I’m on a street, with Ali? There is a kitten in a field to my right. To my left is the mother, nursing two other kittens. Father may be there also. I walk toward them, wanting to put them in the field so they won’t get hit. As I get close to them, though, they walk away.

(Ali’s Dream)

He’s playing soccer (haven’t been watching, but he played when young), and no one is making a goal / score. He(?) finally makes a goal, helping his team to win.

Happy Hour

I’m a bully to my dad, and a female. My mom is there.

A guy brings grandma through a door, she, looking up, and around. She is out of her wheelchair, walking slow. She is standing straight, having gained 20 pounds.

I’m walking up a ramp, on the left side, into a darkened building (because of sun). I don’t see any doors. Travis is walking out, on the other side. He is intently looking at me. His eyes are a piercing white-ish grey / grey-ish white. I’m wearing shorts, and suddenly become conscious of my weight, since I weighed less when he knew me.

Someone is sweeping the concrete floors inside. Sawdust?

There is the thing businesses use for holding people back in line, and unhook to let them through, like at bars / nightclubs / amusement parks. I see Travis walking through one of those, on his phone, walking away.

I somehow know that he has his own small army, and when he wants a letter delivered, he has one of his men deliver it instead of using the postal service.

I am in a concrete hole, people above looking down at me. I see a birthday card, for me, stuck on the side from him. I somewhat cautiously, anticipatingly, reach for it, looking at him. He doesn’t move, but watches me.

I get the card, and it reads something about it being my happy birthday, but how about it being my happy hour (not drinking, but the other). I smile, and think to myself, “Oh, you”. I then go to kiss him, and instead of being physically there, he is on a piece of thick paper instead, like talking with him through the computer. The people there have the look of, Ohhh, knowing I’m still dating Ali.

(From June 26, 2014)

Midgets, and a chef in the dining room of a ship(?). They are at the front of the room, a white board separating the midgets from everyone else because if something more important about them than the others.

I have Megan’s baby, and need to find a quiet room to put it down to sleep. There is activity going on around us, and I’m not finding a quiet room.

I go to the help / info window, after seeing an elevator open, and ask about it. The lady at the window says that it only opens when someone is standing in front of it, and that it must not be 6 o’clock yet, as that’s when it shuts down for the day.

I’m in the elevator, which is the size of a small waiting room, with the baby, and another female, who is a friend. I’m sitting in a chair. This friend pushes the button to go up. The elevator clanks around a bit, then stops. It is now 6. Knowing my friend had been in an elevator before when it stops, I ask her if this is what happens, and she says yes. The doors are open, so that we’re able to get out.


Looks like a road up in the mountains. Two guys, touch of burliness to them, riding along, mountain to their left. They are riding fire “engine” motorcycles. When they get to where I am, they stop, and pull over.

A guy had a large screen monitor, for his computer, on the wall. It was on, but crashed, and eventually restarted. Since the iPod does the same, I asked him why that happens, and he said he didn’t know.

He had a (small) cemetery a ways from his house, in the backyard. Only about 12 could be seen, and were under some sort of table. Either he said, or it was known, that there were tons more below these top ones. A few belongings, including some paper, were on top of the markers of the owners.

We were looking at the different tombstones / markers, reading off the different states they were from.

To the left, I saw a female body lying among the graves, not moving. I figured she came here to die. After a bit, though, she moved, and got up, and began looking for her makeup case.

A tall, thin, professionally dressed, black woman walked over, carrying this girls case. They had talked the day before about the direction of this girls life, and today, the woman reiterating for the girl to call if / when needed.

Chateau Owner

(Night before, I asked who the magic man was)

I’m lying in the middle of the entrance of a Chateau that is being renovated, for sleeping. Greg / Steve is with me. The ceiling is exposed, rotting, but there may be a clear tarp under it. It’s a creepy area. I see, out of the corner of my eye, a worker climb up, on the left, but disappears, as if there’s a room up there. I cover my head so that pieces don’t hit my head. Greg / Steve tells me the owner won’t let that happen.

The male owner walks through the entrance, saying something, then starts cleaning up the several pieces of clothing that are lying around, some by my feet. I’m wondering, or do I say out loud?, directed at the owner, who do I contact when I have my own Chateau to renovate?

Cast of Home Improvement is on stage. Tim is in a small office to the left, family on the right of the stage, sitting on a couch. Mark is sitting, teenage, on the back of the couch, back to the audience, and looking toward Tim. His feet are bare, tips of toes touching the stage (like a ballerina.)

Tim is sitting between wall, and desk, with white papers all over both. He says something, then the family would say a one, or two, word answer.

I’m slowly inserting a thick tampon, and seeing the beginning of blood, seeing that I have finally started (late). I wonder what guys do with the blood when on their period, thinking they wouldn’t want to use a tampon.

Dolphins start swimming in the dark water of an ocean. There are big rigs either partially in the water, or are submerged. The dolphins are talking about what happens when they go on cruises. There are fins sticking out of the water, dolphins swimming over / between them. I’m worried they might be sharks, but then see / realize that dolphins also have fins. After going a distance, they decide to turn back.

At a ball. Men are lining up to dance with a woman.

A girl does something, then in disbelief, I tell her she’s stupid, because of what she did.

Erin, and Sara(?), are the last ones at my mom’s party. Erin is sitting on the bottom of some steps, with mom and Sara standing there. I tell my mom, perhaps with some resentment, that we never get recognized when the party is here. Erin isn’t sure what to do with that.

Kyle, lying on his stomach, happy, at a beach(?). His tailbone area is healed/ing. I’m not too sure about it at first (he had some weight surgically removed because of falling on it).

Moroni Collectors

I’m in a stage theatre, with others, when someone brings / carries in a stack of coffee table size books. One of them is white, titled “Moroni Collectors”, having to do with the statue on the temples. I go over so I can look through it, but I don’t see it at first, then see it has been moved. It is now in a different stack, binders facing. It is to the right of the original stack, above, as if making an angle.

The area behind the curtains is known to be haunted / creepy. There is a door to the left that leads to the area behind the stage.

Someone has a small rubber handheld ball, and lets it go. It bounces back, and forth, hitting the walls, and chairs. (We are all sitting.) It ends up going through the open doorway. A small black, and white, kitten (3,4 months) follows it. I follow, not wanting the kitten to go in the back, but does. The ball turns a corner to the right after entering, and rolls for several seconds before stopping. There is dirt / sand.

I am finally able to grab the kitten, covering the whole body with my hand. When I pick it up, it turns into a baby turtle, and diarrhea comes out. It is flat, like a piece of stick gum (couldn’t think of anything else to compare it to.)

Magic Man

I’m clearing off the table after the family has eaten dinner. Greg / Steve is helping.

Judy is sitting, and I start beating on her. Crying with everything I have, I start to lose my breath and energy. Micalanne tells me that she’ll be with me. The family doesn’t understand why I’m doing this, yet I’m not stopped. Each person represents a gem / mineral (silver, diamond, etc) / blog.

“Try to understand, he’s a magic man” sung by Heart

I’m listening to Kerli’s new songs. They’re ugly because she’s degrading herself.

Ali brought his one year old.

I show up late, feeling a bit anxious, to running practice. I see a door opening (space) in a wall, and see on the other side, girls lined up, horizontally, in rows, with their backs to me.

Their names, in two’s, are written in each row. A couple of rows, though, as I look, only have one name. I’m wondering where I’ll be placed.

The girls are getting ready to go somewhere, curling the back of their hair. They are behind me, to my left, so that I have to turn to look. One of the girls, a blonde, who has colored her hair, is in the middle of them, and mentioning how she and her boyfriend have been together for forever, but he left her. She is “glamming” up to show him what he’s missing.

I also have curled some of my hair, in the back left.

Slowly Appears

Flipboard, and sharing pictures

Ali wants to turn right, having to go past the light a little ways to do so, not wanting to wait his turn. I tell him it isn’t worth it, with all the people who are after him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Paula Abdul are sitting behind a table long enough for them, at a press conference, with a bunch of photographers. Arnold on the left. They are holding blown up faces of themselves on a stick. (Both, or just Paula?) Arnold adamantly announces that the decision / score of the Clippers game still stands. Paula then teasingly stays behind her face, announcing her decision on another game. She sheepishly then slowly appears.

I am inside, and see a black panther, followed by a black bear, walking on a sidewalk / concrete path in front of me, walking from right to left, with a hint of a diagonal.

I hurriedly close the flimsy door, but know they can bust through. I then decide to confront them, and open the door. The panther then starts to viciously jump toward me. As he does so, I ask them why they want to scare me, and possibly another question. After I ask, and before the panther gets to me, he starts to soften up, and becomes gentle.

The Toyota pickup (had with my late husband) is owned by another man, and he is selling it. I don’t find out about this until three men are ready to pay for it (one, a priest?), but only seeing one. My family is dumbfounded by this, in that I will be left without a vehicle, and that I hadn’t been told.

I’m sitting in front of two lady’s. One of them has her hands on my jaws, and tells the other one that my jaws are hairy, never taking her hands off. They continue talking, and I hear mentioned that I’m a nice person.

The schools athletics has been shut down. The athletes go home after school. The atmosphere turns dark.

The athletes used to hang out in a room above the field. I’m shown how it used to be, in the form of the opening of a tv show, everyone next to each other doing their own thing(s). Starting from the left, there are three gay guys, two of them with mouths on the other’s chin. The scene continues, panning to the right.

Outside of the room has been turned into a mini food court, Taco Bell in the middle. In the evening, adults hesitantly come out of the room to check it out. Barbie among them. A young Linda Ronstadt, also there, knowing she was the one with her hands on my face.

There is a balcony, and when stepped on, has a little bounce to it, but no one is concerned about it. I may be the only one cognizant of it.

I am feeling a little sad, and mention to someone that I’m missing Greg (he was one of the athletes in the dream. He did play water polo for a bit in school.)

I am doing something for someone, Linda?, when all of a sudden, I drop what I’m holding, in front of her, and declare that I don’t want to be nice anymore.

On the balcony, I look down on the field, and see a small festival. On the left are three huge (everything I see is huge), possibly bigger than elephants, fluffy dogs. One is white, with some pink coloring. To the right of them, is a jack in the box. The puppet bounces so much that he comes out of the box, and needs to put himself back in.

To the right of that, are three people in mascot size costumes. The clothing is solid black with some white, something like the pilgrims. The one at the end on the right, the top comes off, exposing Kermit. He nonchalantly puts it back on.

Big Rolls

(Didn’t get up to write the first one when I awoke, so…)

Lorelei, and kittens. I wanted to make sure the kittens didn’t get out.

Page of different pictures of “roly poly” fat people (people with big rolls).

Candles on a table

Lady, without car, was driven to unlock something, then left. She was then given a car.

Ali, and I, were looking for something, and were at apartments / condos(?). There were some underground, or below the top ones (like when built on a hill). I went to the bottom ones, Ali staying up top, ending up in one of them. I saw two jacuzzi’s, side by side, shaped like a domino, in the front room. A woman was in each, facing front, where there was a large screen tv. I said, “Oh”, expecting there to be a path that passed in front of them, and there not being one. I told them I was expecting to see that. The neighboring residence was empty.

Man with glasses

(From June 18, 2014)

Young black girl, with separated braids, sitting with a white polygamist family. Something about incest with this family.

In the morning, they go from one room, into another, for Christmas presents, and because of the positioning of the doors, wondering how they did this.

Already Seen

(Night before, I asked, what is the sphere (from Ringing Cedars series of Anastasia))

I am standing, with someone else, on the outside end of a racquetball court outside. Banksy is there also, as a protection. We are involved in a hide and seek type “game”. I am looking around the corner, on the left side. Something about graffiti on the courts. Banksy tells us that if we’ve seen the target(?), “they’ve” already seen us.

I’m sleeping in the front(?) room, on the porcelain tile floor(?), wrapped up in a blue blanket. My dad, dressed for work, tells me to wake up, and that I’ve been asleep for 24 hours. I think it’s more like 12, from 5 to 5. I close my eyes, and my body so tired, I could’ve fallen back asleep.

I am outside on the streets, when the town has been warned of a flood on it’s way. It’s coming from the left, and will turn a corner towards us. I hurriedly grab some things. Next, I’m in the car, losing control because the street is wet.

To my right, I see what looks to maybe be a mini golf course. To the left of that, going along the side, is a street / path covered in mowed grass. About halfway, it raises up about 30-40 yards. Not seeing the other side, don’t know if it leveled out, or came back down.

I’m in a theatre to see a lady’s performance. I’m on the left side (when looking at stage), up top, by some stairs. A couple times, I throw a dollar bill down the stairs. The lady says, “Our boyfriend’s suddenly appear (different wording), and then suddenly disappear.” All the females started going crazy at this.

Next thing I see, she is walking up the stairs where I am, selling colored dollar bills. One of them is half black, half blue, lengthwise. I like the look of it, and so want one.

I ask if I still have to pay a dollar, even though I’ve already thrown some down. She says yes. I hear someone say that if these were sold elsewhere, they’d be $42 (my age).

I put a bill on a little square table in front of me, that suddenly appeared, and took the colored bill. The lady then asks me if the bill on the table is hers, and I say yes. She says this in a way that I think maybe she is expecting that $42, and I know I don’t have that amount, but confidently continue putting the colored bill in my purse.

(From June 16, 2014)

I was doing something, and I was telling someone that it felt like I was going up in an elevator, in my head.

(Just saying, today is Barry Manilow‘s birthday)

Becoming Conscious

A guy, at a party, is standing(?) at a table. He’s having a fun time, but he doesn’t see that one of the other people at the table has drugged his drink.

He is next seen at / in a lab. He is strapped down next to someone (on his right) who looks similar to him. Their clothes have been switched. He is starting to become conscious.

I’m in a building, at the end of the hallway, and there is a guy to my left, and girl to my right. They are strapped down, blindfolded, and crying out.

I continue walking, and see Debbie (Where I used to work. She’s blind, and constantly putting her hands down there.) strapped also, but not to the same extreme, and is in a chair instead. Her hands are in her pants. I’m thinking about her being able to throw her blood around on the sky blue walls.

Someone tells me it’s Fast Sunday, and I say, thinking about what day / date it is, that it was last week (first Sunday of month).

I’m at an older, tall, thin man’s home, in the front room. His drapes / curtains are to the left, closed. He has a fish tank to the right of them, in front of me. There is one(?) fish, and nothing else, in clear blue fluorescent like water. It’s obvious he takes care of / cleans the tank, but this day, it has the beginnings of being cloudy. He tells me, going to the drapes, that sometimes he likes to open them up at night, and watch the fish.

We are outside, in the late afternoon, at the bottom of his driveway, with his 60’s Dodge van, skin color.

I see a calf(?) lying on someone’s front yard, with head up. It has an elfish looking green hat on, but without the cone piece. I think it’s cute, and to my surprise, gets up and walks over to me. I had thought it was a decoration. The old man smiles at this.

He is sitting in a chair next to his van. I ask him how he like living here, and he says he likes it.

I get out of the driver seat, and don’t close the door shut. I tell myself that he’s going to be there anyway, as he is getting the calf in the van to take back home.

(From June 14, 2014)

Maze like up, and down stairs, as in M. C. Escher’s picture. There is a wall between up and down. I break it down (from jumping on it?), and someone attempts to put it back up using tape.

Male gay couple.

I’m given a silver / grey car with a cylindrical silver key, about an inch long. It has teeth at one end. (Mom used to have an extra freezer with a lock like this.)