I lit a car behind the back right wheel, which caused it to blow up. Jamie Lee Curtis was there, but disappeared after the car blew. I was in bed, and started to put my bottom garment on, but was too tired, and fell asleep in the process. Something about Doctrine and Covenants section 183, but it only goes up to 138. Somewhere inside church I nudge Wilhelm on the left shoulder, with my shoulder, and comment about he’s 40 years old. He responds that so am I. (Actually, we’re 41, at least I’m assuming he is also.) Something about … Continue reading Chapel


I came across a dream earlier this year (March) about a white bracelet with lime green, and pink mums on it. And there was another one with numbers. Was it a zip code? The numbers were 60928. Last night… Big pool, pond shape and size, and one end went around / outlined (big enough for one person, like for laps) an island. There was a couple who had walked 2 miles, which took an hour, to get there. (They were in shape, just took their time.) There were several others there who were in the pool. A lady. Something about … Continue reading Observation


Two people I “watch” from deviantART don’t like each other. (Ali’s dream from earlier this year) I was driving with Ali and my mom. People in other cars were trying to hit us. My mom was saying “we were going to be hit. Be careful in hostile environment. To be alert. I don’t listen. Listen.” Cars kept changing sides with other cars. Cars kept changing. On a busy street with other cars. Found our way out in different environment. People were walking. Peaceful. Warm day; hot at the beginning, and breezy, cool at the end. Ali did not talk throughout … Continue reading Listen


(I was woken up, so I’m remembering the best I can.) I went to visit a friend (kinda looked like Pat Morita in a way), and he was teaching a class of (all?) women. He had a guest there, which my friend called a Maharishi. The guest was lying down on a mat, and then started to levitate up to the ceiling. (He was there to teach how.) The class was in awe, and I mentioned to someone (I was on the other side of the Maharishi, away from the class) that I had had a dream that I could … Continue reading 1920


A monster, big like Sulley, came over to the house for our usual game of him trying  to scare us. He was carrying something with him, but not sure what.  Ali had the door open, but before he had opened the screen to let him in, I said, “Not tonight. I’m feeling tired.” (Ali’s dream) We were driving (in a new SUV) on a street when I suddenly chose / decided to turn right, and go down steps that were cut in half, on a steep slope, toward an ocean. Ali told me it’s not a road, but I responded … Continue reading Ancient


(From April 18-20, 2013) Thursday, I was at a lady’s house, she brought out a calendar, and was pointing to the date of April 24, 2013 to be an important date, that she needed to be somewhere. Friday, someone showed me a calendar, and was pointing out yesterday’s date (April 20, 2013), and some days of the past week, to be important. Continue reading Calendar


(From April, 2013) I was in a small library, but with no books, that had about 5-6 tables, and several people reading. There was a guy who threw up at the sink that was there, but did not clean it up. Someone was showing slides, and one of them had vomit which made me become queasy so I went to the sink and threw up. I then went to the ladies working there about the vomit the guy left behind. I looked at the vomit (why?), but couldn’t tell what was in it. Continue reading Vomit


(From July 10, 2012) I was black. (From Sept. 16, 2013) Music recording studio (?) with white player piano playing strong, powerful music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There’s a huge movie screen, such as in an Imax theatre, with a man standing in front of the screen looking at it. The Salt Lake City temple comes on the screen, starting from the bottom of the screen showing the spires on down, as if a helicopter was right next to it. Continue reading Strong


(For my sake anyway, I wish I could remember it better. These are in random order.) I asked some teenage boys to turn down their music. Blooming tree (of apples?) in someone’s front yard. (There’s something else peculiar about this. Like it was in a different era, or something.) Greatest Show on Earth movie, and seeing a fire through a tunnel a ways off. (Was there a fire in that movie? I don’t remember.) Sampling food (man holding to give out) before going inside (seasonal?) store having a clearance, and possibly closing (shutting down). Holding onto corner of building, and … Continue reading Waves