Without a border

(From Dec. 23, 2014) There was a steep concrete ditch without a border to keep anything from falling in. Ali, and I, were walking by it, where there were pebbles all over the ground. He was talking to a couple other women, enjoying being with them, more than me. I lied down, waiting for him to pay attention to me. Eventually he came over. Kyle, and I, were going to get married, as also another couple. We had to be shipped off to a different state to do so. I don’t remember where the other couple went, but we were … Continue reading Without a border


(From Dec. 26, 2014) Russian (From Dec. 28, 2014) (Night before I asked what do I do to support myself) There was a bumpy hill in the backyard, the house being at the top. There was a tabby cat, on the left, lying on its back with the head upside down, and then turned to look at me. Amy was there, and I told her that she should see Ali with the tiger (with black stripes). There was an industrial looking fan, with a space between the blades, and edges. I was putting / dropping down gold coins through, and … Continue reading Russian

One More Time

(From Nov. 28, 2014) A cat had brought all of her kittens, hanging from her underneath, which are actually tiny rats that looked somewhat like sperm / tadpoles, with her holding them there. I didn’t understand why she would do this. I grabbed one to look at, and accidentally smushed it between my fingers. (From Nov. 28, 2014) A small white plane crashed into the windshield of a car, killing everyone, and the people in the several cars behind. (From Dec. 24, 2014) Barbie had a stash of chocolate on a ledge above the bath, to keep for herself. Ben … Continue reading One More Time