Resemblance, But No Relation

(Night before, I asked if Master Teachers / Ascended Masters (excluding Jesus) were real) I, with a handful of people, came to a huge mansion (almost) as big as a castle. It had been empty for some time. There was a mist of fog covering around the top. This was the model home (as when a new development of homes are built). The master bedroom was up on the top floor. Not knowing how it would look, someone grabbed both doors, and quickly opened them in anticipation. It was beautiful, and untouched. Once inside the room, I wasn’t too sure … Continue reading Resemblance, But No Relation

I Caught Myself

Hadley’s (?) Travis, and I, were in same class(?) together. Sue, or mom, didn’t like what I was doing, so had me leave, though I first had to sign a paper that he had. As I was getting my stuff together, she told Travis to leave also. I caught myself starting to sign with my maiden name, but then figure I could put my last / married name at the end. Travis asked me, “Weren’t you married?” I said yes, in 2000, but he has passed away. I asked him if Ben ever said anything to him, and he said … Continue reading I Caught Myself

I Found It Funny

(Night before, I asked if the angels of healing, etc… were real.) Two older famous men, in a silent (home) movie, conversing with each other. Ali, and I, are at a department store. We are where people come to pickup, or return. There is a huge sailing yacht, 1/4(?) size of actual, leaning on its left (when looking from front). It is in the middle of the floor, along with other things for sale. There is a couple there, the man returning a model sized yacht. He has it in a flat manila envelope. I wonder how it could be … Continue reading I Found It Funny

Movie Was OK

The government was keeping everyone prisoners in their own home / property. We had furniture stacked up in a doorway within the home, which we had to climb over to get to the other side. I thought, “Why don’t we move the furniture out of the doorway since the government isn’t able to see inside”, and so we did. Ali had some guys over at night / evening walking around the house to show them for painting. I was outside, in the back, by a huge tree which had its roots above ground, covered by leaves (maybe some moss?). I … Continue reading Movie Was OK

Different Shoes

There were five girls wearing different shoes, but all were the same color of dark / royal blue. The color wasn’t solid, but looked as if could’ve been painted with a sponge. One pair were Dr. Marten’s ( the girl wearing was “humble”, can’t think of other word to use) and another pair were Mary Jane’s. Man, with a mix of Asian in him, stopped his car (I was in passenger seat) at the bend of the road, several feet from the light instead of up at the line. The road slightly bent to the left. Continue reading Different Shoes

That’s Disgusting!

(Night before asked if Enoch (Bible) is Metatron. I heard someone suggest this possibility.) Before falling asleep, I saw a man throwing a football. There was an audience sitting on stadium seating watching a black father (tall, skinny, wiry some, 60 – 70), and his son (also tall, some weight somewhat like a football player, only saw from back). There were two barbecues to the audiences left, one a commercial grade(?), and a smaller on to the right (when looking at them from front). There were hamburgers on both, though not sure if any other meat was on the bigger … Continue reading That’s Disgusting!

Don’t Need Two

(Night before, I asked why some people believe in reincarnation.) Dean Jones, and Ray Walston(?) were always together in crime fighting movies, except the Herbie movies, during their 20 – 30 year acting career. I was somewhere where there were huge, heavy, decorative dark wood doors. They had vertical overlapping slits, like blinds that are open a little bit. I was thinking how Ellen had previously been here involved with some program. I was at Ellen’s place, in her white spacious rectangular room. Her girlfriend (on the masculine side) was not there because she knew Ellen was meeting someone. Ellen … Continue reading Don’t Need Two

I Used To

Decorative posts(?), by the deep pool, had been blown over by a strong wind, and had been forgotten about, were now pulled up. Children’s movie / show with “people” made from pipes / socks / or some such thing. (From Feb. 23, 2014 I thought I had posted) I was inside, crouching down by the sliding glass door to the backyard, petting a one year old cat, who was outside, thinking how I used to be able to bring it inside. Continue reading I Used To

It Isn’t Gone

(All parking lot scenarios are on same night) Evening time, I park the car in a spot horizontal to a Stake Center, where I know I will find it later. Whatever I came here for is over, and people are going out to their cars. I see several cousins from both of my uncle’s families. I see them individually, they not knowing the others are there. One of which is Jon. He sees me, but we don’t speak. I wish I had known these cousins were here so that I could gather them and take a picture. I am in … Continue reading It Isn’t Gone

Obstructed View

I’m in a building / house, in the second floor. There were tall, thick trees in back that were pulled up, and placed against the building so as to block / cover the view out the window. I am on the second floor of same building(?), and looking out a window, I see a young woman  (20’s) in her truck surrounded, and covered with wood chips. I tell two women who are deep in conversation behind me (one young, the other in her early 50’s), who then get up to go help, still deeply engaged. By the time I get … Continue reading Obstructed View