Awareness / Awakening

Conscious(ness) awareness / awakening …. The night before, I felt a slight jolt / shock / connection to / with my heart. I then automatically opened my eye for a second, then felt as if I was going to receive some information. Interesting.

A young boy wanted to be excused from the table where some of us were sitting. There were two men sitting across from him, one of them giving a reason why the boy wanted to leave (we were going to play a card game? He was going to do something with cards?). I then asked this man, out of curiosity, if he was the father and he said no.

A group of us, young adults comprising guys and girls, found a lake that one of the girls hadn’t known was there even though this was where she lived. We went jogging around it and saw some squirrels (either I did say, or wanted to say, that they look a little bit different(coloring) from ones I and Ali see), and some baby raccoons / badgers (the ones with the white mask).

One if the guys I put my left arm next to his, touching. While dreaming, I was thinking it was so he could learn from my steps, but then I could’ve been learning from his. I looked down at our feet / steps.

Back at the home of the girl who didn’t  know about the lake (slender, tall, blonde), announced that she had gotten pregnant within the last day or two. She had taken a test (home?), and was going to have another one just to make sure. She was enthusiastic about it. At one point while she was walking, she rubbed her belly.

She picked up something heavy, and I thought, when I saw this, that pregnant women were not supposed to pick up anything heavy because of the chance of miscarrying.

I was standing in a bathroom by the tub (to my left), and noticed the tub and floor were dirty. There were some ants crawling around. Either I said, or wanted to say, the reason the ants were there was because of the dirtiness.


Wilhelm, and a couple other people, were sitting at a table / piano with some music sheets of  some hymns, and about three hymn books that were open. They were singing a hymn that I knew, and knew it would be in the books, so I went over and told them it was listed. I took one book, and looking in the “S” section where it should be, it wasn’t. I thought that odd since I knew it should be there. One of the other books that someone had picked up, the pages were coming away from the binding.

There was music, and dancing going on behind them, but they were not paying attention.

There was a tall (I’m thinking no more than 6′), big (perhaps 50 lbs over) man, holding a sleeping baby on / over his shoulder. His mom came to dance, and at first wasn’t going to dance with him, but decided, sure, why not.

(Ali’s dream)

I was on a stage, wearing a colorful skirt that went to about my knees, and I was showing off my legs, swinging the front part of my skirt side to side. People were taking pictures, asking what I did to get my legs like that. I told them it was from walking. They also asked what foods I ate, but Ali couldn’t hear because of the crowd. the crowd didn’t notice him, but he was noticing everything. I said I was thirsty, and asked him to get me a raspberry lemonade (I don’t care much for raspberry; it would be my last choice.). He wondered why someone there didn’t get me a glass of water. After, I walked away with him. I was barefoot.

(I started posting this yesterday, but the computer heated up and died.)

A building, shaped like a horseshoe magnet, with the opening to the left. It looked like apartments / condos for the wealthy. The middle portion of the building on “top” had a silvery shine to it. This section belonged to a famous person, think only in the dream, who lived there and turned part of the inside into a museum. (I didn’t go in, so I don’t know what he had.) On the outside of the building, he had a handful profile portraits / drawings / paintings of the head of Joseph Smith (with a two other people). These were large enough to cover at least one story, and possibly two. Someone asked him why he had these of Joseph on his building. The owner replied basically something like, what’s the big deal? These are my works of art.

The pathway in the middle of these buildings, was a little girl, about 4-5 yrs old (almost, but not quite, but pretty close, to being as bubbly as Shirley Temple), with brunette hair the length somewhere between the bottom of her head, to the top of her shoulders. She was playing with a horse that was there, running to the steps in front of the building (of the famous man), then running back down to the horse.

There was a lady music conductor with some other white horses, standing in front of them (they were facing to the left), waving her wand, getting them ready to sing. They were paying more attention to the little girl than the conductor.

There was an older man, about 50-ish, who had come home from work, who lived in the “bottom” portion of the building on one of the upper levels. He sat in his chair, which was situated on the left side of the room, facing away from me, at an angle to the right. He asked his wife if she would turn on the fan that was behind him. She gingerly walked to the door, in front of him, in the center, and turned on a fan that was there instead. The air reached the whole room, but that isn’t the one he wanted turned on. He then was sitting in a chair on the right that was in the back of the room, behind him. He then mentioned, to ?, that if that was how she was going to be, he might as well divorce her. The kitchen was to the right of him, his wife in the kitchen hearing this, and shrugged it off, not really caring if that was what was going to happen.

Where is it?

I was teaching a Sunday school class. The classroom was barely the shape of a rectangle. The door was in the lower right, on the right wall. There were about five chairs lined up against the wall on the right, and about five chairs about five feet from the back wall, going left to right. There was a small (size of a baby) rectangular table in upper left corner with my stuff(?) on it. I was standing back by the door, attempting to get Allison (who was sitting in the row of chairs to the left of me, in the chair closest me) to say where she was in birth order of her family (there were 10). She didn’t want to say. A brother of hers was sitting in the same row, but in the chair to the left, closest to the wall. He was wearing the same coat as Bea Arthur. There were a couple of visitors in the class.

This week we had church at a stake center instead of the local chapel. After church I was looking for Ali’s car (I had driven his. It was small shaped, like a Smart car.) I couldn’t find it. I kept going back and forth, all over the parking lot looking for it. I went to the front, thinking I had parked it there since I had gotten there early. Not there. There were some people, including a man, questioning me / said they hadn’t seen it / helped me search. Finally, when there were only a handful of cars left, I saw it parked in the back left corner.

A family were filling cardboard boxes, getting ready to move. The brother of the husband / father of the family moving, frustrated with his own life, stabbed a box with a shiny sword, then fell to the ground. The brother (one moving) came over to talk with him.

(From Jan. 22, 2014)

A lady from church, who lived in Lake Arrowhead, was selling her house, and Priscilla Presley wanted to buy it. (Which is true to a point. Priscilla decided not to buy.) Priscilla was ready to pay more than asking. The woman selling then pointing out things that were wrong with the house. I then mentioned this to a guy and girl, and said, “Isn’t this like how we are with ourselves? Someone wants to “buy”, but then we come up with all these faults of ours.”

A blonde guy was in a relationship, and I asked him if he had told her that he had a child. I then saw the child in an orphanage(?) in Mexico(?), outside playing around with the other children, with his shirt off. I sensed a commotion starting to happen, as if everyone were needing to leave.

I was watching a cartoon of a wealthy older woman (60’s / 70’s) at a party. She was wearing a long blue gown, with the right side of the top portion open, showing her full profile of her breast (it was the shape of a 20-30 year old). She was walking toward some steps with another man, being stern with him. Her husband was talking to some other people, saying that she’s a nice person, but just bossy. I was thinking how I was surprised this woman’s breast would be shown in a cartoon.

A man was snuggling up to me, and I started kissing him on the right side of his neck. I could smell a stink from him, so I backed off.

This man had an empty backyard. There was only dirt.

(From Jan. 21, 2014)


It’s ok

(Night before, I asked if I have a Soulprint)

Kenny Rogers was having a Christmas Special. He and Bea Arthur came on stage singing a Christmas duet of a song he had written. I was concentrating more on her. She was wearing a long (mid-calf) black wool(?) coat. She had on black coat and her shoes were black loafers. The loafers had a line of pink on the soles, and a big bow of darker pink. I was noticing how big her feet were because of how tall she is. As she came to the middle of the stage, she twirled in a circle. There was dry ice behind her. I was thinking how beautiful and clear her voice was. Dolly Parton came out on the right side of the stage singing the last part of the song. The crowd was jubilant when she came out.

A woman was watching some children, of wealthy parents, in the evening while the parents went to an event. As one of the mothers came to pick up her child, she noticed another woman there who had been fired, and was now back. This mother gave a quizzical look, and the woman in charge gave a look that meant everything was o.k.

This wealthy mother had three bracelets she was going to wear to the event, but her child wanted to have them here where she was. The bracelets were a line of circular light green jade encircled in gold with a magnetic closure. When this mother came back, the bracelets were up on a white mantle, and the woman who had been rehired was looking at and touching them.

There was a party, during the day, going on outside. There were two porches, being connected by a concrete pathway. The inner porch was in a courtyard, and I believe there were trees, and greenery around parts of the edges. The people on the inside were cooking meat / chicken. I was on the outer porch and went over to the inner and grabbed a piece. The people didn’t mind, the cook, and perhaps one other person next to me, only one taking any kind of notice. I made a comment either about the size/ shape of the food, or that I had only taken one piece.

A woman gave her father a ring. (Took place in a mall?) It was one that went from bottom knuckle to middle knuckle. It was gold, but not solid. It looked like a web, or dream catcher. There was a line of small square diamonds on one of the edges. He was deciding which finger to put it on, not sure which because of having thick fingers (like a football player would have). His first thought was to put it on his wedding finger, but he already had one there. Seems he concluded by putting it on his right middle finger. As an observer, I looked at the case the ring came in (shaped more like for a bracelet / watch than a ring) and saw a price of $5. As I looked closer, I saw that was the price for something to the effect of having it sized, cleaned, or such. I then saw a price of $39. I sensed this was the price, but with those diamonds, that price must’ve been for something else because these people didn’t look the type to be giving low price gifts.

Loosely filled in

I was sitting somewhere with Briana, but she was close by, deciding not to be my friend any longer because ?

There was a hole in the backyard that animals would fall into because it was loosely filled in. A horse had fallen in with its two front legs and head still out, so I grabbed the legs, making sure the horse knew I was there to help, then effortlessly pulled it out. I then looked down at the hole, then got closer to it, to see if I could see anything. I saw that the hole was actually a pool that had been filled in.

I was at a church function, and knew that Tom would be there (I had seen two of his sisters there), and was excited to see him. I think I had told someone that I wanted to speak with him because later when he found me I assumed he would mention that I wanted to speak with him, but he did not.

We sat on a couch and he looked homeless, and had gained 20 – 30 pounds. He was wearing khaki colored pants that were dirty, and stained in the back. His hair was a mess. A couple of his top front teeth were missing. He was telling someone his children were at their grandparents, his in – laws. I don’t know the situation with his wife. Figuring she had left him.

Some Polynesian ladies were putting treats on a paper bag. One of the ladies wasn’t too sure about hers because of the way it had turned out. I tried a piece, and spit it out because it was bitter. It was made from grasses. (Not bunking grass, I’m thinking this is my body’s way telling me to eat more nutritionally than I am now.)

A heavy man who these ladies had cleaned up earlier in the day had passed away.

I woke up with the Pretenders song “Middle of the Road” (those words) in my head.

(From Jan. 15, 2014)

I was posting certain types of pictures (ugly?) on tumblr.

One of the neighbors had stuffed poop down a drain, so it was making the house smell like urine.

Music of the Night

Midsummer Night’s Dream (heard these words)

Amy went somewhere with some Mexican men to get something, and the family wasn’t happy about that.

City decided to chop a tall tree that was bare (because of season), and the limbs were already chopped off. The top of the tree was chopped off, and the people were excited because a decision had finally been made as to what to do with the tree. I was saddened because I thought chopping it made it look ugly.

(From Jan. 13, 2014)

My family was visiting other family. Dad drove a VW bus we used to have. He also brought several other cars, and a jet. There are other people there I don’t know.

A girl there changes three times during the day, each time going off somewhere.

My uncle Mickey is sitting outside in a chair with his arms loosely crossed. I go up to him and give him a friendly slap on his elbows. He notices a positive change in me and asks me about it. I tell him I’ve been working on myself for the past several years.

As my family gets ready to leave, I help clean up, and take stuff out to the bus. After doing so, a guy tells me I’m too pretty to be doing stuff like that.

I ask the girl who kept changing why she did so. I was thinking she reminded me of my twin cousins who would always change clothes. She hands me a black bag (not a purse, but a bag in the shape of a bottle bag), and I take it to carry it for her to her car. Someone asks me why I took it, and I said it was because I chose to.

Going outside, I perceive the family is in the bus and ready to go. The other cars are gone, but the jet is still there. Someone teasingly says my dad will have to come back for it.

I ask the girl where her car is, she points to a blue car that is parked up near the house, some of it on the grass facing right. I drop the black bag by her car, and go to the bus so I can leave with my family.

I wake up with “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera.

(From Jan. 12, 2014)

I had to “go”, and not being around somewhere where I could, I let a small piece come out, knowing it was small enough that I could take care of it later.


I was on a board, naked / nude, floating, controlling where I was going, without a care in the world. I flew over Travis, bent down to pick something up(?), and realizing I was showing my butt to him, I shook it a couple of times. I thought to myself he probably wishes that he was with me as a couple. (Actually, he did ask me out in jr. high, but I didn’t think he was serious.) I had to stop and come down after a while because of what was happening to some birds.

I had gotten my second mission call, was on a plane ready to go, but hadn’t brought anything with me. I was looking out the window at some colorful small engine planes. Two were landing as I was looking out. We were at Flabob airport. The other planes were on a grassy area. I was noticing the size difference between the jumbo jet, and the smaller planes. As I was watching / looking, Kris (from when I worked at D.I.) came over and told me that they want me to go and buy some clothes. I then thought that must mean I am to stay and be with Ali.

The female pilot was looking at a paper she had unfolded, like how some maps do, and was talking to someone.

There was a girl who looked like Susan (from U.Q. Sunnymead), but it wasn’t her. She was a bit heavier than Susan. She started acting up / out, and some women came over to calm her down.

(Ali’s dream from yesterday)

We were among tons of people, as participants, waiting for a marathon to start. I was anxiously waiting to get started, looking at my colorful clothes and shoes that had red and yellow in them. After we got started there were some grassy patches that were bumpy / rocky that others had a difficult time getting across, but Ali and I had no problem. I was a step in front of him, and would sometimes engage my “extra gear” to go faster. I would sometimes look back at him, indicating for him to catch up. Sometimes I would slow down and wait for him to catch up. I was not having a hard time, sometimes looking around. We kept passing people, catching up to the top 20. I mentioned that the finish line was up ahead. We finished in the top 5. As we were running, Ali was noticing my long arms, my ponytail swinging back and forth, power and strength in my long legs. I was trim and healthy. After we crossed the finish line, people came over to congratulate us, commenting to me about my clothes.

Not appealing

(Before falling asleep, I had said I would remember vivid details of my dreams, but this is what I got.)

I was in a Mexican restaurant, on a date, and couldn’t decide what to order. I was having a good time being there. I was only to order from the cheaper / less expensive choices, because that’s what he wanted. I kept going over the choices. Though the foods were good, non of them were appealing to me this time. The waiter started coming over so I told him to go ahead and order since I knew he had to get back to work. (Situation is, there’s a young Mexican neighbor who is disrespectful of the neighbors. My boyfriend has given me several choices of how to live with this. None of the choices given appeal to me. He is capable of spending money, but doesn’t want to.)

I saw others on the road driving to classes. I was also on the street.

There was a black family, of females, who had a dance studio in back of their house. I don’t know why I was there with them, but we were having a good time. I was stunned when I saw the studio. It was in the shape of a backwards “L” where you walk in at the top of the “L”.

I was watching a movie about a “King Kong” terrorizing a Medieval city. A female soldier ran toward the screen. Her white horse came after, but wasn’t moving well, and wasn’t walking straight. There was a huge slash across the top of the back left leg. I started crying knowing the horse would have to be put down, and wishing this happened in our day instead.

Dating an older man with leg braces. He was frustrated at his ex because she wouldn’t help him because of his situation. He couldn’t get any better without her help. We were sitting (at a restaurant?), he’s a couple spaces away from me on the left side, but then comes in close to me. He starts putting his hand down my shirt, then my pants figuring he’s allowed since we’re a couple. I don’t notice / feel his hand til it’s in my pants. I quickly take it out, and tell him not to do that again.

Ocean…Jesse(his name? from Sam Ash in Ontario Mills, Ca)…..I place a stool / chair at the bottom of the ocean….hippo(?)…map(?) I am to remember what is on there.


(I’ll do my best.)

I was walking along a sidewalk path with sculptures to the left (only?) side. Seems there may have been an older couple walking toward me, enjoying their walk. I had walked this path many times before, but this time, the sculptures gave the place a creepy feeling.

A happy puppy nodded its head after being asked a question.

A daddy long leg looking spider, almost cartoonish, with an orangey body walking along, and either I, or someone else, kicking it til the body exploded.

Mom wants me to take / steal something from a store, and I keep telling her no. It was something flat.

I’m in a white hallway of a workplace where some offices are. I’m sitting near the back (walking from right to left), waiting for a woman, who is talking with another woman, to tell me what’s up next. These woman’s doors to their offices keep opening and closing. They are both speaking accentuatedly. I get up to leave, not wanting to wait anymore, but this lady stops me somehow (motioning?, saying something?)

There is an office in front of where I am sitting and I know there is a man in there, but don’t hear anything. After a while, he opens his door.


A computer program / tool / software, that I hadn’t heard of before, to clean up the look of pictures. I saw a picture with a nature scene, and in front of it on the left side, the back end of a car. This was the “before”. The “after” had the car taken out, showing a path leading up to / through some tall trees. The picture had a bluish colored tint to it, with some “twinkly” / sparkly look to it, like when the sun hits water.

The family had gathered, including some Utah family, to go to Lorelei’s (niece) wedding in Arizona (already happened). Sam (8? 9?), my brother’s son, ran off because he perceived that there were wild, dangerous animals (wolves?) here like there were back at his old home in Arizona. (My brother recently moved back to Cali from Arizona.) There weren’t any of those animals here. I didn’t see, but perceived that the family went looking for him.

Lorelei had sent some maps, with the block where it was to be, to get to the wedding. Most of the family were still attempting to figure the map out instead of actually going. There was a feeling of chaos in the air. I had drawn it on another piece of paper. There was an arrow pointing to the bottom left corner. I had also written a speed limit (not to drive faster than) on the bottom of the paper, as if I was looking at it upside down. My cousin Jana, and another, crossed out the speed limit, and put a faster speed. I said I wrote the slower speed because that was what Lorelei had sent. I then thought that these cousins should know what speed to put since they were from Utah, and I had never been. (I have been to Utah twice actually. Once as a young teen when my family went up to visit family, and another when I was in Provo for a month at the M.T. C.)

There were tons of storage containers(?), nice, dark wood furniture(?), and chairs(?) all over a certain part of the living room , in front of the front door, up to the ceiling. They were blocking any movement. I was already inside, on the other side. I was giving someone (mom?) some decorative(?) scotch tape. Someone came in, and I asked her how she was able to come in. I’m thinking these were for Lorelei for after she got married.

The front door was a double door where the left side closed in first, then the right side closed, overlapping the left with a piece of metal strip. They locked by sticking an iron piece into the floor, and ceiling. This time, for some reason, they were open and not able to close. I came over to give it a go. I was able to close, and lock, but scrapped the floor in doing so.

My mom was storing some of my uncle David’s stuff. (He passed a couple years ago from a disease. My dad’s younger brother, with a family of 8 children.)

There was a small concrete “porch” in front with a couple steps leading up to it where the door was. There were some lily’s(?) beside the steps on the right side that were a bluish color, almost a purple. I grabbed one to give to my brother (father of Lorelei), just because, and I hadn’t epilated my arms yet. Some of the hairs were dark, and looked a bit coarse (they aren’t). There was a good looking guy sitting in a chair on the “porch” watching me, smiling at me. I was worried about my hairs at first that he would see and think my arm’s looked like a man’s. This didn’t stop me though. I kept on. Whether he noticed, or not, he kept smiling.