Drive Through

I asked, “How do I leave California?” I dreamt that the Mexican neighbor lived where the old man neighbor lives. I was looking over there and saw the house lifting up. When it got to the height needed it slid forward onto a truck. I didn’t see the truck but knew that’s what it was. I dreamt that dad was driving. Mom may have been there also. It looked like we were on a roller coaster ride. When we arrived at a corner turning right there were a few people walking in front of us, one with a dog. I … Continue reading Drive Through

Door Is Open

I asked, “What is the meaning of the deer?” I dreamt that I was at the end of a white hallway (of apartments?). I was looking in the door at the end. There was Leah standing at the end of the bed, which was up against the left wall, folding clothes (?). The bed wasn’t made up. I then looked at the top of the bed and saw her laying there on the right (when standing) halfway covered by the blankets. Two children were up by her. I was thinking how this used to belong to another family from church … Continue reading Door Is Open

Get Out

I asked, “When do I need to leave California?” I dreamt that the family moved into a bigger home, renting it from an older lady. Dad (?) got the impression that there was still food of hers there. She came by one day so I told her this. She looked confused. I asked her where her room is and she pointed to an area where there was a horizontal locked dirty white door to the left of where we were. I asked her about looking for the food and she said that she was scared to for feeding her cats. … Continue reading Get Out

Had To

I asked, ”Do I need to leave California?” I dreamt that I was in a small town where celebrities and famous people go. I saw the back of a man walking down stairs that were in front of me and then turned around to the left facing me. I said to my self, “Aha” then realized it was the husband of Donna (D. I. ) and her coming behind him. When I saw her husband I first thought he was a famous person. I dreamt that I was with Deborah (Deb or ah) and we went into a small theater … Continue reading Had To

City In My Journal

I asked, ”Where do I need to be?” I dreamt that I had written down a name of a city in my journal so I didn’t focus on it to remember it. It started with a J. There was another city with a similar spelling called ”Kutuna” . I dreamt about cookies. There were some dark chocolate cutout ones that I grabbed. There was someone there who wasn’t too pleased about that. I dreamt something about watching a piece of flat land in Indonesia (?). A hand went over it and a house popped up like a pop up book. … Continue reading City In My Journal


I asked, “What is the meaning of the mountains?” I dreamt that I was in a house with other people. There was a strong guy there in charge of some people. I don’t remember what for. I was looking out the front windows. There was a family of gorillas moving across the lawn from right to left. I didn’t want to make any sudden movements that would alert the dad. He stopped when he was almost to the other side. He turned and sat, facing to the right. There was a young one straggling behind so the mother, who was … Continue reading Strong


I asked, “What is the meaning of the removal?” I dreamt that I was in a small public restroom. It only had two (?) stalls. I went in the one on the right. There were some logs in the back on top sort of hiding. The button to flush was by the water. My finger touched a little of the water. It wouldn’t flush so I went to the left and it was clean. (From Nov 15, 2020) Tallow I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was telling someone that tallow is found in different animal bones. (From … Continue reading Hiding

No Longer Accepted

I asked, “What is the symbolism of the dinosaur?” I dreamt that I had married Travis and now I was getting a transfusion. I was going to be there about 3 hours.  I was walking around and saw a guy throwing baseball’s outside who was supposedly famous in Scotland. I was naked and conscious of it but didn’t put any clothes on. I had forgotten to shave my left leg. There was a pale skin black guy who was no longer accepted by the black community. Oxy dox (From Oct 30, 2020) Hidden I asked the same question. I dreamt … Continue reading No Longer Accepted


I asked, “What is the symbolism of the dragon?” ( I was thinking about the dinosaur but said dragon so we’ll go with that.) I dreamt that there was land real estate to the left of the Hollywood sign asking for several million. It had an eye anchor in the ground with wire attached rising to the left. House short distance away to the right for sale. I dreamt that I’m in a class. We are listening to sound on headphones (?) on our own split horizontal screens. One of the screens has a music video. Seether?  There is a … Continue reading Hollywood

Coming Around

I asked, ”What is the symbolism of Travis?” I dreamt about power. I dreamt that my dad and I were talking with a guy and his dad about the word heterosexual in the bible but they left before I found/turned to it. It was only mentioned once but was used for a different meaning/something else. I was using the large print edition/book but it had regular print. I dreamt that a young Steve and I were swimming in a small pool. There was another family there. Steve jumped off the diving board and hit his knee at the middle of … Continue reading Coming Around