So Close

Back door is open, in the evening, and there’s a chance a man may come through and murder. The area by the door is dark. There are two people who were going to stay, but have found another place instead. Keeping the animals by the door for protection / sacrifice for us.

The word Somalia.

Cathy(from church), and I, are at a conference(?) in Dallas. It is over for the day. I find out that Cathy has turned gay, and her partner is Esther (ex-coworker). They haven’t seen each other for a while, and so they go back to the hotel, and the lights go out. I want to ask Cathy is she ever feels guilty.

An oil owner wants us (me & ?) to use his oil. It goes across the land in a line toward railroad tracks. He wants us to “dip” into the oil to use it. We don’t because there is a huge (wide & long, like an oak tree) dark wood pole being driven next to the railroad tracks in search for oil. There is a train passing by while this is happening. The pole is so close, I’m worried it’ll damage / disrupt / bump up the tracks, and harm the people.

Why Am I Doing This?

Owner of home is letting newspapers collect on front lawn, six of which are out of the plastic, in two rows of three side-by-side, lying flat. Sprinklers come on, getting all of them wet.

I am in the Middle East. The men, and women, are able to be together. I am thinking how it wouldn’t / didn’t make sense to have them separated.

People are sitting at desks (think school) next to each other, or front to front. I kept getting up and walking over to the desks to go check on something. Eventually, after doing this several times, I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”

One such instance of doing so, on my way back to my desk, I notice a man with his desk face front with the desk in front of him. He is bringing the other desk closer to him, as if it wasn’t already.  The person at the other desk, a man/male, is crippled. I am supposing the man is bringing the desks closer in case the crippled man needs help.

Gas / Mist

There was a female country(?) singer, with a beautiful voice, singing. She had her bangs so that they were covering almost all of her eyes. The rest of her hair was in her face. She had a bit of facial hair. I was amazed at the fact that here she was, even with the facial hair.


Outside with other people during the evening. There is a gas / mist in the air. I was wondering if it was from the earthquake (5.1).

To the left of me, I saw several news channel vans across an empty (parking?) lot, driving to the left. I pointed these vans out to the others. I thought about taking a picture of them, but decided not to, figuring they weren’t a big deal. They then disappeared.

Some electric company workers showed up, and were warning us. The gas / mist was slowly dissipating.

The lights finally came on. I saw in front of me, Christmas lights / decorations. The lights were the white lights. One of, or perhaps a couple, of the decorations was a lighted bear, sitting like a Gummi Bear. I was thinking how pretty they were.

(From March 28, 2014 that I forgot to write)

There were baby snakes, about the size of a tadpole, encased in a gel, jelly, like substance as the same as tadpoles. They were on my left shoe / foot, all in a bunch. I wanted to get them off, so for the sake of not wanting them on my shoe.

The Whole Lot

I am outside, below a parking lot on a hill.  There are a couple other guys with me. There is a hose that runs from where we are, up to the top at the parking lot. One of the guys has water going up the hose, shooting out up at the top. The water is spraying over the whole lot. I mention this to him, in a way hoping he would get it, and shut it off. I don’t really see the people, but they are rushing to move their cars, and get away. I see lights of a security guard up on top. I mention this to the guys, I think. He comes down the diagonal pathway, from right to left, to where we are. I have already started to leave. The guard takes the guy(s), and I tell them that I warned them.

Somewhere with other people, having fun. One of the guys, I went to school with, at least in the dream. Wilhelm is there, and this guy points him out, calling him William. I correct him.

Black and White

Horses had their “toes” cut off, but were still able to run, and have fun. (I had read about the maiming of Whippet dogs. As a side note, I just did a search for Whippet, and my last post showed up. šŸ™‚ )

I was to marry an evil man, but somehow got out of it. Amy took my place instead. They spent the night, after marrying, at the house. He had set up something for harming, but didn’t use it. As they were leaving, I was inside a doorway of a bathroom by the door, was quietly telling Amy that he was going to bind her. Her reaction was one of “So be it”. I noticed she had a bra inside her right coat(?) pocket. He said he wasn’t able to hear us, and mentioned to Amy something about coming back tomorrow for church.

I was frantically searching for something/one outside. There was something that I wished I had taken a picture of. There is a stage below me, ahead of me, to the left. People are acting, singing, wearing period(?) clothes. They started to sing a question I had asked.

I saw a man looking out a window. I saw in the bottom right corner, Disney characters from the early days, moving around. I went to have a closer look, and as I did so, they “disappeared”. It was as if they were in the glass itself. (I recently watched Superman.) What I did see, though, on the other side of the glass, were schoolchildren in black-and-white. I was wondering, ” How do they go from seeing each other in color, to seeing each other in black-and-white?”


I had a German Shepherd, and the police were in the neighborhood looking for us. I don’t know why, but was nervous about them finding us. Amy had brought home a Whippet, and was coming out of the house to go somewhere with it. The head was somewhat prominent being shown to me. I was thinking, “Why doesn’t she take the Shepherd?”

A young(late teens, early 20’s), thin, pretty girl, with blonde hair, was showing me how to do something, and with an attitude. There were a couple of other people there as well. I said to her, “Deep down, you know you like me.” The others smiled at this.

I Am the Coach

I am on a military boat, not ship, since it wasn’t quite as long, in a pool. The water looks like a lime green, or perhaps it was green from the pool itself. (The water isn’t dirty.) The boat is bouncing back, and forth, at diagonals, hitting the walls. The movements weren’t harsh. There are teams of men, or teenage boys(?), encircling the control room / center. The coaches are wearing suits / uniforms to distinguish them as such. One such coach, an older black man, is saying, “I am the coach”, and I’m figuring something must’ve been said to him.

The house on the left(?) of us has been bought by us, and was starting to be remodeled. The house on the right, then, was bought by us. I went inside, seeing older pictures (like from the 70’s, 80’s) of several women all over, and also lots of figurines. Some were glass(?). I saw, by the door, something dark, made of dark wood, antique, leaning against the wall. I didn’t go over to it, so don’t know what it was. The shape was similar to a mandolin, but the body, and neck, were both a bit wider, and longer. Amy was in there collecting some of her own figurines she had brought over. I asked her if anyone lived here, and she said no. It looked as if whoever did live here, just up and left without taking anything. As I was looking at the door, two of the workers involved with the remodeling, came crashing through, almost destroying that dark object next to it. I was worried that they were going to.

I was at someone’s house for a gathering. There was a tiny, small, short, old, skinny woman there. She almost looked anorexic. She was telling someone /group about how skinny she was. As I was observing her, I noticed a shape of something under her shirt by her stomach. I figured she had had surgery, and had something removed.

She moved over toward a table that was in front of her, to my right, and started feeling with her heart. She went to the table, and sat down. She got out a pill, took it, and started feeling better. There was a Relief Society president sitting a couple of seats behind her. I was pointing out the old woman to her, but she wasn’t getting it, so I spoke up loud enough for her to hear the woman’s name.

I was on another boat, civil, i think. I was standing by the control room, but on the level above. There were several men at the controls. Their wives were up by me. They were telling me to call out to “Denny”, one of the men. It was so noisy, I didn’t think I would be heard. The women were telling me I would get used to the noise, and were mentioning it took them about a week to get used to it. One of them said she was pregnant while getting used to the noise.

Something about cats, but not sure what about.

Even the Dawn

Before falling asleep, I saw a female nude, lounging on her right, with “devil” horns coming out of her nipples.

Something involving Mark, and balancing after having crossed ?, and him attempting to get me to take that last step.

I was in 4D instead of 3D when engaging in the conversation on Facebook about negativity.

I was at a house with the owner, a man, and his young daughter (9?). Every day he would get a message on his answering machine, which had a blue light, from a lawyer. He would always listen to these messages even though he knew what the message was, and who sent it. I never heard it.

He eventually moved out, and another man, and daughter (about same age). This man had dark skin as if from Middle East / Pakistan / India. (I don’t know if he was from over there, or his parents.) His daughter had pale skin. I was over there one day, he had a party?, and standing out in back, I was telling someone how weird it feels here without Nicole Kidman.

This man also was receiving those messages from the lawyer, but wasn’t listening to them. His answering machine also had a blue light.

His daughter was having trouble with her stomach, and was having to continually go back to the bathroom.

I opened his fridge, and on the left side, there looked to be melted chocolate marble ice cream. I got a sponge, and took a swipe, wanting to clean it before it dried up. I then realized it was close to time for me to leave, so stopped cleaning.

I saw Whitney Houston(?) singing, on stage, at a profile, with a dress with “wing” sleeves, and somewhat poufy hair. She was singing last of the song, when emotion, and power kick in, singing the lines from the chorus, “even the dawn, It’s a mighty nice day. Even the dawn, It’s  a brand new day.”

Make Room

I am standing in a dirt parking lot. Dirt seems to be of a reddish brown color, and is level. Two spots open up, then one is taken.

Kyle has come to pick me up from being locked up in jail / prison (don’t know which), and as we are driving away, he mentions that those guys are nasty.

It had been a while since we had been together, and I was thinking how we were going to have sex that night. I was also comparing his stomach to another man’s.

We stop by a grocery store, and there’s a pet store / center in the back(?), where they have the displays of flowers, fruits, balloons, etc. They are euthanizing dogs to make room. Women, singly, are crying for them to stop, attempting to reason with them. One of the groups of dogs had a puppy.

One woman has brought her dog in a cloth shopping looking bag. I see an older woman worker (late 40’s/50’s, seems could be a smoker, with brown somewhat curly / wavy type hair) with her hand in the bag, in the dogs mouth. The mouth slowly loosens up, and the woman takes out her hand. Someone mentions to her, and young daughter (4?) that they came in with a dog, and are leaving without a dog. The daughter doesn’t seem to be phased by it.

This woman is then talking to someone else, standing in front of a display of ? inside of boxes. The daughter is in a cart to the right of this display, behind the mother. There are a couple alcohol / liquor (I don’t drink. Is there a difference?) bottles on the side of the display next to the daughter. I see her grab one, and put it in the cart(?). I mention to someone next to me to see what she was doing. She then grabs another, Vodka?, looking somewhat like a genie bottle, and as she grabs it, it falls to the floor, and crashes. The mother turns, and starts to walk toward her.

A worker, of the grocery store, has put a nickel in a cup, and gives it to this girl(?).

Two Hawks

A guy accidentally ripped off a portion of the back of a red barn, exposing the beams, which were horizontal. It was kind of in the shape of a river, soft lighting. He wasn’t sure how to fix it.

Me, and my mom, were walking somewhere in nature. Seems there may have been a type of covering in the section we were walking, but not absolutely sure. Two hawks flew over us, coming from behind. They came back, stopping within 5-6 ft of us. They were vertical, with their wings next to their bodies, and still in the air. They were there about 5 seconds, then left. I told my mom that there was probably a message in them doing that, but wasn’t sure what it was.

Steve, and family are living at a house, with the owner. Steve was then kicked out because his experience from being in the military were starting to affect him, and he was starting to get out of control. His family was still at the house, his wife being someone else with long brunette hair.

Mark was looking for a house in Colorado. Julie, me, and others (family?) were with him. The house we were at, Mark walked through with the Realtor alone. The rest of us sat on a shelf by the door, except I was standing. I was thinking, shouldn’t ? go with him since she’ll be living with him, but then thought that it was Mark’s money, and he’s the one buying.

I was then noticing shelving next to them that were arranged in separate shapes for putting shoes, or whatever. There was a coffee maker incorporated into it. (I don’t drink coffee, but see a lot of houses for sale that have this setup.)

Mark came back and said ? I think it had to do with his money going to this house.

We were then in a somewhat triangular room, with the right wall at a slope / slant. Julie(?) wanted the group of us (there were more people) to watch a movie in there. I saw plastic chairs in two rows next to the slanted wall, and a circular table to the left of them with chairs around it, and said it would be uncomfortable, and crowded, and would not go inside.

Somehow I was then at the ocean, and suggested we go swimming instead. I saw a couple of baby dolphins, and they had what looked like a surf / ironing board shape to them under their body that was part of their body, with a short connection between this shape and the rest of the body.

One of them came over to me, swimming behind me so that we touched.