Waiting To Cross Over

I start to have sex with Mark, but then find myself asleep. He lets me be.

I am crouching next to a pool. LeBron James, and someone else (Dwayne Wade?), is in the pool, but they are miniature / fairy size. They are using an inner tube thing to float. It escapes them at one point. LeBron is swimming towards me. I see the inner tube has gone below the water, and is following him, so I tell him. He dives down, a bit to the left of it, then finds it.

I am standing, barefoot, at the elbow of a street, on the street. The outlet is to the right. The cars that pass have to come in a bit, then back out. I see a car, when it comes in, goes in circles as it passes, the male driver having fun. I then see a car across the street waiting to cross over to my side. I don’t see the driver.

As I’m watching, making sure it’s safe to cross where I’m at, a brunette girl shows up on my left. I’m then on the right side of the street, going towards my boyfriend’s (not Ali) house. I am leaning on a heightened / lifted styrofoam white cooler chest thing on wheels, rolling down the street. There is greenery / trees lining on both sides. The girl is jogging, on my right, to keep up. She tells me something about what I, and another girl at work did, and that Caroline is going to fire “you”. I ask if I’m going to be fired, or the girl I work with, and this girl answers, yes.

I’m in the kitchen of my boyfriend’s house. There is a (birthday?) card on the floor with a painting of an orange striped cat with a long skinny neck, sitting, looking at something. It shows the cat from the back. A one month old kitten, also orange stripes, comes to lay on the card to sleep. It keeps moving around, attempting to find a comfortable spot. It isn’t able to find one, so sits, and meows. It is sitting next to the cat in the painting, so I decide to take a picture. As I hold the iPod, my hands are a bit shaky. As I’m looking for a decent shot to take, I see the kitten lit up / spotlighted. I take the picture. Another kitten, month older, tabby, comes over and lays by the orange kitten to calm it down.

(From July 30, 2014)

Doug & Jamie don’t make it. Monet & Vaughn, on the other hand, still have disagreements, but stay together to stick it out. (From this tv show.)

Zac disappears, and no one knows where to, but I have a suspicion that he joined up with a wrong crowd.

There are weird desserts, made with weird ingredients, and my mom wants Amy to taste one for a reason.

Wait Until I’m Finished

My mom is in the driver’s seat. I’m in back, behind her, buckling in a baby. My mom starts to drive / speed before I finish. I think I mention to her about waiting until I’m finished. The road is like a roller coaster, with the twists and turns, and seems to be in the mountains.

I am helping someone showcase some different objects (sticks?), walking across stage. I am only wearing my garments. I become conscious. If this as I am walking back across. Since I am already up there, I have a bit of fun while walking. I don’t look at the audience because I’m scared Travis will be there.

After walking off the stage, I notice another woman (my mom?) wearing only her bottom garment. She was kneeling, bending over, so I didn’t see her top.

Clay Aiken was / is going to be in the Senate, but he had to go through American Idol first so people would know who he is.

A lady notices Janet’s last name is similar to another word (word for lying?). I say that I knew that from the beginning. This lady is surprised I knew.

Janet is sitting, and I slowly run / flow my hands over her shins, as if my hands are vehicles, and here legs are streets.

(Ali’s dream)

I’m in a car, about to leave Ali to visit family because something is happening. I tell him I’ll be back in a couple says. He asks when I’ll be back, and I tell him I don’t know. I then hurry off.

Spiritual Leader

I’m up in some kind of treehouse tower, rectangular shaped. There is an opening to see below, and an unsturdy floor. I am standing on the edges, where it’s solid, on the other side of a doorway that leads to the middle. There are some people in the middle, and I hear my name, and them discussing me. They say something, then I hear them say that I will be a (spiritual, implied) leader of Israel.

I then am in an area / room with some of my family, Ben included. After hearing this, I enthusiastically ask them who is going to join me. They raise their hands as if in school. Ben does not. He is looking down, looking solemn.

I then am looking through the hole, and see them drive / ing away.

Travis is here at my parents house. At one point, he is outside doing something, and I am lying next to his car, looking underneath. I notice one of his tires is patched up with duct tape, going up to the sides of the tire.

He has some melted chocolate to eat with some food.

Seems we may have discussed, or I knew, that he was no longer with his wife. We also may have discussed, again, about the notes I sent him in high school.

Don’t Belong Here

Before falling asleep, I see a buck(?male deer) with a big snake coming out of its wide open mouth.

Ali, and I, are waiting in line to check in (like at an airport, but only one line, and no seats) for the Skechers sale. We are in the front of the line. I see a guy giving money to the worker helping him. I ask Ali if we are supposed to pay here. He pays no attention, and goes to check in.

We then walk into a large room, 2000-2500 sq. ft. I have lost Ali. I don’t see shoes, but two sectioned off rooms for orientation. The workers there look like office workers. I decide to sit in one of the rooms, by the door, legs facing the door. I’m anxiously / nervously looking / watching for Ali. After a minute, or two, I tell myself that I don’t belong here, so I leave.

I then find out, after walking into the main room, that those who are buying shoes go through orientation first. I tell a male manager that there should be a (big) sign on the wall for those who are here for the first time, and don’t know.

I’m sitting on some steps, holding a thin spatula. I like the colors / look of it, and decide to steal it. As I start to peel off the price tag, which is on the handle, a lady manager walks toward me on her way to go through a doorway which is in front of me to my right. She sternly asks me, “You’re not taking off the tag, are you?” I adamantly respond, “Nooo!” As I put the tag back on.

I’m standing with an NC baseball hat on, figuring which way to wear it. My hair is a mess, looking like it had been teased the night before, and I just woke. A male manager walks by, dressed in a suit, admiring what I’m doing, approvingly.

(Ali’s dream)

We are with other people, standing by an open fence at a border. My family / relatives are included. I tell my family not to cross, and that their papers have been stolen. They don’t listen, and cross anyway. The other people also cross. Ali was about to cross also when I tell him that his papers have been taken. His paranoia kicks in, becoming half dead. He stops, and checks his pockets.

The others start back to the fence to come back, but it closes on them. They are going to be killed. I say that I’m not going to stay here, and I rush to the car, Ali following. As soon as he gets in, I speed away, not even making sure he’s buckled in.

Should Recognize

I was looking at Kevin’s Facebook profile, and telling someone that I just want to touch base.

I’m carrying the Bishop’s baby, who is naked, throughout the church, looking for wipes in case there should be a mess. There is a doorway, leading to the chapel that I walk through, that is a bit shorter than normal, so I have to duck. I find where Bishop is, and grab some dryer sheets to use as the wipes.

I’m still holding the baby, standing outside a closed classroom, waiting, with others, for class to start. A young girl, 8?, dark-haired, comes up to me, and asks, intelligently, how my last two days were. I said they were fine. I then ask her the same, and she responded that they were good. As I’m looking at her, I’m thinking that her face looks somewhat familiar, and that I should know who she is. (As I write this, I’m wondering if her dress was of an older period.)

Las Vegas

The family had gone back to Las Vegas for a visit(?). There were a couple of dogs I played with while there. After we got back home, there were also some dogs to play with. I mentioned to someone how I really missed playing with the dogs back in Las Vegas. While I said this, I was envisioning it, hoping for it to become real again.

I was inside a small racetrack where my dad was going to race (my family never watched / participated). Across the street, I saw a man placing a box behind some tall white metal doors he had, blocking the view to his backyard. His house was sideways so that the front door faced left. He put the box there so that his wife w/couldn’t say anything.

He then started putting things on his workhorse / sawhorse so he could make something out of wood.

The race started, and I was standing at the loop furthest from the street. I saw some runners running, starting to make the loop, towards me. My dad came racing from behind me, toward the runners. When they saw him, they moved to an outer track, and kept going.

Right when my dad was to (barely) pass me, his car stopped because a part of the car blew. My dad told me what it was, and what it did, but I don’t remember. It looked somewhat like a baby jellyfish, but with only two strings(?) / tentacles.

The guy across the street yelled(?), asking my dad if my dad wanted him to call for someone to come out, and repair it. My dad said yes because he would’ve fumbled his words, and wouldn’t know how to explain what was needed. I then heard the man on the phone describing the situation, what was needed, and where.

I’m at church, sitting in one of the front rows in the chapel. Bethany is to my right. She is holding a baby, and playing with it (girl?). I say that it likes it’s cheeks tickled, but (in the dream) I don’t remember how.

Bethany then gives the baby back, and I notice she is wearing a short white crop top, almost showing. I told her, “As long as nothing shows”, and the family were surprised that I would be so outright about saying that.

Sticky Situation

The street was getting / had new asphalt put on. We(?) were waiting for it to dry. I may have stepped on it, and it was sticky / stuck to my shoes.

I may have been partially hiding behind a man, next to the street. There were some men, across the street, who had 3 weapons / guns. I was hand motioning / counting to some women, several feet behind me, the weapons / guns they had. Each time I motioned with my hands, I would configure them differently. The women kept motioning to me to come away from there, and go to them.

It was 2 o’clock, close to getting off of work, and my short, male boss, told me to go to a different division (can’t think of another word) of the company. Because of the time, I debated on whether to go, or not, but decided I better.

When I got to the building, it was about quarter after 2. There were several doors, but I knew I needed to go through the one at the far right.

I was expecting consumers there, but there weren’t any. Instead, the workers were around a table, with a screen in front of them, ready to watch something for a meeting / training. I mentioned that I had only been told about this at 2 o’clock. They were fine with it.

A lady to my right was scooting her chair, as if her legs didn’t work. She was headed toward the restroom, and wanted me to follow. I wasn’t sure I should, but after several promptings from her, I went.

When we got inside the restroom, she got up, walking toward a stall. She had wanted to take a break from the meeting / training.

(From July 20, 2014)

I’m in some guy’s kitchen. There is red jello that had jelled / set halfway outside of the bowl, as if wanting to escape. I wanted to eat some, but decided not to since we (group of people / family) were about to eat.

(Ali’s dream)

I told him that he needed to get a gun because we have enemies. He had / got one, and was shooting it in different directions, kinda showing off.


The side of the neighbor’s house was painted all green. I thought, “So, that’s why that man was here”, but as I kept looking, I saw that it hadn’t been painted yet , but was being prepared for painting. As I kept looking even more, I saw the whole side of his property, and Ali’s, were covered, were green. I then thought it was because their house was being tented, but if Ali’s side was covered also, then his house must also be tented. If that is so, why were we not told? I decided to go take a look outside.

I finally caught up with Travis. I had a knowing that he played sports, continuously, to stay in shape. He kissed me. I thought that maybe this was the reason why I shaved my pubic area, because I was going to get pregnant from him, and what that would imply, as I was also thinking about Ali. He then put his head to the side of mine, looking down. I was a little concerned he would feel the hairs, but he didn’t.

We then talked about how I had written him a message on the website My Life (Classmates, actually). And talked about that he had a swimming class in high school, and I kept sending notes to him, through Shannon, and that I never got a response from him. I had kept sending him notes, telling him that I didn’t think he was serious, during jr. high, of him wanting to be with me.

(From July 18, 2014)

I was writing stories involving animals(?).

(Ali’s dream)

We were on our way to a festival, and were close enough to hear the sounds, and smell the food, when I got a speeding ticket. There was a guy behind us who also got one. He was so upset, he threw a fit, throwing / jabbing his keys.

This upset me so much, that I decided we should go back home. I may have mentioned that a trapped emotion was the cause for me speeding.

Paying Dues

I’m on Tumblr. One of the posts I see, I go to the original posting because I don’t want commentaries from other people.

Ali pays $10,000 for security (system).

I go past a house that has been turned into a business. There is a big picture window in front. There are counters to the left, with wide enough space between them and the wall(s), for one person to walk through. There are two women in that space. One, is sitting, while the other is standing, helping the line of people who are here to pay their dues.


It’s my first day back at work at D. I. I’m in the back, not knowing where I should be, but am in an area where the new clothes are hung up before going out on the floor to be sold. A girl is hanging bikini thongs.

It’s lunch time, and the kitchen / break room is upstairs. The “stairs” are a stack of books in a darkened area that looks like an old bookstore. There are books everywhere. The stairs take a turn to the right, at head level, then circle up, but I don’t see the upper portion of them.

Travis is here, waiting in the line behind me, to go up. I think I start to go up, but then say (out loud, or to myself?) that I can’t / won’t go, because of the unsturdiness of the books.

I wonder how the cooks got up there, and with food. I figure there’s got to be another way, a back door perhaps.

Supplies / items / merchandise from T. J. Maxx are donated to us to sell, and sometimes, there is candy / chocolate also. I take / eat a couple of chocolates as I work. Out on the floor, there are a couple young boys who grab a couple glass bottle / rocket looking containers of chocolates, and start to run / hide. I say, hey, knowing they’re not allowed to take those, even though I do.

(From July 15, 2014)

Evening time? Ellen, Judy, and I are going to go on a vacation. Ellen, and maybe Judy, has brought her luggage down, outside, ready to be picked up. For some reason, I wasn’t ready. Ellen then goes back up the outside steps, on the left of the building (like at the beach, with wood shingles), leaving her luggage, for when I am ready.

(From July 14, 2014)

There was a trailer attached to the back of the house. I’m in the bathroom, and see poop around the inside of the bowl. I knew it was from Ali. I flushed it, then went to go tell / remind him to flush after using.

(Ali’s dream)

He’s running through a ghetto, rocky, dusty part of town. He has his phone, attempting to call his sister to come get him. He arrives at the bus / bush taxi stop, waiting to leave.