So Close

Back door is open, in the evening, and there’s a chance a man may come through and murder. The area by the door is dark. There are two people who were going to stay, but have found another place instead. Keeping the animals by the door for protection / sacrifice for us. The word Somalia. Cathy(from church), and I, are at a conference(?) in Dallas. It is over for the day. I find out that Cathy has turned gay, and her partner is Esther (ex-coworker). They haven’t seen each other for a while, and so they go back to the … Continue reading So Close

Why Am I Doing This?

Owner of home is letting newspapers collect on front lawn, six of which are out of the plastic, in two rows of three side-by-side, lying flat. Sprinklers come on, getting all of them wet. I am in the Middle East. The men, and women, are able to be together. I am thinking how it wouldn’t / didn’t make sense to have them separated. People are sitting at desks (think school) next to each other, or front to front. I kept getting up and walking over to the desks to go check on something. Eventually, after doing this several times, I … Continue reading Why Am I Doing This?

Gas / Mist

There was a female country(?) singer, with a beautiful voice, singing. She had her bangs so that they were covering almost all of her eyes. The rest of her hair was in her face. She had a bit of facial hair. I was amazed at the fact that here she was, even with the facial hair. —– Outside with other people during the evening. There is a gas / mist in the air. I was wondering if it was from the earthquake (5.1). To the left of me, I saw several news channel vans across an empty (parking?) lot, driving … Continue reading Gas / Mist

The Whole Lot

I am outside, below a parking lot on a hill.  There are a couple other guys with me. There is a hose that runs from where we are, up to the top at the parking lot. One of the guys has water going up the hose, shooting out up at the top. The water is spraying over the whole lot. I mention this to him, in a way hoping he would get it, and shut it off. I don’t really see the people, but they are rushing to move their cars, and get away. I see lights of a security … Continue reading The Whole Lot

Black and White

Horses had their “toes” cut off, but were still able to run, and have fun. (I had read about the maiming of Whippet dogs. As a side note, I just did a search for Whippet, and my last post showed up. šŸ™‚ ) I was to marry an evil man, but somehow got out of it. Amy took my place instead. They spent the night, after marrying, at the house. He had set up something for harming, but didn’t use it. As they were leaving, I was inside a doorway of a bathroom by the door, was quietly telling Amy … Continue reading Black and White


I had a German Shepherd, and the police were in the neighborhood looking for us. I don’t know why, but was nervous about them finding us. Amy had brought home a Whippet, and was coming out of the house to go somewhere with it. The head was somewhat prominent being shown to me. I was thinking, “Why doesn’t she take the Shepherd?” A young(late teens, early 20’s), thin, pretty girl, with blonde hair, was showing me how to do something, and with an attitude. There were a couple of other people there as well. I said to her, “Deep down, … Continue reading Whippet

I Am the Coach

I am on a military boat, not ship, since it wasn’t quite as long, in a pool. The water looks like a lime green, or perhaps it was green from the pool itself. (The water isn’t dirty.) The boat is bouncing back, and forth, at diagonals, hitting the walls. The movements weren’t harsh. There are teams of men, or teenage boys(?), encircling the control room / center. The coaches are wearing suits / uniforms to distinguish them as such. One such coach, an older black man, is saying, “I am the coach”, and I’m figuring something must’ve been said to … Continue reading I Am the Coach

Even the Dawn

Before falling asleep, I saw a female nude, lounging on her right, with “devil” horns coming out of her nipples. Something involving Mark, and balancing after having crossed ?, and him attempting to get me to take that last step. I was in 4D instead of 3D when engaging in the conversation on Facebook about negativity. I was at a house with the owner, a man, and his young daughter (9?). Every day he would get a message on his answering machine, which had a blue light, from a lawyer. He would always listen to these messages even though he … Continue reading Even the Dawn

Make Room

I am standing in a dirt parking lot. Dirt seems to be of a reddish brown color, and is level. Two spots open up, then one is taken. Kyle has come to pick me up from being locked up in jail / prison (don’t know which), and as we are driving away, he mentions that those guys are nasty. It had been a while since we had been together, and I was thinking how we were going to have sex that night. I was also comparing his stomach to another man’s. We stop by a grocery store, and there’s a … Continue reading Make Room

Two Hawks

A guy accidentally ripped off a portion of the back of a red barn, exposing the beams, which were horizontal. It was kind of in the shape of a river, soft lighting. He wasn’t sure how to fix it. Me, and my mom, were walking somewhere in nature. Seems there may have been a type of covering in the section we were walking, but not absolutely sure. Two hawks flew over us, coming from behind. They came back, stopping within 5-6 ft of us. They were vertical, with their wings next to their bodies, and still in the air. They … Continue reading Two Hawks