Hard to See

(Night before asked, when people think they’re talking / communicating with / to archangels, who are they talking to)

I’m on a ship carrier. There is a pool(?), and I’m waiting for the carrier to sink from the weight of it, even though we’ve been out on the water, and haven’t sunk yet.

I’m sitting in one of those rolling chairs with the open square wood arms, and I barely fit. I’m sitting (to the right) next to a somewhat older guy (5-10 yrs), who I’m with. He is busy on the phone, dressed in a suit, kinda angled away from me, his right arm in front.

There is a tv on, showing either a soap opera, or the actors who play / act in one. I mention to this guy that I sometimes find it hard to see them act as other people once I’ve seen them as a soap opera character. He half-attentively agrees.

I’m about to fall asleep in bed, at night, but wake myself up thinking about the possibility of the carrier sinking, waiting for it to happen, and partly imaging it happening. I also think about carriers carrying heavy tanks on them, and they’re able to stay afloat.

A guy is in an office, his computer parts in boxes, getting them out. He is there for a meeting, a man there with him, and finally gets out his monitor.

(Ali’s Dream)

There are some blacks, and Mexican, guys breaking into the house. Some cops were there also. They were wanting to kill Ali / us. Ali was looking for a place to hide. I was saying that these guys can’t do this.

Ground / Floor

(Night before, I had asked if there was a shortcut to awakening)

I had some sort of rash on my right forearm, halfway between my shoulder and elbow, going somewhat from side to side.

(From May 28, 2014)

Judy had moved, and had moved with her the few things of mine she had. I was surprised that she would do so.

Kyle was magically squished into a box (mostly upper body), facing up to me. I told him something to the effect that I wished that could happen while he was standing (him getting smaller).

Amy had put a couple of things of mine in some bare, light wooden shelves that were on the ground / floor. She hadn’t cleaned out the shelves first before putting my stuff in. I saw some tiny / small white and brown spiders crawling around. I then saw a small bottle (3-5 oz) of Kyle’s cologne (the bottle was one that Ali uses, Kyle didn’t), and used it to spray them.

Pick It Up

It’s night-time. There is water rising a bit outside of the front(?) door. I’m thinking that I want to take a picture of it. Greg, and I, are dressed to go somewhere.

A kitten gets out, from the backyard, and a strange guy kicks it a couple of times, not hurting it. It runs back to the backyard, and the guy kicks it again. It runs around, coming over by me, and I’m able to pick it up.

(Ali’s Dream)

Some people have come, and taken the cats, tying them together with a rope, and pulling them. Ali sees them, and runs after them, telling them that those are his cats, holding on to the other side of the rope, which was trailing behind.

These people kept going. A crowd of people show up, saying that those people went into Ali’s backyard, and took the cats.

There was a tug-of-war between Ali, and these people, a cliff behind them, with deep, muddy water below. Ali, and the cats, were pulling on the rope with enough strength causing these people to let go, and fall, drowning some.

Some of the people in the crowd were calling for help for those people, while others were saying they deserved to drown.

Fire trucks arrived to help those people who had fallen. The people in the crowd were saying that those who fell had gone into Ali’s property, and stole his cats.

Ali then took the cats home, and could almost hear them telling him that they felt safe here at home.

Pain She Will Feel

(Night before, asked the meaning of the icy water, again)

I was shown different scenes, the porcelain floor tiles (in the expanded room) among them, and was told / had a knowing, that these were the answer. (I had asked again (see bottom of page) because I couldn’t grasp the connection.)

I was at church, and young children, on one side of the building, were vomiting. It wasn’t chunky, or too disgusting, but was smooth and a pea green color. As I was walking around, I saw a girl, at the entrance of the bathroom, vomiting, facing me.

There was only one lady cleaning it up, using (dish?) towels.

The Bishop was wearing flip-flops, and colorful shorts which looked like swim trunks, but were not. He was gliding across the vomit, not touching it, not bothered by it, and having a good time.

Another portion of the church, there was a famous black rapper (don’t know if actual, or just in dream). Don’t know why he was here, or how he got here, but several of his tall friends (he was average height) came to take him away. One was a female. As she was walking away (they came from the left, and went back the same), I noticed her hair. It was big. She had it as though she had used the biggest roller / curler, and then left her hair as is after taking it out. The curls went toward the middle, in the back. She wasn’t haughty, she just didn’t want to be there.

I was still at the church(?), and was sitting in a tall chair against the wall. I was holding a girl baby, supposedly my niece, facing left. To my left was Robert Mailhouse. To his left were two of his friends (man, and woman), a door, then another chair. The wall then angled to the right, and there were two chairs backing that wall. Robert was playing / smiling with the baby, and I was thinking that maybe I was supposed to be with him.

Next thing I knew, they had moved to the other chairs, on the other side of the door, when the people who were sitting there (didn’t see, only knew) had gotten up and left. Robert was sitting in the second chair, facing me. A little disappointed, I then thought that maybe we’re not supposed to be together.

At church, and not many people (75?) because it being the day of Indy 500. There weren’t any services, but rather music playing through a sound system, and a home theater size tv with a game on. Those who were there were having fun, and partying. I thought it odd. One person had even brought a nice looking dark wood pipe, and vodka(?), which had been set down.

I was a giant, sitting, and watching some adults, in a match size box, playing dodgeball / tag with colorful balls. There were some who were always it, and I was wondering how they could not be, what would they have to do.

Sometime in between these, I was at a pool of a small community. They were having fun with all one can do at a pool. I saw in the water a killer whale swimming among them. They seemed oblivious of it.

I then saw that the whale had gotten the right foot of a young unconscious female (teen?). I was thinking how I had read about this happening before, and wasn’t sure whether to help, or not.

Soon after thinking this, I had had a hold of her top body, her facing me / down. I don’t know if I was attempting to wake her up, or making sure the whale didn’t take her down. The whale made any moves of wanting to take her down, and didn’t seem to mean her any purposeful harm. He was softly nibbling on her foot.

I yell for help, and even wave my (right?) to get someone’s attention, but none was gotten. It was as if this scene wasn’t even there.

I think about the pain this girl is going to be in when she wakes.

The whale lets go, and I expect the foot to be gone. Instead, I see scratches on either side of her big toe.

(From May 24, 2014)

(Night before, I asked the meaning of the icy water)

I saw the porcelain floor tiles in the newly expanded room.

Smart Home

Before falling asleep, I saw the HGTV Smart Home 2014.

I’m in my teenage home, in back of house, looking at the backyard of the neighbor to the left. My dad is to my left, a little behind me. The neighbor’s backyard is all dirt (in reality, there was a brick wall, and couldn’t see). The grumpy man (neighbor now) is the neighbor, and has his RV parked all the way in back, facing the house, which I don’t see. He drives the RV out of the backyard, going to the right of the house. I tell my dad that this guy is crazy.

Something with me pouring water out, by the back window (tinted, floor to ceiling), inside the house. Not a whole lot, but some.

My dad is asleep, napping, on my bed. The bed facing horizontal, his head to the left. He looks somewhat like Kyle, and is covered up in a blanket. He is all the way to the edge, so much that he could fall over. I say to myself that parents get to choose which bed to sleep on. Seems we are waiting for him to wake up.

My Own Kind

Ali, and I, are in the new room with his music equipment. My hair is in a ponytail, and messed up from the day. I am wearing a white top, and skirt. The skirt is down a little in back on my right hip. I pull it up. We decide to make a list on a whiteboard. My mom sees me pulling up my skirt, and mentions she knows what we’ve been up to, and if she finds out that we’ve had sex, she’ll (?).

There is an animal, (mountain?) goat?, thin, wanting to come through a “clear” plastic tarp that is hanging.

I am on a rolling chair (naked?), making noise, rolling around amongst Ali’s equipment, attempting to “hide” behind some lights (like photographers have) from him, who is in another room.

Bono is there, and doesn’t want to be disturbed as he is recording / making some music.

Ali comes, a bit sweaty, laying me down. I am naked, and he starts toward my left breast, but I reach him with my mouth instead.

I am walking through a building (church?), hoping to find some food. There isn’t any.

An obese woman is sitting in a room, with benches, by herself. Her head is leaning on her left shoulder.

I’m in a big community room where there are six card tables set up. The door is behind me to my left. The card tables are to my right in two horizontal rows of three. I look to see where to sit, and not seeing a place at the other tables, or to fit in, I sit at the first one at the first row. I see the obese lady has come in, and joined one of the tables.

There are monopoly boards, the size of the table, on all tables. A guy, at the table where I am, sets down a bishop (chess), but upside down, as my piece. (I may have had an inkling it wasn’t supposed to be, but not sure.) With a hint of toddler attitude, I say that I want to pick my own piece. He then sets down a pawn next to the bishop. I take the bishop.

I’m holding a female shaped cookie with wax on the outside, and chocolate cake on the inside. I start by biting the head off.

I was told something to the effect that I have my own kind of power.


Mongolia steppes

I was coming out of a building, seeing the car parked in the front of the lot, facing the building.

Next, I saw the car in the middle of the lot, median on passenger side, with frozen, icy, somewhat chunky, water surrounding the car, or at least the front portion, and several feet in front. There were no other cars. It was evening?

I had in my (right?) hand two pieces of small paper, one being a lottery “Lucky Life” scratcher. I didn’t want to get them wet.

Somehow when I was going through the water, I ended up several feet in front of the car. My hand went below the water. I think the papers got slightly wet.

When in the water, I didn’t feel wet, or cold. I was having a little bit of trouble getting to the car, but think I finally made it inside.

I was somewhere where there was a gathering of people. There were two floors, the top was such to be able to see below, with a wood railing of poles. I was on the top floor, sitting(?) with a couple young girls, looking below.

Another young girl had done something to her right ankle, and Rikka Zimmerman, and a couple other adults, were taking her to a private area to work on it.

These girls, who I was sitting with, wanted to know what was going to happen. I commented that Rikka was going to work with the girl’s energy to help heal the ankle.

A Continuous Streak

I was looking at a long streak of lightning. I was continuously eyeing it from top to bottom.

I was inside a building with Mark, and others. The scene was a bit darkened. It was as if being in the 1800’s, but were not.

There were some display foods that were actually cakes. One was of a stack of soft pink rose petals. I grabbed the top one to eat. Mark started to grab a bit from one of the others.

Someone mentioned that these cakes were preserved by putting them in tin. Because of this, they had a taste of tin.

There was a Dutch door that was a step, or two up. I could only see the top half, and wondered aloud how to reach up there to get through. Someone pointed out the lower half, looking like legs. I commented that I had done the same with my own door. The door was made of wood planks painted emerald-green.

Stuck in Quicksand

On a bus with three rows of seats. The middle row is three, or four, seats wide. Amy is driving. The doors open, and water crashes through the opening.

There is a dirt path with chain link (?) fences on either side. The path is wide enough for two cars. I have parked some type of car somewhere along the path, going in opposite direction of another car that was parked. There were some cops who passed by, not worried about this, until one came, and gave me a ticket. I told him about the others who let me be, and that Larry (ex boss who is passed, in dream not remembering his last name), had even been through (he being a high-profile person).


Driving / riding (on same bus?) through downtown San Bernardino, and mentioning that the street we were on was dangerous.

(This gets interesting, and will do my best.)

A huge sphere, about two – story height, lands in someone’s house (a friend, boyfriend?). Where it lands, looks like a New York loft. It lands close to the windows. There is a line going around the middle, and is situated diagonally so that the higher side is on the left. Coming out of this line are electric blue energy streaks, with a slight wave / squiggle to them, hitting the floor.

I was with some people, and said I was going to go there because the owner had wanted to go back there to save his place (?).

I found myself standing in an elevator, with the doors stuck open, on the ground floor in this house, on the other side of this sphere, away from the windows. I could see the blue lines coming out of the sphere. I decided I had better step out if the elevator in case the doors were to close, and I not being able to get out.

There was a horse outside in the back, seen through the windows. It’s rear, to middle, was stuck in quicksand. One of the invaders (somewhat like Zorg?from Toy Story), from that sphere, standing behind, sent a blue mist / fog energy towards the horse to get it out. This being did so so that the horse could take it around town. I didn’t see, but had a knowing, that the horse had only walked around this house, and so that’s what it did.

A lady smoker had ended up in this house , somehow, across from the elevator. Another one of these beings, a female, had a cigarette, and slowly moved it toward the smoker, mesmerizing her, at her mouth level. This being was exchanging energy between the two, cigarette not reaching the lady’s mouth. There was again the blue mist / fog surrounding (just the cigarette, or the smoker’s body?).

All of a sudden, this lady went through the walls, to her right (she had been facing the windows), leaving outlines of her body. There was a long stretch that she went through.

I was with Greg, and other people, waiting out these intruders(?). I had a book I was looking through, coffee table size, with more width, and saw a picture of a person, in black, with a creature, having the same electric blue in /on it, resting on this persons head. I took the book over to show him.

Sometime during this, Greg and I were passionately kissing.

(From May 18, 2014 Ali’s Dream)

He was out in the garage working out, sitting on a workout bench. There were people with him, some of which were my family. I came out, dressed with blue sweats, red top with cut sleeves (like Rocky), and a red bandana around my head. I started giving orders, telling them to stop sitting around, and start walking. I was walking in circles as I was saying this. I then went inside the house, and came back out, and continued. Ali was wanting to hold me down, but decided against it. I told him that he also needs to walk. I mentioned something about not being able to do this / lose weight when old, so do it now.

(My 234th post)


(Night before, asked if Akashic Records are real)

Kyle, and I, are naked on the bed. The door is open, and I see Mark coming toward us. I go over to the closet, and put a shirt in front of me. Mark has brought fast food (Taco Bell?), in bags. He says something while realizing the situation, then leaves.

I am at a gathering of people. I am to stand on a “stage”, and told, by a lady in charge, to discuss the 1st, and 2nd ? I didn’t know, hadn’t heard / read / paid attention to, them.

I was given a sub sandwich, and told to read it. The top layer was all olives, and being confused, wasn’t able / didn’t know how, to read it. I then saw a lower layer with Spanish words, and said I wasn’t able to read them. The lady then asked if someone else could read. A lady, who had been sitting, excitedly came up while I stepped down.

There were people who brought gifts, not sure if they had to, or because they wanted to, to be won as prizes, making sure the person in charge of the gifts knew about them. Near the end of these gifts being given away, every now and then, I saw a bluish silver box, the shape similar to a necklace box, at the rectangular table I was sitting at. It was a pen set of very thin pens, each in their own tube / covering. One of them had written on it something about Taurus. I got excited, and took the pen out of its covering. I was then disappointed to see that someone’s business was written instead, all around the pen. I then put it back.

The lady, who brought it, then came and sat, not knowing what I did. I decided to tell her. With a hint of being perturbed, she said something to the effect of, “Next time I shouldn’t put my fingerprints on it”, as I couldn’t understand her. She then got up, taking the pens, and went elsewhere.

(From May 17, 2014 Ali’s Dream)

He was giving a test, having the correct, and wrong, key with him. He set them both down on his desk. A female student saw them, grabbing the wrong one, not knowing it to be the wrong one. She copied the answers, then passed it around. Several students didn’t take it. After finishing the test, those students were celebrating outside as they were going down a hill. One of the students, who did not take the key, told Ali what had happened. Ali then said those students had taken the wrong one. When they saw they had gotten zeros, the student who told Ali what had happened, explained to them that they had used the wrong key.