first one. I wanted the space next to it. For some reason, I was having a hard time parking. The spaces were at an angle. I even drove the wrong way to get to that space.

Next thing I knew, I was in back behind Briana. Up front, there were two birds (seagulls?) flying directly toward us. One was on top of the other, with their wings covering the eyes of the one beneath. I was upset that I was in the back, and not in the front with / where my camera (was).

When they got close enough, I was able to touch them, and the wings of the top bird moved enough for the bottom one to see. There was also a pig flying, holding a bird underneath.

I dreamt something about townhomes with fancy architectural fronts. There were four of them together, with two in front and two in back. I was looking at the direction the doors went. The last one I saw was white.

There was a young family living there. One, or two, of the children were playing outside by the front door. The husband put out a child’s pink drum set, and a couple other things for people to take, but they were still there at the end of the day.

I dreamt that I had to use the restroom. I was inside, and was by a bedroom, dark, fake wooden look, and couldn’t remember if it was Judy’s, but believed it to be. I went in. 

There was a queen / king bed to the right. It was dark inside because of the brown colors. In front of me, and to the left a little, was the bathroom. There was a towel laid out in front of the door. 

I assumed that this was her way of finding out if someone had been there. I realized different when I opened the door. There was urine, and some toilet paper in the toilet with the bottom lid up. 

I had the impression that maybe the toilet was stuck, but decided to give it a shot anyway. I started to bring the bottom lid down, and urine flowed down. I touched a drop of it when I touched the lid. I then decided that I didn’t want to mess with it.

I dreamt something about an Asian Australian family who spoke with the Australian accent, as though they grew up there. 


(From Dec 6, 2017)

I dreamt about Christopher, a guy online, wearing a black cape. 

I dreamt that I had red spots all over my face from using the epilator, and suddenly becoming conscious of them, which also still had a little bit of hair, after being fine about them during the morning, and Christopher being fine with them.

(From Dec 5, 2017 Circus)

I dreamt something about Hugh Jackman and his movie, “Greatest Show on Earth” about the circus. 

(From Dec 4, 2017 Knew It)

I dreamt that Christopher’s middle name is Matthew. I either saw it printed, or he said it. I told him that I knew it, as I had been thinking about it the day before.

I dreamt that I was in a restroom, and had to pee. I was noticing that at the bottom right of the stall door, underneath, that there was a lock down there also. I was fascinated by it for some reason.

(From Dec 3, 2017 Waited)

I dreamt that Christopher told me that he was surprised that I hung on (waited). 

(From Dec 2, 2017 Dreams Into Reality)

I dreamt that I was talking to someone / thing in the woods. I couldn’t see them. There was a small pond. Everything looked green. 

I was asking this person, who I supposed it to be, to show me a glimpse of what life is like with Christopher, or if there is one, or something like that. He was saying that he was busy and didn’t have time.

I kept after him, and he kept telling me the same. Another voice then came in, urging him to do so, telling him that I was someone wanting to turn my dreams into reality.

The next dreams were something about me and Christopher spiritually connecting / bonding, as if we are going to be together. They weren’t scenes though. It was more of watching the process happen.

I dreamt about there being a line, and those with futuristic products went to the left, and those with regular products, went to the right. I was in the line with the futuristic products.

I was visiting a school for girls (only?). They had uniforms, which were a dark green. The skirts went down to the ankles. I only saw several pairs of girls, in two’s. 

The first couple had their hands at their hips where they had small angular pockets. I mentioned to the person / people I was with how they all had their hands at their hips. The last two I saw had their hands free. 

Be Ok 

(From Dec 11, 2017)

I dreamt that the Siamese boy got out after eating in the morning. It was dark outside since I usually feed them between 5 – 6. I was worried about him, he was still in sight, because of us going out to walk, and he wouldn’t be able to get back in. The thought came that he would be ok. 

I dreamt that Samuel, a guy online, sent me a video of his cat and dog in the kitchen (?), and the dog was smearing a small mess that was on the floor. He had a white vacuum next to him to clean it up.

He then showed (accidentally?) the carpet as he walked somewhere else. There were a couple old faded spots from the animals. He was saying something, but I couldn’t hear.

I dreamt that I was in Australia, because that’s where he lived. It’s summer there now. I was outside, and mentioned to someone that I didn’t feel the heart, and even put a sweater (b&w stripe?) on.

I dreamt that I was in the house where he lived, with his roommates. One guy looked to be about 6’5″ with dark hair. We were in the kitchen, and this tall guy was saying something about the food that the other roommates buy / bought. 

Samuel was away at work on assignment. I was standing with my back to the kitchen sink, and the table was several feet in front of me. There was a laptop there. He came on video, this tall guy walking back and forth in front of him.

Samuel could see that there was another person there, and asked to see who it was. I got nervous not wanting him to see me yet, so I laid down on my stomach, on the floor with my head to the left next to the table. 

I realized that I needed to get over this fear, and so I stood. When he saw me, he gasped, (good) surprised that I would be there. I teasingly called him Christopher. His roommates were looking at me weird, not knowing the story behind the name. When his tall roommate spoke, he spoke American English, and I supposed that not everyone has an Australian accent.

(From Dec 9, 2017 Pushed)

I dreamt about a $30 mil mansion in Los Angeles. Someone was trying to take it over, but they were pushed out. 

(From Dec 7, 2017 Broke)

I dreamt that the crown, on my tooth, broke apart.

Nothing There

I asked, “Am I supposed to get a job?” I saw a circular square diamond ring, then I saw Yonny.

I dreamt that I was in a public restroom. I don’t know why since I didn’t feel the urge to go. There were two stalls, and I opened the one on the left. There was nothing there / no toilet. A guy then came in, on my right, and the stall doors and divider were gone. 

There were some storage things that suddenly appeared on my left. A guy covered one of them and sat down to the right of it, facing left, to do his business.

(From Dec 15, 2017 Unaffected)

I dreamt that the people in power were building skyscrapers with foam. I commented that they were doing this to distract the people. I think some of the foam was falling on the people. I was wearing a hat, so I was unaffected.

I dreamt that Barbie had a slash scar across her face. I calmly asked her if her ex had abused her, and she said yes. 

(From Dec 13, 2017 Ketchup)

I dreamt that guys were coming to me for rocks. I was standing a step, or two, above them. I asked them that if they used the rocks to kill someone, would my fingerprints be on it? 

Before anyone answered, there was a guy sitting below me, to my right, with food. A man, standing next to my right, had a ketchup packet, and accidentally squeezed it on the other guy’s pant leg.

(From Dec 12, 2017 Love To Hear)

I dreamt that Mark and Val had changed rooms with me without saying anything to me. Their room was bigger, and so I was appreciative about that, but upset that there was no communication.

They still had some things left in the room. Kirstin was no older than 5, and taking a nap on the bed. I locked the door anyway. I was concerned that the cats wouldn’t have a way to come and go, but I saw some openings for them.

I dreamt that I was at the Ferndale house, in San Bernardino, outside, at night. The Mexican neighbors were in a red truck, at the elbow of the street, with the bed facing the house, with music going. 

They finally left after several minutes. I then turned to Aaron Goodwin who was on my left, and mentioned that the silence that could be heard, besides the occasional car, was what I love to hear. 

I dreamt that there was a sign, at the bend of the street, shaped like a person, and it was casting a shadow on my back.

Light Shining

I asked, “Will Yonny (a guy online) add value to my life?” I dreamt that I was in a house of a killer / scary guy. I positioned a ceiling light to shine on a hallway where he would be coming from. The ceiling needed repairs, and I was thinking that I would fix it up / remodel / change the layout if I owned the house.

(From Dec 19, 2017 New Controller)

I dreamt about caribou and their antlers. There was a vessel / cup (like a stein, without the lid) made from the antlers, and at / near the top was a baby that hadn’t had a chance to fully develop. 

On a shelf was a vase with a unique shape, and colors. There was a caribou inside squared off fencing (like a kennel). I went in and brought it out.

I dreamt that I was playing a video game, the players going around a circle. I don’t know what I did, but one of them stopped and looked at me wondering why I did whatever it was.

Cameron was there, as a boy. My controller had one of the directional pieces loose by its wires. I told Cameron to tell his dad, no, Santa, that he needs a new controller.

I dreamt that I was invited to a wedding, and it turns out that it was meant for me.

(From Dec 18, 2017 Dead Goat)

I dreamt that Satan was being chased out of here, in the sky. He was a huge black / dark dragon. There was lightning behind him. There were a bunch of people / angels in the sky doing the chasing.

It didn’t scare me, and I even had the idea to take a picture, but then everyone went into the earth, passing below me. I could see as they passed, as the ground was clear, like glass. I was wondering how Satan knew his way underneath without hitting into anything.

I dreamt that Amy had seen a dead goat on the street. She was blabbering something about the head / neck area. It really shook her.

She was sitting at a table, with others around her. I was in the kitchen, opening the fridge. I was getting annoyed by her, so I somewhat coldly told her to get over it. I don’t know if she heard because of her going on, and the other people around her.

I dreamt that the dog, of a guy online, was wearing a b&w plaid blanket, like horses do under the saddle. I was thinking that it looked like one that a racehorse would wear. The dog was small / medium terrier white type.

(From Dec 16, 2017 Leader)

I dreamt that I was somewhere inside with other people. I was helping sweep the floor. Next I knew, I was talking to Bishop Powers (?), telling him that I’m just a person with a broom. He said no, and that I’m a leader.

I’m then in the house, back by the windows. They’re open enough for the cats to come and go. I see a hawk flying toward the house, thinking it’s similar to a dream I had (one with mom).

It then flys in and grabs my right shoulder blade, in the middle, with its beak, without breaking skin. It stays there for about 5 – 10 seconds. I ask it, “What does it mean?” The hawk then flys away.

I see the outside cat food at the opening of the windows / doors, still outside. There are bowls on either side, but don’t notice what is inside. 

The doors are closed, and a boy is telling me that they’re unlocked, so I go to lock them. At some point during this, the Siamese is wanting outside. 

Put My Attention On It

I asked, “What is the meaning of ‘Film the Crew'”? I dreamt that I was levitating in the air. There were people around me. I saw a young boy 10?) and grabbed his left hand, and brought him up, a couple feet, with me. It was only for a couple minutes. He may not have had a shirt on.

I think I may have jogged / walked fast to get up off the ground. I then went up to the sky. My hair was at least to my shoulders, as I was putting my attention on it. There were rain clouds, but it wasn’t raining. I knew that there was a possibility of rain above the clouds. The dream ended when I reached them.

I dreamt that I was telling someone about this, and another dream, and how they felt so real.

(I had read about sex trafficking earlier)

I dreamt that I was walking and a guy came up to me on my left. I don’t remember what he said, but he grabbed me / my hand hard, and I knew that he was no good.

I started shouting for help. I could’ve taken him, and don’t know why I didn’t. There were a couple people, one of them a woman who was walking in front of me on the left, who came to help. 

I held his legs when he was down, and noticed that they were small like a young boys.

I dreamt that I was somewhere with Briana, and other people. There were sound systems on poles / stands. A guy was asking me about a song to play because of what happened to me. He was singing the words, “I want you to want me.” I told him to play the song.

I went to Briana and excitedly told her that he was going to play “Superposition” by Young the Giant. When the song came on, it was a different song. I don’t know if this one had those words in the song because the dream ended. I felt as if it was Stevie Wonder singing.

I dreamt (same dream?) that there was a crowd of guys sitting, stadium style. They all had professional cameras still in their open cases. I was standing to the right of them, looking at them. 

They all did the same movements, putting something on top of the cameras. The men were dressed in black. 

I dreamt of a girl walking toward me. She had a tattoo on the front middle of her neck of a circle with a line coming out on both sides. Her nose, in the middle, was pierced, and had two white curled tusk looking things. 

The ends looked like it was cut open in the middle, with the sides bent over / down / back, as a way to keep it in place. I thought that the piercings reminded me of boars.


I asked, “What is the meaning of the scorpion?” I dreamt that there was going to be a wedding and shouldn’t wait for family because they bring a whole different energy.

I dreamt that I put my right fingers in the butt of a guy who was on his stomach, and slowly moving them around.

(Dec 21, 2017 Trial)

I dreamt something about going to / through a modern black house as a trial run. 

(From Dec 20, 2017 In The Shadows)

I dreamt that I was hiding from someone, but don’t remember who. Then I was in a bedroom, in the shadows from the sun shining in. I don’t remember what I was doing.

Kyle was then at the window, wanting me to show myself. I didn’t want to just yet. He was getting angry at me, but it didn’t bother me. My head shadow accidentally appeared out of the shadows, but I quickly moved back in.

Kyle was then gone, and a young blonde LDS cop climbed up a ladder to the window to check if I was ok. I told him that I was ok, and that it hadn’t gotten to the point of having to take Kyle away. He is now sitting at the end of the bed with me.

I only have my garments on. He is telling my mom (?) that he’ll take care of me, meaning marriage. He tickles me between the legs for a few seconds. I become conscious of the hair on my chest, and breasts, and cover them up with my arms after pulling my garment top up.

I dreamt that I’m in a car with someone. I realize that we’re going to Utah. I’m worried because I didn’t know, and so didn’t bring anything, and worried about how I was going to take care of my hair on my face. The young cop then shows up. I tell him that I didn’t bring anything, and he says that he’ll take care of it.

I dreamt that Bart drove me to Utah in a blue Mini Cooper. It took him only about 30 minutes. When we were driving along the rocks / hills / mountains, he had a song turned up. I don’t remember what it was. I was sitting behind the passenger seat and thinking that the people in the other cars should be able to hear, and wondering why they don’t.

When we got to Utah, the road then became flooded. There was a lady, and I asked / said something to her about it. I don’t remember what I said, how / what she responded. 

Before (?) we got to that point, there was a young man driving an ’80’s grey / blue Cadillac. He had dark hair, and perhaps a goatee (?). He came around a corner on the left, fast, and bumped the brake light. Bart gave no attention to him, so he drove away to the right. His intentions are to get people’s information by causing “accidents”.

I questioned the people, in the car, making sure that I had my stuff, and they agreed that I did. I was prepared this time, but for what? 

After Bart brought me to Utah, he disappeared, assuming family would take care of me. 

I saw a printing of an article (?) praising this young man on the good he does, with a picture of him. When we got to Utah, where I saw this, I saw the cop again, and told him the real intentions of this guy. I wasn’t sure if I would recognize him, but as he got closer, his strong features assured me that I did recognise him.

I dreamt something about ghosts, and not being able to get to them because of being fenced in.

I dreamt that I was at (a) church in Utah, in one of the rooms. One with an accordion divider? There were three young women (blonde?), each with their own white trash bag. 

They were going to go through trash and keep what they liked. I told them, “Whatever floats your boat.” Someone said that this is what the dairy girls do on the farm.

I dreamt of an older knowing woman ghost, wearing a shirt that says, “Film the crew.” There was something else written.


I asked the same question. I dreamt of taking a picture of my right breast, for a specific reason, not just for the sake of it.

I dreamt of seeing the tail of a scorpion, being hidden behind some small bushes, coming toward me, from the left, in front of me, and another female who was in front of me. It was on a trail / path that slightly curved like a snake. 

I may have warned the other female about its presence / being there. After I saw the whole scorpion, I don’t remember if it stung the female in front of me, or if it was me. It may have been in the chest area. I was only mildly scared.

(From Dec 23, 2017 Not Clear)

I dreamt that I was looking over a conversation, with a guy from online, early in the morning, when he wrote saying that he was visiting home to Christmas home, and that’s why he didn’t communicate the night before.

I dreamt that I was picked up, by a car driving a station wagon, to go to the Waterman chapel in San Bernardino. A bunch of people were gathering to carpool to an event (soccer game?). I was wearing a skirt that I love. I don’t know why.

There was a grassy field to the left (when looking at front) of the chapel. The other people showed up, not quite knowing where the station wagon was, so I pointed them in the direction, since I wasn’t standing by it.

Some of the people started playing with a soccer ball while I was sitting in a beach chair. The ball ended up over by the church and a couple people walked by me to get it, one of them being the guy from online.

On his way back, he stopped behind me, and suggested that he take me back to base, and then he kissed me. When I first saw him, I was thinking that he might kiss me.

There was a tattooed lesbian in the group. When the group all came over to the station wagon, they were saying that the directions they were given on where to meet up at the parking lot, wasn’t clear.

I dreamt that I was topless with a couple other people. I don’t know why. I then became conscious of my chest hair.

(From Dec 22, 2017 Guide Me)

I dreamt that there was a man letting people go / loose near the Wasatch mountains in Utah. I was scared, not knowing where to go, so as I was walking toward the mountains, I was crying out to God to guide me. No guidance came.

I saw a dirt path that went up, and to the right. I took it. There was also a black bird. I went a short distance to the right before the dream ended.

I dreamt that I’m deep under the mountains and see a ton of gold bricks and such. These had been here since Book of Mormon times. I felt a sacredness when looking at it all. There was something else down there, but don’t remember what.

I dreamt that I’m in a cave with a flashlight. There are white glowing (?) things on the walls and roof. In another cave, there were what seemed to be clams / oysters on the ground that were tough / strong enough to be stepped on. I told them that I was sorry.

I dreamt that I was telling mom, dad, and Amy, about these dreams. Dad and Amy weren’t listening, and mom was halfway listening. 

I dreamt that Barbie passed away.