I’m on a street, with Ali? There is a kitten in a field to my right. To my left is the mother, nursing two other kittens. Father may be there also. I walk toward them, wanting to put them in the field so they won’t get hit. As I get close to them, though, they walk away. (Ali’s Dream) He’s playing soccer (haven’t been watching, but he played when young), and no one is making a goal / score. He(?) finally makes a goal, helping his team to win. Continue reading Nursing

Happy Hour

I’m a bully to my dad, and a female. My mom is there. A guy brings grandma through a door, she, looking up, and around. She is out of her wheelchair, walking slow. She is standing straight, having gained 20 pounds. I’m walking up a ramp, on the left side, into a darkened building (because of sun). I don’t see any doors. Travis is walking out, on the other side. He is intently looking at me. His eyes are a piercing white-ish grey / grey-ish white. I’m wearing shorts, and suddenly become conscious of my weight, since I weighed less … Continue reading Happy Hour


Looks like a road up in the mountains. Two guys, touch of burliness to them, riding along, mountain to their left. They are riding fire “engine” motorcycles. When they get to where I am, they stop, and pull over. A guy had a large screen monitor, for his computer, on the wall. It was on, but crashed, and eventually restarted. Since the iPod does the same, I asked him why that happens, and he said he didn’t know. He had a (small) cemetery a ways from his house, in the backyard. Only about 12 could be seen, and were under … Continue reading Cemetery

Chateau Owner

(Night before, I asked who the magic man was) I’m lying in the middle of the entrance of a Chateau that is being renovated, for sleeping. Greg / Steve is with me. The ceiling is exposed, rotting, but there may be a clear tarp under it. It’s a creepy area. I see, out of the corner of my eye, a worker climb up, on the left, but disappears, as if there’s a room up there. I cover my head so that pieces don’t hit my head. Greg / Steve tells me the owner won’t let that happen. The male owner … Continue reading Chateau Owner

Moroni Collectors

I’m in a stage theatre, with others, when someone brings / carries in a stack of coffee table size books. One of them is white, titled “Moroni Collectors”, having to do with the statue on the temples. I go over so I can look through it, but I don’t see it at first, then see it has been moved. It is now in a different stack, binders facing. It is to the right of the original stack, above, as if making an angle. The area behind the curtains is known to be haunted / creepy. There is a door to … Continue reading Moroni Collectors

Magic Man

I’m clearing off the table after the family has eaten dinner. Greg / Steve is helping. Judy is sitting, and I start beating on her. Crying with everything I have, I start to lose my breath and energy. Micalanne tells me that she’ll be with me. The family doesn’t understand why I’m doing this, yet I’m not stopped. Each person represents a gem / mineral (silver, diamond, etc) / blog. “Try to understand, he’s a magic man” sung by Heart I’m listening to Kerli’s new songs. They’re ugly because she’s degrading herself. Ali brought his one year old. I show … Continue reading Magic Man

Slowly Appears

Flipboard, and sharing pictures Ali wants to turn right, having to go past the light a little ways to do so, not wanting to wait his turn. I tell him it isn’t worth it, with all the people who are after him. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Paula Abdul are sitting behind a table long enough for them, at a press conference, with a bunch of photographers. Arnold on the left. They are holding blown up faces of themselves on a stick. (Both, or just Paula?) Arnold adamantly announces that the decision / score of the Clippers game still stands. Paula then … Continue reading Slowly Appears

Big Rolls

(Didn’t get up to write the first one when I awoke, so…) Lorelei, and kittens. I wanted to make sure the kittens didn’t get out. Page of different pictures of “roly poly” fat people (people with big rolls). Candles on a table Lady, without car, was driven to unlock something, then left. She was then given a car. Ali, and I, were looking for something, and were at apartments / condos(?). There were some underground, or below the top ones (like when built on a hill). I went to the bottom ones, Ali staying up top, ending up in one of … Continue reading Big Rolls

Already Seen

(Night before, I asked, what is the sphere (from Ringing Cedars series of Anastasia)) I am standing, with someone else, on the outside end of a racquetball court outside. Banksy is there also, as a protection. We are involved in a hide and seek type “game”. I am looking around the corner, on the left side. Something about graffiti on the courts. Banksy tells us that if we’ve seen the target(?), “they’ve” already seen us. I’m sleeping in the front(?) room, on the porcelain tile floor(?), wrapped up in a blue blanket. My dad, dressed for work, tells me to … Continue reading Already Seen

Becoming Conscious

A guy, at a party, is standing(?) at a table. He’s having a fun time, but he doesn’t see that one of the other people at the table has drugged his drink. He is next seen at / in a lab. He is strapped down next to someone (on his right) who looks similar to him. Their clothes have been switched. He is starting to become conscious. I’m in a building, at the end of the hallway, and there is a guy to my left, and girl to my right. They are strapped down, blindfolded, and crying out. I continue … Continue reading Becoming Conscious