(I only remember snippets.)

I had woken from a nap, and then was at a (dept?) store, but before going in, I told Ali that they were going to trample me (from excitement to see me; I came to show that I was (about 7 months) pregnant).

I was with my family, getting ready for church. My dad then said they weren’t going. I got upset, said I was still going, and continued to get ready. Something either happened, or was said, that calmed me down, and we eventually didn’t make it to church (why?)

I was somewhere where there were family events going on. Darrel Sheets was there with his son (but he was around 10). When Darrell wanted to change his clothes, he would go into a bucket, melt like wax, then come back out. The last time he did it, his right eye was a bit droopy. Megan Snider (I knew from church) was there, and one of her sisters commented that she makes so much money within a week.

I was in (I think) the Middle East with my mom. We were watching tv outside with other people, and the women on the tv started wearing skimpy clothes. My mom then wanted to leave. Before we left, I saw a fat lady, where we were, wearing that yellow, outstretched rubber band looking thing that Sacha Baron Cohen wore in Borat, but hers was flesh colored.



I was outside, on the left side of the house, walking from back to front. As I was walking, I noticed that the neighbor’s house, and everything, was gone. It was just a plot of land. As I kept walking to the front, everything else in the neighborhood, on the left, was gone so that all I saw was sand all the way to the horizon.

Next, George (my cousin-in-law), was teaching. He kept walking all around. I had a loooonnnggg afghan (long enough for 2 – 3 couches; I used to crochet) that he had gotten hold of the other end, and put his face through one of the holes.I

I was lying, or sitting, down at the bottom in front. At the end of class, he told everyone to write down a couple things that he had said, and turn it in. I had taken notes, and commented to someone that he had said not to screw anyone (have sex).

I got up, and was standing behind him, and asked how old his son is. 16. Did he have his permit yet? Yes. (I think he’s actually around 17.)

I then went to leave, and as I did, I noticed that there was dirt with spiders, and different other insects where I had been during class. One of them was a sloth spider (looked it up, no such thing, except on Star Wars), and another was a three-legged spider (like the Can-Am Spyder Roadster, but with the one leg in front, and the two legs in back). The sloth spider was in a hole, on top of a blue bendable wrestler(?) toy (which had life to it), and put it’s mouth to the toy’s neck. I was thinking that I wasn’t sure if the venom would affect this toy, since it was just a toy.

As I got to the door, I noticed two animals on a shelf(?) sleeping, and wondered if they had been affected by this (what?).  I wish I could remember what they were. Something small like a porcupine, no needles, but not a porcupine.

Empty belly

(From sometime in July, 2013)

I’m married to Darius Barazandeh, but we don’t spend time together. We are in different areas of the house during the day. At night, he has a couple friends over. One of them is a woman who he likes. I have a couple friends over, one of which is Ali. I suddenly become (about) 4 months pregnant. I got scared about it. Enough of the belly pops out to know I’m pregnant, but my stomach is empty except for a fist sized baby.


I was trying to get out of bed, and some force was keeping me from getting out. I was crying out loud for Ali, and though he was on his way to me, I woke before he got to me.

I was searching for a certain guy who worked at the recycling center at a brewing factory. His job required him to sit on top of a tall ladder in between the containers. (There were other guys on top of ladders as well. There were also a handful of guys working at their desks.)


(From March 30, 2012)

Ali and I were in a pasture with about 10 horses. Clean water suddenly came up to about ankle deep, and the ground sank a couple inches as well. The horses suddenly came to a circular corral, and  went to drink of the water as soon as it came up.

(I’ve been reading The Greatest Truth by Darius M Barazandeh all day, that is why I’m posting so late.)


(From July 3, 2013)

Two snakes are burrowing in my skin on my left side under my shoulder blade.

Next, I’m at a workplace (I’m not working there), there’s an open space, and I move a folding accordion door so that I can see the manager talking. The door closes, and the air becomes warm and stuffy. The floor is white with vines.


A Mexican man told me that Kyle’s (my late husband) contract was complete. (That was his line of work, to tell the living spouse when the deceased spouse’s contract was fulfilled. Is there such a person? A contract for what?) We were outside of his office (the building resembled a teacher’s office at a local college).

Next, he had a lot of overweight women in his family, and they had come over (where?) to fix, and eat dinner. I was in a different building than them, with at least one guy, and another guy (bald) came walking through holding a bunch of balloons on strings asking where Donna was. I responded that she was in the building behind he had to cross a parking lot(?) to get to it).

Next, I remember being a bit concerned / worried that there would be some food left over, but remember how big the women were, and then had no worries about left over food. I was then in the building they were in. They had finished eating and were cleaning up. There were clean rinsed dishes in one of the sinks. There were two women in the kitchen. I wrung something out over the dishes in the sink. One of the women was a little disgusted, but I didn’t care much because I figured whatever I wrung out was pretty much clean, and all they had to do was spray down the dishes a bit.

Next, I was outside, on a parking lot, as it was getting dark. I saw three teenage boys pushing, from the side, a black Mercedes SUV. It moved backward, turning around. As it was doing so, it almost tipped over, and almost hit another vehicle (bus?). As the boys were doing this, I was yelling asking them what, and why, they were doing this. The boys ran off, one of them coming towards me. I caught him, and saw that he belonged to this family. I asked him why he did this. He responded, but I don’t remember what he said. I then responded in a question form, but, again, don’t remember.

Next, I was told that I was complete. (By who?)

(I did my best posting this. I wish I could remember more of the details, and almost didn’t post this, but figured I should so that I would remember the beginning, and the end.)

Training toilet

(From July 2, 2013 nap)

I was always needing to go to the restroom. (I had had a lot of water.) I had to step up to get in, but as I open the door, the floor is wet in front of the toilet. I wonder why there is water as I’m wiping it up with toilet paper. There is a training toilet between the wall and toilet and I’m about to throw the wet t.p. in there, but decide against it and throw it in the toilet. Next(?) to the toilet is a bathtub, or pool, filled with dirty water. Even though I could reach my hand in to let the water out, I decide against it and look and find a long metal stick (like for grilling kabobs) which had to be a little bit long. Some of the water stayed. To the left of this was an opening for people to go downhill, but only for less than about 10 steps, going to the right. There was a small whisk broom and kitty litter shovel there and I made the comment that the boys must’ve put them there.

Next, a man was saying he could solve a murder by looking at the persons skull. Then it shows two women jogging, and one of them (on the left) was pregnant, and the skull either belonged to that baby, as an adult, or was a relative of hers (pregnant lady), or some kind of connection.


I was at Deseret Industries, and saw a lady who I had just been with (where?), and her mom. I playfully said to her, “I know you” even though I had only known her for a short time. (For me, it takes a while before I act this way with others.) I then went upstairs to look around, and coming down the stairs, there was a lady (Asian?) who did not want to come up because thet were steep. (Imagine an escalator with the top pushed forward a bit, and the bottom pushed back a bit. There were walls on either side, also.)

Next, I’m walking across concrete confidently, like a model, until I start seeing sprinkler holes, which I then lose some confidence as I walk.

Next, I’m sitting outside with some boys, including Greg, Wilhelm, and Elder Terry (missionary on my mission). Some Midnight Oil songs are playing, and as one of them comes on, Elder Terry mentions that that would be considered as one of his favorites. (I don’t remember which one it was.) Greg, and Wilhelm then started talking in German, and I asked, “what” in German (Was, but the W is pronounced as a V, kinda like how a wealthy person would say vase, but not drawn out). Greg is then standing, wearing some goth like clothes, and has chipped black nail polish on his right hand. (Which was not him, or at least, he did not do.) I take a look at his hand and ask him why he did this.) Disgusted, I then get up and leave. (I wore black nail polish a couple of times back in the 80’s before it was accepted. I may have subconsciously seen Madonna wearing it in her Like A Virgin video perhaps.)

Next, I then walk down more steps toward a park. I stopped on one of the bottom steps because a dog was coming over to see me. As it got to me, the owner, a lady, clipped on a leash. I said to myself that it was a good thing I stopped so she could catch up to the dog. At the bottom of the steps were two dogs. One was like a lab / retriever, but a bit smaller, and the other was like a pit bull terrier. The bigger dog was lying down, eating from a dish there for him that was on the bottom step. The other one was curled up a bit with ants crawling over it. I wondered, as did others, if it was still alive. I poked it, with my foot(?), and it lethargically moved. There were some tall, thick trees, and I thought of moving it to the shade to cool down to get out of the heat (though I wasn’t feeling any heat, and it seemed the others weren’t feeling it either), but knew the shade wouldn’t stay, and would move, so I left him, but he got up and moved to underneath the steps (they were now like the stadium seats at minor league ball parks, and at schools).


(From July 2, 2013)

Outside looking for a cat with other people. I ask (out loud? silently?), why are they concentrating in front of the house instead of going through the neighborhood. Two kittens, individually, climb a one-story(?) pole, and jump, breaking bones in one of the hind legs (left one?).

Next, in a classroom, but I need to be added, so need to go back to get the paperwork. It’s a math class. Wilhelm (boy from jr. high) is in the class. Female teacher.

Picture of a model having (to walk through) a swarm of gnats / flies around her face.


Yesterday, Ali had a dream that Janis Joplin, and Rhianna wanted to sing backup to one of his songs.