For some reason, I went into the neighbors house (old man) and fell asleep in the middle of one of the rooms. He had family there, and not knowing who I was, went and told the neighbor I was there. As I awoke, he came out with a gun and put it (close) to my head. I told him I was there to tell him how kind, happy, and warm his wife had been, for she had passed away. (In waking life I have been told she has cancer.) I then mentioned to him that I had noticed him taking … Continue reading Happy


Greg’s body had become weak, and I think it had something to do with the electrics in his body. A woman asked me a question dealing with an aspect of spirituality, and asked how my body felt, and I said it was neutral. She was taken aback from this. She then sat down, and let her husband take over. I heard someone say they couldn’t find any past lives, and I said it was because there isn’t any. Continue reading Electrical

Groups of Pictures

I am putting some of my pictures in different groups on a website. The last two I decide not to. I’m thinking maybe because the groups were full? I get the feeling that one of the pictures was of a house. (Ali’s Dream) The police were stealing my expensive audio system looking for information because we were not giving them any. I caught them attempting to take, and I told them I was aware that they were doing this. I was going to go after them, and told them that they can’t take the system, and told them to leave, … Continue reading Groups of Pictures


German soldiers marching down to a valley of a hill on the right, and coming back up on the left. Several kennels in someone’s backyard. They each have a handful of black cats. There are some black cats outside, but stick around the kennels. To the left of these kennels are newly born kittens, old enough to have eyes open, that have been separated from their mothers (which are in the kennels). I’m astounded at this and mention it to whoever I’m with. Continue reading March


A female student, with short blonde hair, who is taking an electives class to be a model, comes through the classroom I am in. I am in the back row. She is wearing royal blue clothes with a touch of purple in them. They look like flannel pj’s. Her shoes are a light purple type of loafer. She walks from the right side to the left. I’m thinking about the comparison of being in a line of models and having people look at you, and here she was by herself with some of the people looking at her. It is … Continue reading Model

For You

A family was going through their ancestry. As they were doing so, an invisible spirit, wearing a white gown / dress, and a cape(?, covers the shoulders and the top part of the back) popped up. She was standing across a street, and a bit to the right (when looking at her) where Ali and I were sitting at a table. There was no traffic. She started walking towards us and I teasingly said to Ali that she was coming for him. She walked like Marilyn Monroe, but accentuated. As she got closer, I thought it could be her. Instead … Continue reading For You

Time for Changing

Evening time. Family (including cousins) in car. Sara backs the car up to the house. The driveway is a little bit long, and is the type with two rows of concrete with grass growing between. I’m waiting for, and hoping she doesn’t, to drive over a kitten. She doesn’t. Jeri mentions a scene in a movie, consisting of two young men, saying that she likes that part. I say to her, “Oh, you think you’re so smart”, in a sort of fun, teasing way. I am surprised, and pleased, that she watched the movie since I’m the one who suggested … Continue reading Time for Changing


I was swatting a wasp away from me, and as I did so, the head stuck in the right side of my forehead (where the “corner” is). I started crying about it because the thought of it being in my forehead was disgusting, and gross. I wanted to squeeze it out. I went over to ? to help get it out. I saw two Russian girls (one a blonde, and the other a brunette) outside of a mall, during Winter, each holding several shopping bags. The entrances were enclosed so not to worry about being cold when entering. These girls … Continue reading Russian

Self – Esteem

(From Dec. 12, 2013) I was to stay somewhere, for how long?, and brought some of my electronic equipment. A Mexican woman immediately took them, without asking, when I came in. Later in the day there was a group of Mexicans sitting around, watching their Spanish shows on t.v. using my equipment. My equipment died, and I wanted to explain that it dies a lot, but no one was bothered by it, and even weren’t paying attention so I didn’t say anything. When the equipment came back on, a “white” program was on , and at one point showed a … Continue reading Self – Esteem