Palo Alto

I kept wanting to urinate in my parent’s bathroom instead of the one in the hallway. My dad was asleep in a side room, inside their room. I put up a screen so that he wouldn’t see me.

My laptop kept dying (which it does)

Palo Alto, Ca

It’s Christmas time again, and the family is here. It feels like the tree was taken down yesterday. There is tinsel on the tree. Aunt Lana is doing the dishes on her own, she wants to do them. Someone is asking where the cups are, so I say there are some in the cupboard, or there are some on the counter. The ones on the counter are Tupperware looking where the top half is a bit more round than the bottom. The colors are prettier, not as “solid”.


Someone had posted, on tumblr, several sets of pictures, one in comparison with the other. Someone commented how they loved one of the sets.

I’m in a helicopter, in the front left seat, flying over a mountain that is said to be where Noah landed his Ark. There are waterfalls everywhere. I was noticing how beautiful the scenery was, and thought how beautiful it must be to take a picture of the waterfalls. We flew from left to right, and after we passed, and got away from the mountain, I noticed that the mountain was sideways, with the “top” pointing to the left.

Back on the ground, I was slowly sliding down a sandy volcano crater. This crater was said to have been made from the sand taken up to create the mountain that Noah had landed on. I was crying for help, not seeing anyone. I then cried to God to help me out. On my right I then saw a man walking up. He was wearing shades. He seemed to be a worker there. I cried out to him, but he didn’t see / notice me until he had walked up and over, to ward my left, and was in front of me.

After helping me out, I looked down, and saw that if I had fallen, there was a white clearing to the right where I could’ve gotten out. As I was looking, pieces of a travel size sewing kit fell out of my pockets, and I had to step down to get them. I was thinking about the man who had just pulled me out, and that he must be thinking how he had done so, and now here I was stepping back down.

I was at some young guy’s (20’s) house in the morning. He was setting up his laptop, which he set on a table. It was an older one where the case looked like a case. (If any of you have seen Love It or List It, it looked like David’s.) After it was turned on, he stepped away to do something else. While gone, I saw, on the screen, a house being drafted within seconds. I was impressed with how quick it went. When the guy came back, I asked him what protection he uses, and he said, “OpenSky”. I had heard of that one. He then started playing a couple of games, each for only a couple of minutes, which were located in his “kids” folder. (During this time, I was sitting on a couch, to the left of the table, facing him. There was a PC to the left of me that was turned on, and showed the games he was playing. Somewhere in the room to the right of me was Greg, standing, playing one if the games on another computer.) I then laid down, closing my eyes. I think this guy wanted to mention another program he had on his computer that I had noticed, and had heard of, but seeing my eyes closed, didn’t say anything. Or maybe he was just making sounds? I made some small movements, and sound, to indicate I was awake. He didn’t say anything.

I had been away from home (how long?), and had come home to clean up from not taking a shower while gone. When I got there, I noticed that Judy, Micalanne, and Amy had move all my stuff into the smaller, narrow room next to it, and had taken my room, the bigger room. I looked into the bigger room, and saw Judy, and Amy asleep, facing away from me, their beds against the wall touching end to end, and Mic’s next to Amy’s, at a diagonal. Mic was not there. Judy had her toes painted a maroon / wine color. I cried to my mom to show her what they had done. I then went to the smaller room, big enough for two twin beds touching each other, touching the walls. My sisters had even taken the doorknob. Along with my stuff, they even brought over the drapes from the other room, which were folded, in a bag, with the little balls at the end.

His Panic

There is a celebration happening. There are fireworks involved. I am lying down, with a muscular Hispanic man on top. We are “Hidden” from the others. His name is Anthony S(aucero?). He keeps implying, with his face, that he wants to have sex with me. I would, even though I’m still dating Ali, but am not comfortable with my body, and am unsure of what his reaction would be. I don’t say / do anything besides smile unassuredly.

Lately there have been cars found immersed under water, in all situations. Some were down far enough to be able to tell it was a car, but not what kind. The last ones I saw was a gold Cadillac, along with a regular car. They weren’t submerged for too long, less than a day? After the Cadillac had been pulled up, it had turned black, like charcoal. One of the workers who had pulled these cars up was excited at there being a Cadillac, and wanted to test to see if it worked. Someone handed him the keys.

There was a security guard, and I had torn his application, inside a white manila envelope, into four (only four in case it needed to be put back together) pieces. Some of the bosses were talking about this person, so I got worried about having torn the papers. But as they kept talking, they had found this guard to be a fraud, so I relaxed, and clipped the envelope onto a clipboard.

(These happened at a park where there were groups of people enjoying the day.)

I wanted to take a picture of some bees, and white butterflies, that were around some flowers. As I was taking the picture, the bees, and butterflies, had “exploded” into the air like a firework. The camera had zoomed in, instead of taking the whole picture, like how I wanted.

I forgot a certain bee was a bee, and wanted to pet it. It stung me, and I jumped / pulled back.

There was a young Hispanic guy, and girl (late teen, early 20’s) there who had become famous for the characters they played in a certain high school  / college play. Their characters had died at the end of the play, and were shown float walking / leaping, hand in hand, in the sky. They were both wearing white, she wearing a dress. At the park, they acted out this last scene above me, float walking / leaping, in the sky.

David Bowie was there, but he looked as he did in his Ziggy Stardust days. He was wearing shorts. He had with him an African boy (9, or 10). They were in a shaded corner, but still amongst the people. Nobody paid attention to them. The boy was standing. I saw David kneel down, and the next thing, he got back up, without using his hands. His legs were strong, but still skinny. His movements were smooth, flawless. I was thinking, while watching him, “Yep, He’s gay.” I also thought, “I wouldn’t mind adopting an African child, as long as they were young so that I don’t get a violent one.”

There was a young Hispanic boy (3?), whose mother had left the park to do something, and had left me in charge. I saw him attempting to balance on three small, squishy, blue balls. I said something to him, and he lost his balance. I kept saying I was sorry, and that I wouldn’t say anything more, that I would keep quiet, instead of just being quiet. He wasn’t able to get in balance after that.

I was carrying this boy on a pathway in the park when I passed by a group of people sitting at covered benches. I heard someone say,” Rip (R.I.P.) R.P.”, who happened to be his mother. I said to the boy that we need to find a relative, perhaps an uncle.


I was on tumblr looking at pictures of different horses.

A lady with orange-colored hair, coloring like the Big Stick popsicle, down to her butt, had recently cut several inches off, so that is more around the middle of her back. She was standing, looking in a mirror, in awe of the inches lost / gone / taken off.

Lauren, and Ashley (twin nieces now in their 20’s), were around a year old. Ashley, though, still looked like a newborn. She was still the size of one, and isn’t able to have control / strength of her head.

I’m in bed with white sheets, naked / nude, comfortable and lying on my stomach. I’m thinking it’s o.k. to be like this as long as I don’t ?

Don’t Owe You

I found out that Randy (ex-landlord) had taken our (mine, and Kyle’s) washer and dryer. They were new, and royal blue. I went over to his house and saw them in the garage. It was around evening time. There were a couple of guys there sitting on / near the washer and dryer. Randy came running out, through the garage. As he was doing so, I yelled to him, “We don’t owe you.” I then got the camera out, but because I was so caught up with emotion, it took a while to get the camera right. When I pushed the button, nothing happened. I didn’t understand why. So, I took out the iPod, and was a bit anxious that it wouldn’t be able to zoom in enough. When I got it zoomed in as far as it would go, it was satisfactory. During the time that I was attempting to get a picture, the dryer disappeared, being sold. ┬áBut then the environment changed to being outside at a Middle School (?), with the washer and other things being lined up against a wall. At first it was hard for me to locate the washer, and then when I did, the washer had moved to a different area with the school surroundings (by the lockers?). When I finally took the picture, there was a student on top, posing sideways with the legs on the left, separated in the air like scissors, and the upper body was leaning back a bit. The scene then returned back to Randy’s house. As I was leaving, I noticed on the front lawn a couple of balls of yarn, and thinking they were mine that I had left behind, I picked them up, and as I did so, I saw a folded up quilt. I asked Randy if that belonged to his wife, and he said yes.

Jillian Michaels is standing on the floor at the corner of a boxing ring. She is talking in front of the camera, giver her “perk” /pick me up speech. It’s obvious she is reading. I am there over by the wall to her right, behind everyone. She has diagonal creases on both sides of her face going from her jaw to her cheek bones. After her speech, She has her child (about 1-year-old) in front of her on the boxing ring. She has finished doing a diaper change. She incredulously says, talking about the diaper, “Can you believe these are size 2?”

I then see the female contestants. The competition was in the last final weeks. The women were sitting around a square table, waiting to be made up. I noticed a lady on the left side, across from me, who was a “regular” size. I was wondering how big she used to be.

Another lady had on a lot of makeup, like Tammy Faye Baker. Her eyebrows also reminded me of Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of the Queen of Hearts. She was expressively moving her eyebrows up and down. It also looked like she was wearing a couple of flesh colored masks, and the layers were visible around her eyes. She was saying how she used to be a / the teacher’s pet. The other ladies were shocked that she would allow herself to be in such a low position.

This lady was then in a chair, her turn to be made up. Her masks were off, and she looked normal. She was sitting sideways in the chair with the right side over the left. She was wearing a grey tank top, so that her back and stomach were visible. I didn’t notice any fat on her back, but did see that she still had about 20-30 pounds left to go.

Sex and the City

Judy wanted me to come with her, and I wasn’t able to find a way to escape. There was a tree that I kept going up, down, around, looking for a way out.

(I had read about a possibility of a third Sex and the City movie earlier in the day.) The characters. I was in water, letting myself fall to the bottom (about two-story building depth). At first I was worried about the creatures below, but then as  got to the bottom, I relaxed. I saw a hole up top, with fish swimming across my vision. There was a water wheel. I was watching as the buckets came up, then down. Something about the fifth and sixth bucket. Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t speak for a couple of paragraphs. I was to keep an eye on ?

Polynesian women at a table, threading through white fabric (wording escapes me). I see them from the front. The woman at the head of the table on the right keeps putting her thread on the fabric of the woman sitting next to her on her right. This woman asks if she is tired.

A man moves in with an older man for a month(?). (Not as partners.) The older man tells the younger he has to eat a variety of animals for this month. The younger eats them alive. He wasn’t told he had to, but he did. I remember seeing a hamster / gerbil, and the last was a rabbit. This man was to be able to tell what the ears were good for. He was holding the rabbit, some of the fur on the cheek was missing, the right ear was missing, and then he plucked off the left with a fork. The rabbit didn’t seem stunned about this.

I was in a neighborhood with blacks, and Mexicans that was starting to be run down. I was to go into some of the houses / apartments for something, without them knowing.


I saw a woman with black x’s over her nipples.

A guy was waiting for his wife / girlfriend. I don’t know what mode of transportation she took. They quickly kissed after they saw each other. Me, and someone else, teased her about kissing someone with paint on the mouth, and how does it taste.

An obese overweight girl / female was lying on her side in a public area. She had her underwear below her belly. I mentioned to her about pulling them up. She responded that you (plural) don’t have a weight issue, and therefore don’t have to worry about ours. I think I mentioned to her, or did I say it in my head?, about finding a way for her to lose the weight. She was wearing a dress? She wiped the sweat from under her belly.

I was putting a long, expensive rug on top of a Mercedes. An older woman came toward the car after shopping. I asked her if this was hers, and she replied yes. Her hair was up. I didn’t see the back, so don’t know how, but the front was lifted and combed back. She looked a bit stern, but wasn’t. She wanted to look over the rug again to make sure it was up to par. (Wording slips me. She wanted to look at the construction, look of the rug.)

A bee lands on me? It was looking at me, and I was saying to it, no. The bee slowly inserted the stinger, as if on purpose, to make a point. It didn’t hurt.


As I lay in bed, I did a mental scan of my body, cleaning out any blockages I felt. Right after doing so, I saw a content country couple, sitting in their rocking chairs, on their porch. The man says to me, “You’re next.” My first thought of this meaning was of me getting the house and land that I have been envisioning. I responded, “I’ll be there.”

I was on tumblr, and the last photo I saw was of a horse with a blue border around it. It had something to do with a celebration, or congratulating someone.


(Before I fell asleep, I asked what my soul signature was)

I saw an image of an athletic female. Cut abs. Tannish skin. Shiny a bit. Top covered her breasts, while her shorts were “bikini” shorts.

Deborah (ex-coworker), was passing out mail. A guy who sat in front of me, getting two “dollars” (looked like tickets) from the Mercedes-Benz company to go toward a trial of a rental car. He was ecstatic, as were a couple of others who were to my right. I only got something for Kyle.

Ballroom size white room for learning. Counter / desk in the back, so that the space was in front. I took some work I had finished to the / an instructor who was back at the counter. It was actor Robert Mailhouse. I also had two books with me. He had to check the books to make sure I didn’t mark in them. He saw I had marked in the first. That went against me. In checking the other, there were markings from me, but were from the previous year. He was hoping to find some more fresh ones so that I would have to come back.

He put on my bracelet, with light blue squares, on his right wrist. I thought it funny / cute that he would do that. Somehow during this, there was a connection made between us, and so there was a knowing that we were starting dating. I was still with Ali, but hadn’t heard from him in a while. I asked why he wasn’t already dating. (He was always dating, but not at this time.) He didn’t answer because he became busy checking the work of some young girls (wearing uniforms?) who had come up.

There was a t.v. on the right wall, and some Middle Eastern music came on showing people dancing to it. There was an older Middle Eastern couple there in the room who started dancing to it. I asked the instructor where in the Middle East he was from. He told me a name I had not heard of before. It was one of the border countries.

During this dancing, I saw him talking on his phone to the older gentleman dancing. I then saw the wife get in on the conversation, as if it was important.

NaDawn (lady from church during teenage years who cleaned houses) had come up to the counter. She has long hair, and some small papers get caught in the bottom of her hair as she walks away. We mention this to her. Some papers fall to the floor, and her not seeing, we point them out to her. They are next to a bottle of cleaning solution, looks like Simple Green.

It was time for the instructor to leave, and he gave me a kiss before leaving. I didn’t care who saw, and I was figuring out a reason why I didn’t. As he was leaving, I was wondering how he was going to contact me when I don’t have a phone (I don”t), and he doesn’t have any of my contact information. The doorway was behind us, opened. (Double door?) I also noticed that he was wearing a white / creme sweater, and said a bit loud, “Aren’t you hot?” He must not have heard me since he didn’t answer.

Right Direction

I was on tumblr  looking at the pictures. I noticed a chocolate cake, and I think a purse. I didn’t keep in mind the other pictures because I figured I just needed to remember I was on tumblr.

Kyle and I were living at Sue’s. The house looked different. Kyle was Sue’s son (in dream). I was so tired in the morning, it was hard to keep my eyelids open. About noon, I decided I better get up. Kyle had his colostomy. He was wanting to have sex to get me pregnant. I was wondering how it would work with his bag.

Sue was in the kitchen, which was on an upper level. Amy was telling her to find ways for me to clean the house. I was thinking it wasn’t Amy’s place to say / suggest such things.

I was making sure a car, which was on an upper level street and had turned right, was travelling in the right / correct direction. I was on a lower level street. There were white industrial buildings in between the streets.