(From April 8, 2013)

A room in the house where I was renting / living needed its wood beams, in the vaulted ceiling, which were exposed, fixed. A guy came and wanted to park his car on the driveway, and would open the garage door, which I then would close it because I didn’t want it open. The owner then came, with some other young guys, to fix the beams.

(From April 3, 2013)

I was in the Middle East with a group of people in the evening walking down a desert road. To the left, about 10 – 15(?) miles away, there was a building being bombed with about 3 – 4 bombs. There was no feeling of fear, or harm, it was just something that happened to be happening at that moment.

(From March 29, 2013)

I had “gone” in my pants, and kept it there for a short bit until I was able to get to a bathroom, where I flushed it.


Mark had married again, and they were coming to visit. I had bought a baby item (wipes comes to mind) for to surprise them when they came. I was outside when they showed up, pulling into the driveway. I was holding this surprise when they came, and was disappointed thinking they had seen it. They had their stuff in the car / truck (looked like a car in front, but was able to see their stuff in the back as if it were a truck), with also a bunch of bulk baby items (as if from a warehouse club like Costco), with diapers visible on the side.

I was in a room, walking around, listening to a song, and thinking I wished I could remember it when I woke so that I could write it down. (I wouldn’t have known the notes / parts to it, but could’ve written the words.)

I hid a movie inside, on top, of a full diaper bag.

I was somewhere where there were young college age girls, and standing in front of an open concept closet (no doors). I said out loud that (I had read?) it’s best to put a rug on the bottom of the closet first, to keep the bugs away. No one was listening, as there was a girl in the room to the left playing video games (I don’t play / haven’t played in a long time), and girls on the right doing their own thing. (There was a plush gray rug that I used, then put some old shirts on top.)


Someone was upset(? with me, so I asked, who does that feeling belong to?

I had lying on a spider, and when I got up, the spider would bite the head off of ants, and eat only the head.

(From April 25, 2013)

There was a pink fire engine / truck in a hurry , but going around, a couple times, an “island” that had a pink mansion on it that was for sale, in the middle of a residential street. As they went around, this “island” would turn as well.

(From April 21, 2013)

A squirrel, on the ground, with two babies hanging underneath. The babies fell to the ground (they had the shape of a tadpole), and were afraid of being around people, so they burrowed in the ground.

We’re Closed

I’m inside, at the front door, with it open, but with a closed screen, filming butterflies outside.

(1 yr. old?) Baby with wet diaper doesn’t want (his?) wet diaper changed, but I say, that yes, it needs to be changed.

(54th day?)

I went on a tour of a wealthy submarine. I didn’t see it, but just knew I had.

Ali kept getting calls from Africa, but he would talk in English, while we were at different stores. At one of the stores, while I was waiting for him, we were in a sort of waiting room, I saw a display case showcasing different things from the city I live in (Riverside, Ca). I see two toothpick flags together (one of them the American flag), It looks like one of them is a Norwegian flag, but as I look closer, I see that it isn’t, and don’t recognize where it could be from, and then think that there would be no reason for a Norwegian flag to be in there (my ancestors are from there). In this “waiting room”, there is also a Mexican family, and the children are complaining about what the others are doing (someone had turned off the oven before the pumpkin cookies(?) were done, someone was switching different items around, etc).

A girl, wearing a knee-length dress, at her parents house at the end of the (working) day, is on the phone and says to the worker on the other end that the calls will be forwarded to her phone so that the workers can clean up. She then gets a call, and tells the caller that they’re closed. She then gets up to leave to go to the business.


A friendly witch was about to get her next assignment when I awoke, out of nowhere, and saw that I had forgotten to blow out a candle.

There was a group of girls having a sleepover. They were in their light blueish pj’s, sitting in a circle, had cleansing masks on, and were singing a song from the 60’s about cleaning the face. (Is there such a song? In my dream I recognized it as being a popular song.)

I see a man going into a bar that is situated by itself in a small country town, surrounded by a bit of desert. For some reason, I end up in there with him. (I don’t drink, and therefore don’t patronize bars.) In the back there were three men sitting at a circular table, and realizing he was attempting to get a guy out of his chair, and having no luck (The guy I “followed” wasn’t violent, but rather quiet, and unassuming, but was stubborn, and stood his ground.), it was my turn.  I also wasn’t getting anywhere, so I went to the front counter (is that what they’re called?), and told them that this guy was trying to move the stranger out of his chair. (When I got to the counter, there was only one man, but after saying this, another man appeared and decided to go back with me.) When I got back, all the men were gone, the room had lightened up, and a group from the last place I worked, was there for lunch. (I worked with mentally, physically challenged adults, and would take groups of three out, with two other workers, and their groups of three.)

I saw a cobweb string hanging from the ceiling, which I cleaned up.

(Ali’s dream)

The cats were stolen, and we went to where they were, which was in a Mexican part of town. When we got there, we walked through some trees, past the office, and saw a fenced in area with a bunch of cats, some looking sickly. I had to cloth bag to collect them. As I was grabbing them, a white lady came out, and told us that when we leave, the police would come after us. I angrily asked why we were being targeted? Where was the office? Where were the police? Who runs this place? After the people in the office found out we were looking for them, they left. The police were hiding, and waiting behind a fence. The lady said we were stealing the cats, and I said that they had been stolen from us, and if the police come after us, so be it. All that Ali had said he was grateful that I had warned him.


I was about to move into a small, somewhat circular shaped, studio. As I went to check it out before moving in, I saw a couple piles of what looked to be sawdust, as if someone had just cut some wood, and left it there. One of which, or perhaps both (?), was on top a counter.

A man with black hair, and mustache, black clothes, long black (felt?, wool?) trench coat (?), jumps into a dark pond / water, and doesn’t come back up. I tell this to some women (with money) I’m with. They describe him, and tell me not to worry because he does this all the time, and continue on having fun.

I tell Helen (who I used to work with) to tell her daughter (who in waking life is actually her sister, who also worked at the same place), what? Her daughter is pregnant and looks about ready to give birth. Helen tells me her daughter isn’t going to keep the baby because she is no longer with her partner.

History (His Story)

I was in a classroom in the back left seat. Seems I was just visiting, and not a student. A girl came in to take a history test. She looked at it, didn’t know the answers, crumpled the papers, threw them away, and walked away / out. The teacher (male) was disappointed she didn’t know history. I was thinking that I didn’t remember much of history, though I had already taken it, and passed.

I had a fitted light green sheet over me, and the teacher stretched it out up to the girl in the front seat of the row, passing the others in the row, who seemed to be facing sideways, looking in at the students.

Something about choosing a door to go through, and after not taking much thought, went through a door that seems to have dealt with the USPS. (My mom’s dad, who passed before she married, worked for them.) I don’t remember what was on the other side.

Something about not being able to pass through a gated fence because of whatever was happening on the other side. I went through anyway. (It seems like the fence was in someone’s front yard, and the gate to the fence kept moving, each time I would show up, closer toward me.)


Couple weeks ago I dreamed of a web between my right fore and middle fingers between the bottom and middle knuckles.

(From March 4, 2013)

I was outside in a wooden enclosure and needed to keep a puppy safe inside this enclosure because there were wolves on the other side. Two other puppies, individually, showed up “requesting” me to bring them in also to save them from the wolves. At first I didn’t want to, but felt I needed to be nice and bring them in.

(From March 3, 2013)

It was raining, kinda hard, and each time I opened the curtains to see, someone else would close them. At the end, when I tried for the last time to open the curtains, they wouldn’t move, and I had a feeling that a ghost / spirit had done something so that the curtains wouldn’t open. That got me scared so I went over to where my family was (in same house), and somewhat balling, told them what happened.


Something about eating a bite of a hamburger big enough to feed a neighborhood. There were other people there.

(From March 28, 2013)

A tarantula had crawled up on my right shoulder, and was facing me. I wasn’t too scared, but was worried it might bite me, which it did not. I could feel the weight of the spider on my shoulder. I could also feel another one on my left side, but didn’t look to see.

(From March 27, 2013)

I was in a white room, looking at a wall, and I saw a door that didn’t have any of the hinges, or a doorknob. it looked as if it had been placed in a door opening in the wall, and was screwed, or bolted, on either side, in the middle, in place.


Dad was driving a rust colored (Scooby – Doo) van down a steep, curvy street, picking up speed. He kept going until finally he came to a cross street, crossed, and hit a pole, or tree. The police came to check it out, and my dad started to slyly drive away, but didn’t get far. He was taken to the hospital, and in the check – up room, me, my oldest brother Mark, and my mom were there with him. The doctor was looking at a book, and reading what sexual things my dad likes, which he did not, and told the doctor he did not, and the doctor replied that yes, my father did. The doctor then put the book down, and started to give my dad a physical while he was lying down, wearing a hospital gown. (There was also a young female nurse there.) The doctor was then giving my dad the option of amputating his left leg from the knee down, and what my dad could do with a prosthetic / fake bone. (My dad had a cast on.) My dad said to go ahead with the amputation, and he and my mom would talk about it while waiting for the appointment.

My mom, and dad, started watching a movie that showed a lady, man, and baby, none connected to each other. (The lady would pretend she was pregnant when in public, and would wear that fake pregnancy thing.) They were in a white room, and the baby became hungry. The man gave the baby to the lady, who reluctantly took it after putting on the fake pregnancy thing, and put the baby to her right breast, which the baby sucked on until satisfied.

My mom was at the waiting room / parking lot waiting for my dad, and mentioned to the doctor that a girl at the desk told her either that there wasn’t a restroom, or that the one that was there was a uni – sex (and my mom didn’t want to use it). The doctor told my mom that the girl was new.

My dad finally came out to the parking lot, and several of the cars moved positions (so that he wouldn’t take, and crash them?).

Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony are still happily married, with three young girls. The middle one is about seven, and the young one is about one. They are dressed up, sitting at a restaurant type booth, waiting. The youngest is sitting on the table in front of Jennifer, facing her. The middle one is sitting on the edge of the bench on the other side not looking very happy (the bench is shaped like an L so that some of it goes around half of the table.)

They are back at their house, outside, playing with two of their horses on their driveway. The horses disappear, and they are now on the concrete path from the sidewalk to the front door. It’s mildly snowing. Part of the path, going out past the sidewalk to the street, is made of turf, with logs underneath, not smoothly, but they were able to walk over.

Something about Halloween, and it seemed like it hadn’t gone by yet because not many people were excitedly participating.

On his last day, a politician started calling out / naming people as they were getting out of their desks, somewhat cowering, and leaving out a door in the front on the right.

Ray’s (contractor) brother’s left hand was bandaged from the pinky to middle finger. His thumb, and forefinger were both half missing.

There was a black, dark cloud as Ray, and his brother were working on the truss of the addition (in back of house), and it started to mildly rain. Ray sighed, and said, ” I knew it.”

I was at a gas station, filling a bowl, spilling over, for an invisible dog, using a water fountain they had. An older lady, who had her own dog, walked by with a surprised look on her face.

Madonna hired a circus to perform during her concert, and they were doing spectacular performances. The performers I saw were on stilts.