Palo Alto

I kept wanting to urinate in my parent’s bathroom instead of the one in the hallway. My dad was asleep in a side room, inside their room. I put up a screen so that he wouldn’t see me. My laptop kept dying (which it does) Palo Alto, Ca It’s Christmas time again, and the family is here. It feels like the tree was taken down yesterday. There is tinsel on the tree. Aunt Lana is doing the dishes on her own, she wants to do them. Someone is asking where the cups are, so I say there are some in … Continue reading Palo Alto


Someone had posted, on tumblr, several sets of pictures, one in comparison with the other. Someone commented how they loved one of the sets. I’m in a helicopter, in the front left seat, flying over a mountain that is said to be where Noah landed his Ark. There are waterfalls everywhere. I was noticing how beautiful the scenery was, and thought how beautiful it must be to take a picture of the waterfalls. We flew from left to right, and after we passed, and got away from the mountain, I noticed that the mountain was sideways, with the “top” pointing … Continue reading OpenSky

His Panic

There is a celebration happening. There are fireworks involved. I am lying down, with a muscular Hispanic man on top. We are “Hidden” from the others. His name is Anthony S(aucero?). He keeps implying, with his face, that he wants to have sex with me. I would, even though I’m still dating Ali, but am not comfortable with my body, and am unsure of what his reaction would be. I don’t say / do anything besides smile unassuredly. Lately there have been cars found immersed under water, in all situations. Some were down far enough to be able to tell … Continue reading His Panic


I was on tumblr looking at pictures of different horses. A lady with orange-colored hair, coloring like the Big Stick popsicle, down to her butt, had recently cut several inches off, so that is more around the middle of her back. She was standing, looking in a mirror, in awe of the inches lost / gone / taken off. Lauren, and Ashley (twin nieces now in their 20’s), were around a year old. Ashley, though, still looked like a newborn. She was still the size of one, and isn’t able to have control / strength of her head. I’m in bed … Continue reading Newborn

Don’t Owe You

I found out that Randy (ex-landlord) had taken our (mine, and Kyle’s) washer and dryer. They were new, and royal blue. I went over to his house and saw them in the garage. It was around evening time. There were a couple of guys there sitting on / near the washer and dryer. Randy came running out, through the garage. As he was doing so, I yelled to him, “We don’t owe you.” I then got the camera out, but because I was so caught up with emotion, it took a while to get the camera right. When I pushed … Continue reading Don’t Owe You

Sex and the City

Judy wanted me to come with her, and I wasn’t able to find a way to escape. There was a tree that I kept going up, down, around, looking for a way out. (I had read about a possibility of a third Sex and the City movie earlier in the day.) The characters. I was in water, letting myself fall to the bottom (about two-story building depth). At first I was worried about the creatures below, but then as  got to the bottom, I relaxed. I saw a hole up top, with fish swimming across my vision. There was a … Continue reading Sex and the City


I saw a woman with black x’s over her nipples. A guy was waiting for his wife / girlfriend. I don’t know what mode of transportation she took. They quickly kissed after they saw each other. Me, and someone else, teased her about kissing someone with paint on the mouth, and how does it taste. An obese overweight girl / female was lying on her side in a public area. She had her underwear below her belly. I mentioned to her about pulling them up. She responded that you (plural) don’t have a weight issue, and therefore don’t have to … Continue reading Stinger


As I lay in bed, I did a mental scan of my body, cleaning out any blockages I felt. Right after doing so, I saw a content country couple, sitting in their rocking chairs, on their porch. The man says to me, “You’re next.” My first thought of this meaning was of me getting the house and land that I have been envisioning. I responded, “I’ll be there.” I was on tumblr, and the last photo I saw was of a horse with a blue border around it. It had something to do with a celebration, or congratulating someone. Continue reading Next


(Before I fell asleep, I asked what my soul signature was) I saw an image of an athletic female. Cut abs. Tannish skin. Shiny a bit. Top covered her breasts, while her shorts were “bikini” shorts. Deborah (ex-coworker), was passing out mail. A guy who sat in front of me, getting two “dollars” (looked like tickets) from the Mercedes-Benz company to go toward a trial of a rental car. He was ecstatic, as were a couple of others who were to my right. I only got something for Kyle. Ballroom size white room for learning. Counter / desk in the … Continue reading Mail

Right Direction

I was on tumblr  looking at the pictures. I noticed a chocolate cake, and I think a purse. I didn’t keep in mind the other pictures because I figured I just needed to remember I was on tumblr. Kyle and I were living at Sue’s. The house looked different. Kyle was Sue’s son (in dream). I was so tired in the morning, it was hard to keep my eyelids open. About noon, I decided I better get up. Kyle had his colostomy. He was wanting to have sex to get me pregnant. I was wondering how it would work with his … Continue reading Right Direction