We Don’t Have 

(From June 1, 2015)

I was at the top of a stadium, where the offices are, in a blonde performer guy’s room / office, which wasn’t small. There were some church members, from my teenage years, who were there as well. Rillene(sp?) said that they come every year. I’m doing / cleaning some dishes, because I want to. The performer is standing next to me, on my left, and asks what I’m going to do with my life. I tell him, “Nothing “, then think to myself, “because Ali (who is sitting in a chair up against a wall behind us) takes care of me “, though I didn’t finish the sentence. I was wearing a skirt, and he had his hand on my right butt cheek. I sheepishly pushed it down because of Ali. He was looking down at something, so I don’t know if he saw. 

(From June 2, 2015)

The neighborhood cats all were coming / came over, on the left side of the house. The “momma” grey cat even came back (she went missing a day or two prior). She had with her our young b&w kitten (black with white face). As I was waking up, I realized that we don’t have a b&w kitten. 

(From June 3, 2015)

Woke up with song “Young Manhood” by (The) Wild Swans 

(From June 14, 2015)

I have small breasts, and even though I’m wearing a shirt / covered up, I squeeze them, expecting something to come out, but nothing does. 

(Ali’s dream)

We are hiking up colored / painted steps (purple, etc.). There is a decorated wall up at the top. I do the Rocky stance, arms up, and people are taking pictures. I was about to leave when one guy says for me to wait because he hasn’t gotten a picture yet. I wait for him, doing the stance again so he can get a picture. Others also came around again to get one also.  


I Have Been Training 

(From March 6, 2015)

I was watching tv somewhere, standing. The beginning of a show was starting, and Kyle was there, in it. I commented to someone, “Can you believe it’s been 3 years (since he passed)?” (He passed in ’08.)

(From March 9, 2015)

The old neighbor was going to move to a house on 21st street (which, in the dream, was around the same area) on the 28th. 

(From March 10, 2015)

Tastes like chocolate. Ketchup and lemon pudding (side by side, not mixed together). Only I took a taste. I only tasted the ketchup, so I said so, and that it tastes good. 

Chumbawamba. I say that I have their song on tape. 

(Ali’s dream)

We are in a race. I am in the lead, passing the others at the beginning, speeding so fast that my feet barely touch the ground. Ali is behind me. My hair is in a ponytail. I am wearing a red shirt, blue shorts, and fancy / colorful shoes. 

After we finish, we are barely breathing / breathing normal. After the others finish, they ask how I / we did it. I tell them that I have been training. I also mention food. 

I Didn’t See the Fire 

(From Feb. 24, 2015)

Mom, Amy, and I were going to be moving into a new home on Saturday. Mom was telling us that we need to be sure to move during daylight because there are a couple broken windows. 

Careless Whisper chorus from George Michael 

I think I was standing in a white hallway. There was a black guy who had his head between my left hip and wall. I playfully asked him what he was doing. 

I was sitting between two black guys, who both were interested in me. I didn’t have a top over my garments. The guy on my right asked if I know / had met Jesus. I said no, but He knows who I am. 

I told the guys that they look like brothers, after looking at and comparing, their noses. 

I asked the one on the left where his family comes from, meaning Africa. I think he said Iowa. I said, no, your grandparents / great-grandparents. 

(From Feb. 28, 2015)

There are two ladies who are called before calling the firemen. They are at someone’s house, spreading baking powder all over in a girls room, so the fire wouldn’t spread. They also did another room, the parents (?). They were to do only the two rooms, but decided to do the bathrooms as well. I didn’t see the fire. 

The old man neighbor being friendly. For some reason, we live in their home / house, and have for about 4 years. They are about to go somewhere. She, and I, are in the garage, but she is taller. She says something about having my stuff for several years. I ask, curiously, “So how long have you had my stuff?” She then starts looking around in the stuff she has stored against the left wall ( garage door in front). She mentions to me to look for something with circles. The image that comes to mind are the Audi circles. She isn’t finding what she’s looking for, so puts masking tape across the areas where she has looked. 

Ali comes home after work, worn out. 

I can see for miles 

(From Feb. 14, 2015)

Greg, and Scot, had a younger brother who looked almost exactly like Scot. 

Greg was holding me, and spinning, in such a way so that I could stretch my legs out parallel to the floor, like dancers. At first I was worried about him being able to hold my weight, but realized he was doing it, then started having fun with it, talking a lot (I was quiet as a teen). Afterwards, I said, “See what a mission does / will do?” I’m not sure if he heard because he showed no recognition / validation of me saying it. 

Two E. M. T. ‘s came with a stretcher, but without the bed. There was a tall, skinny / thin male one, and a shorter female one. The male took some type of (crafters) glue, and put a strip lengthwise down the middle. He then put a board over it. This was to be the bed. After doing so, he went faint. Another female came out to check on him. As soon as she appeared, he popped back up, and she turned around. I thought that she should still check up on him. 

I was watching a Christmas episode of the Simpson’s. I don’t know if it had aired yet, or if it was a preview, but with “tighter” drawing. A lady, at a professional business building, on the main floor, was pointed out to her that she hadn’t put a Christmas tree up yet. 

I woke up with the song, “I can see for miles and miles”

The Program Unpaused

(From Aug. 9, 2014)

I was at Micalanne’s, and we were watching tv. She had a baby boy, about a year old. Near the end of the show, the baby got tired, so Micalanne asked him if he wanted to go to bed. He said yes.

She pushed a button on the remote, to pause, so she wouldn’t miss anything while changing the baby’s diaper, showing me, but I don’t see.

She then gave the remote to me. After a minute, the program unpaused. I pushed a button I had used before, but it wasn’t working. I pushed another, still nothing. The program was showing a couple getting married in a chapel(?), then leaving. The girl sang some wedding / marriage song as she was doing something with stretched out white flowers in the back, before leaving.

Micalanne finished, then got upset with me for not keeping the show paused. My bed then appeared in the room, and I wanted to lay down, but she came over to me, and wouldn’t let me. She turned into Judy.

I then took my pillow, after a bit of fighting, putting it over her face, and saying that I’ll be a b…. (That’s how I said it). I wasn’t going to keep it there long enough to suffocate her, but I didn’t care what would happen to me (spiritually) if I did. She was having fun with it.

Then somehow, I managed to pick her up, and flip her on her bed (step away). She landed with her head under her body, her neck stretched / bent, looking like rubber. I noticed this, but didn’t care. My mom then came in. I wasn’t going to say anything.

My dad was telling me to go to bed. I didn’t want to. I told him I was going to boil some water, and pour it on him. I did start up the water.

He had some single serve chocolate pudding cups in the freezer. Some were chocolate and vanilla. I took them out, and I think, put them in the fridge for myself.

Caved In

Somewhere outside, with other people. I have been told that the hole the bears are hibernating / living in, has caved in. We no longer know where they are. Some people who went searching have died. I think to myself, “Can’t they claw / dig themselves out?”, then realize if they aren’t found, they’ll die.

Had the sliding glass door open, enough to get through. Some cats are outside, scared of an animal down the hill, which I’m not able to see. A couple of cats run inside. I go out, and look to see if I can see this other animal. I think it was a fox.

The tv is on, and showing only one channel, one “program”. There is a bigger flat screen tv to the left on the wall. There is a guy sitting next to me, on my left. I am sitting back, leaning back some almost against him. I have a wet paper towel, legs spread, wiping my vagina.

Arabian men are causing boys to have sex with them.

I see, on the iPod, that “Bang (Here Comes A Supernova) by Frankie Goes to Hollywood is now on Spotify.

Magic Man

I’m clearing off the table after the family has eaten dinner. Greg / Steve is helping.

Judy is sitting, and I start beating on her. Crying with everything I have, I start to lose my breath and energy. Micalanne tells me that she’ll be with me. The family doesn’t understand why I’m doing this, yet I’m not stopped. Each person represents a gem / mineral (silver, diamond, etc) / blog.

“Try to understand, he’s a magic man” sung by Heart

I’m listening to Kerli’s new songs. They’re ugly because she’s degrading herself.

Ali brought his one year old

I show up late, feeling a bit anxious, to running practice. I see a door opening (space) in a wall, and see on the other side, girls lined up, horizontally, in rows, with their backs to me.

Their names, in two’s, are written in each row. A couple of rows, though, as I look, only have one name. I’m wondering where I’ll be placed.

The girls are getting ready to go somewhere, curling the back of their hair. They are behind me, to my left, so that I have to turn to look. One of the girls, a blonde, who has colored her hair, is in the middle of them, and mentioning how she and her boyfriend have been together for forever, but he left her. She is “glamming” up to show him what he’s missing.

I also have curled some of my hair, in the back left.

Every Time I Turn Around

I am speeding on a somewhat uphill freeway, with 4 / 5 lanes, with no buildings bordering, and am about to pass through a hill. I am in the second lane, with no one in front. There is a yellow(?) delivery truck up ahead in the third lane. The first lane has a row of vehicles, trucks “sprinkled” in. Every once in a while, cars from the first lane move over into mine. As I drive past the vehicles in the first lane, some are about to move until seeing me, whereas others, I’m not sure what they’re doing since they’re pointed toward my lane, but not moving over.

I am speeding to get to my first day of work, at D. I., which is a distance from home.

When on the streets, I miss the left turn / opening in median that I need. There’s no place to turn for a little ways. I see gated wealthy residences dead ending the street, with the gates open. I do not see the residences, but sense they may be condos, or such. I don’t see an opening to turn until I get up close. A car, which was behind me, continues in.

After I turn around, I hear the people who were in the car, having a slightly heated disagreement as they are walking to their place.

I get to my workplace around 7:30, but don’t need to be there until around 8. I look around, the place looking like a department store, seeing a baby / young deer lying on the bottom of the somewhat angled shelves, between the clothes, on the left wall. Each time I go over to that area, it is in the same position, with head on left side. I walk up to it, and see that it is a hard plastic decoration.

I see two guys walking my direction, one on the right holding a piece of paper. The other is telling him, “And that’s the song she never sent me.” (Assuming ex girlfriend.)

Even with the extra time, I run to where I need to check in. I want to make sure I’m not late. I look at my feet, and I’m wearing wedge like shoes, though not too high, and they’re making sound as they hit the ground / floor.

The lyric “Every time I Turn Around” comes into my head. (Must be a lyric within song because I wasn’t able to find it. 80’s / 90’s. Woman singing.)

Pay Attention

(I’ve had dreams, but they were as if they were far away, and were gone as soon as I woke)

I saw a bag of peanut M & M’s, candy bars, and couple stacked boxes of ice cream sandwiches, all untouched, next to the couch were my dad sits. I think it odd they haven’t been touched, and go to mention this to my mom. My dad is happily talking to someone.

Deborah (syllables pronounced) had brought a non plastic doll to the gathering. Later, I saw a girl holding it. After a while, Deborah wanted to know where it was. She started to go looking for it, going through a short hallway, and about to go left, when I saw another girl, looking similar to the first, holding the doll. I called out to Deborah, and then pointed to the girl, which Deborah then started to walk toward.

There are about 3 tables, with benches, and a single chair to the right of them. There are black girls, of different shades, sitting at them. There was a light-skinned girl sitting on the right side of the middle table.

The girl sitting at the chair accused me of staring at her butt, and top. I told her I wasn’t staring, but looking at the whole room, and didn’t even look at her butt.

There were two lines of people, front and back, facing toward me. There was a guy in back, on the left side, who kept nervously looking to his left. He had a short buzz, somewhat like from the 1950’s. After whatever they were lined up for was finished, and started walking away to their right, I mentioned this guy to someone, and said he looked like he was from South America.

Outside, at a park(?), a lady wants to sit. Her daughter / sister is sitting in the chair she wants to sit in. She doesn’t get up, but eventually reluctantly does.

A lady in her room, which is above a business, in a black dress. It is the 1920 / 30’s. She is getting ready to go downstairs to meet a man, about to go down. Another man calls up to her, not on a phone. She has her hand wrapped around something I cannot see. (Sensing it is funnel-shaped.) She says into it, holding it down in front of her, to tell the man she’s about to meet that she’ll be right down. The man tells her to pay attention to her room, knowing the man she is to meet has placed something in there. She stops and looks around. There is a floor / full length mirror to the left of the door, bed in front of, dresser against the wall on the right.

I heard the words “Stop and Stare” from One Republic.

(From June 7, 2014)

It’s winter, and snowy. I ask Amy if the bears are hibernating, and she says yes. I don’t have to worry about hiding in the house in the morning.

Lady’s lower right leg (prosthetic ?)

Get Lucky

Woke up early in morning with Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky”.

I’m at an ice skating rink consecutive days(?). The rink is to my left. Travis also comes, saying a friendly hello to me, as he passes on my left. One day he walks up to me slowly, and gently gives me a kiss. I somewhat hesitantly kiss him back, knowing he has a girlfriend, not knowing if he may have broken up or not, and the others may be watching.

Erik Estrada (?). He is acting a little goofy, and a couple of us are teasingly saying we don’t know him, do you know him.

Me, and another girl, are discussing about whether a certain tall hockey player (there at the rink) doesn’t / does get played.

Child (toddler?) comes off ice rink needing to change / put clothes back on. Puts own socks back on.