Awareness / Awakening

Conscious(ness) awareness / awakening …. The night before, I felt a slight jolt / shock / connection to / with my heart. I then automatically opened my eye for a second, then felt as if I was going to receive some information. Interesting. A young boy wanted to be excused from the table where some of us were sitting. There were two men sitting across from him, one of them giving a reason why the boy wanted to leave (we were going to play a card game? He was going to do something with cards?). I then asked this man, … Continue reading Awareness / Awakening


Wilhelm, and a couple other people, were sitting at a table / piano with some music sheets of  some hymns, and about three hymn books that were open. They were singing a hymn that I knew, and knew it would be in the books, so I went over and told them it was listed. I took one book, and looking in the “S” section where it should be, it wasn’t. I thought that odd since I knew it should be there. One of the other books that someone had picked up, the pages were coming away from the binding. There … Continue reading Building

Where is it?

I was teaching a Sunday school class. The classroom was barely the shape of a rectangle. The door was in the lower right, on the right wall. There were about five chairs lined up against the wall on the right, and about five chairs about five feet from the back wall, going left to right. There was a small (size of a baby) rectangular table in upper left corner with my stuff(?) on it. I was standing back by the door, attempting to get Allison (who was sitting in the row of chairs to the left of me, in the … Continue reading Where is it?

It’s ok

(Night before, I asked if I have a Soulprint) Kenny Rogers was having a Christmas Special. He and Bea Arthur came on stage singing a Christmas duet of a song he had written. I was concentrating more on her. She was wearing a long (mid-calf) black wool(?) coat. She had on black coat and her shoes were black loafers. The loafers had a line of pink on the soles, and a big bow of darker pink. I was noticing how big her feet were because of how tall she is. As she came to the middle of the stage, she … Continue reading It’s ok

Loosely filled in

I was sitting somewhere with Briana, but she was close by, deciding not to be my friend any longer because ? There was a hole in the backyard that animals would fall into because it was loosely filled in. A horse had fallen in with its two front legs and head still out, so I grabbed the legs, making sure the horse knew I was there to help, then effortlessly pulled it out. I then looked down at the hole, then got closer to it, to see if I could see anything. I saw that the hole was actually a … Continue reading Loosely filled in

Music of the Night

Midsummer Night’s Dream (heard these words) Amy went somewhere with some Mexican men to get something, and the family wasn’t happy about that. City decided to chop a tall tree that was bare (because of season), and the limbs were already chopped off. The top of the tree was chopped off, and the people were excited because a decision had finally been made as to what to do with the tree. I was saddened because I thought chopping it made it look ugly. (From Jan. 13, 2014) My family was visiting other family. Dad drove a VW bus we used … Continue reading Music of the Night


I was on a board, naked / nude, floating, controlling where I was going, without a care in the world. I flew over Travis, bent down to pick something up(?), and realizing I was showing my butt to him, I shook it a couple of times. I thought to myself he probably wishes that he was with me as a couple. (Actually, he did ask me out in jr. high, but I didn’t think he was serious.) I had to stop and come down after a while because of what was happening to some birds. I had gotten my second … Continue reading Free

Not appealing

(Before falling asleep, I had said I would remember vivid details of my dreams, but this is what I got.) I was in a Mexican restaurant, on a date, and couldn’t decide what to order. I was having a good time being there. I was only to order from the cheaper / less expensive choices, because that’s what he wanted. I kept going over the choices. Though the foods were good, non of them were appealing to me this time. The waiter started coming over so I told him to go ahead and order since I knew he had to get … Continue reading Not appealing


(I’ll do my best.) I was walking along a sidewalk path with sculptures to the left (only?) side. Seems there may have been an older couple walking toward me, enjoying their walk. I had walked this path many times before, but this time, the sculptures gave the place a creepy feeling. A happy puppy nodded its head after being asked a question. A daddy long leg looking spider, almost cartoonish, with an orangey body walking along, and either I, or someone else, kicking it til the body exploded. Mom wants me to take / steal something from a store, and … Continue reading Creepy


A computer program / tool / software, that I hadn’t heard of before, to clean up the look of pictures. I saw a picture with a nature scene, and in front of it on the left side, the back end of a car. This was the “before”. The “after” had the car taken out, showing a path leading up to / through some tall trees. The picture had a bluish colored tint to it, with some “twinkly” / sparkly look to it, like when the sun hits water. The family had gathered, including some Utah family, to go to Lorelei’s (niece) … Continue reading Perception