I asked, ”Who isn’t worried?” (I heard a female say “I’m not worried” in a night recording.) I dreamt that the owner of a well known business passed away. He was my age and had some land. I was frantically talking to the mother cat about me being haunted. I was telling her this before a guy showed up. Seems my vision was wanting to become blurry. (From Sept 22, 2020) Distance I asked the same question. I dreamt something about egg whites dripping out of the pipes under the (kitchen?) sink. I dreamt of seeing a black cat in … Continue reading Haunted


I asked, “What is the meaning of the spiderweb?” I dreamt of watching Married At First Sight. One of the couples was living in a haunted house. There was a black animal with curly hair, kinda shaped like a coffee table (small/thin legs and body), coming towards the camera. I dreamt that the old man neighbor had stretched his hose over to our side. It was in the air. It was by the bamboo so I started watering it. He came over, on the other side of the gate, to see what was happening. I don’t remember if he was upset … Continue reading Old

Mom’s Choice

I asked, “What is the meaning of the yellow car?” I dreamt that I was shown how pieces of my dreams all fit together. I dreamt that Wendy was asking about getting a couch that was black for knowledge. I dreamt about furniture in a narrow room at a black man’s house had gotten updated. Where there was a white/creme background before there was now blue. The creme was mom’s choice. (From Sept 3, 2020) Shopping I asked the same question. I dreamt that me and mom (?) drove to church in Arizona which was just over the border. I … Continue reading Mom’s Choice


I asked, “Who gave her (Utah girl) permission to haunt me?” I dreamt something with Travis. I looked at him for a second and saw that there was still a connection. I was thinking that he was still seeing me at the same weight. I dreamt briefly that Ali said that he doesn’t have the/an imprint of the baby. (From Aug. 9, 2020) Two Ladies I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was with dad, Mark, and Steve. Dad was in the back of the car, facing back, with his pants down. Steve and I were standing outside … Continue reading Connection

Someone Walking Through

I asked, “Did I give her (Utah girl) permission to haunt me?” I dreamt of being with people and walking through a canyon (?). There was a part that went down (like a hole?) but I didn’t know how to go down. I then saw someone walking through an opening so I followed. There was an area with water that I had to go through. I was worried about the depth but as I walked through, it wasn’t too deep. Somewhere in there I wanted to see if I could fly like I did in my dreams. I didn’t. I … Continue reading Someone Walking Through

Mi Casa

I asked, “Where do I need to be?” I dreamt that I saw a guy walking with crutches in the backyard of the house. I went to tell Kyle. I then saw that it was only a reflection so I then told Kyle that. This guy was then in front of us. Kyle was sitting on my left (because of his health). He wasn’t there physically, but like a hologram. I moved my left hand through him but nothing was there. He was wanting money/clothes. We gave it to him. A couple other people then showed up requesting the same. … Continue reading Mi Casa

Had Been Warned

I asked, “Who is not telling the truth?” I dreamt that a guy from Ghana was sitting next to me on my left. He wanted to buy some things that were next to me on my right. I told him the cost/price. It was over $100 with some cents. I think he bought them. I dreamt that I went to someone’s apartment with mom. They lived in front by the street on the bottom (if there was a top). A guy who had been called to come investigate was late getting there because he had been in an accident (don’t … Continue reading Had Been Warned

(Before ?) Marriage

​I asked, “When do Ali & I need to have children?” I dreamt that I’m in a car behind the driver. There are two other people. We’re driving in a snowglobe with no snow. He’s driving on a long stretch of road. I’m wondering how it fits in the globe. I see a man underwater painting the right side of a whale light/sky/baby blue. This is to help protect his skin (from bugs?). I am at the tail end of the whale on the right side. There are a couple houses spread apart that are below him. After stopping the … Continue reading (Before ?) Marriage

Become Soft

I asked, “When will Ali and I have children?” I dreamt that I was with some people inside the chapel (?). Dolly Parton was sitting above and in front of me with her legs leaning to the left. She was doing/reading something. I was stroking the tall boots that she was wearing, asking how long she’s had them. She said since the 80’s. I was thinking how she must be thinking that she had hers long before they were trendy. I, along with a woman, was looking for a place up in the stand to sign a paper. She asked … Continue reading Become Soft


I asked, “When do I need to marry Ali?” I dreamt that I was in the mountains at a campsite for both genders. There seemed to be a lot of people there. I was in a light colored log structure that was several levels. I was with a couple girls down below wanting to use the shower. It wasn’t working then remembered that a hose across a dirt gravel path needed to be carried over and plugged in on the outside. There was a fire that started on top going down. The path I was going to take was closing … Continue reading Trouble