Don’t Need Two

(Night before, I asked why some people believe in reincarnation.)

Dean Jones, and Ray Walston(?) were always together in crime fighting movies, except the Herbie movies, during their 20 – 30 year acting career.

I was somewhere where there were huge, heavy, decorative dark wood doors. They had vertical overlapping slits, like blinds that are open a little bit. I was thinking how Ellen had previously been here involved with some program.

I was at Ellen’s place, in her white spacious rectangular room. Her girlfriend (on the masculine side) was not there because she knew Ellen was meeting someone. Ellen was slowly taking off different pieces of what she was wearing, and suggesting I do the same, after she had. Although I wasn’t too sure about it, I did anyway. Ellen had gotten down to a slip(?), and I to my garments. Seems my Aunt Barbie may have walked across the room during this. Also, Ellen had turned on some slow listening music during this. After we were down to the basics, I asked her what her girlfriend would think. She then became a bit serious, with a look on her face as if she had been caught, and slightly hung her head.

There was a huge, big buxom statured lady (the kind that instantly comes to mind when someone mentions Russian / German / Swedish women, but not burly like those) standing next to some clear plastic rectangular tubs, which were about chest high. Inside the tubs were St. Patrick’s Day buttons, one of which was with Charlie Brown leaning over slightly, and kissing the right edge of the button. There were a handful I liked, and wanted, that didn’t mention anything about being Irish, so I starting grabbing one of each. This lady leaned a little toward me and suggested I take two (of each). I responded that I didn’t need two.

She then said, standing straight so others, right there, could hear, that there was a plot of land in Ireland reserved for the burial of those who did not “make it” here in America. It was a disgrace to be buried there.

I then pronounced Ireland two different ways, and asked her how she pronounces it. Her voice then got a bit deeper, and she started to elongate the first syllable. (I started waking up, so didn’t get the rest.)

(Ali’s Dream)

There were thousand’s of people out in the open by mountains / rocky, grassy area. Then all of a sudden, a storm appeared with tons of rain, and wind. The earth was having a tremendous earthquake. All of the people were being tumbled, as if in a washer / dryer. Ali then prayed, “God, help us.” The weather calmed down. Only a handful of people survived. I somehow had on a spare of clothing, drying out the others on rocks. I thanked Ali for praying, and mentioned how he usually prays silently (which he does).

I Used To

Decorative posts(?), by the deep pool, had been blown over by a strong wind, and had been forgotten about, were now pulled up.

Children’s movie / show with “people” made from pipes / socks / or some such thing.

(From Feb. 23, 2014 I thought I had posted)

I was inside, crouching down by the sliding glass door to the backyard, petting a one year old cat, who was outside, thinking how I used to be able to bring it inside.

It Isn’t Gone

(All parking lot scenarios are on same night)

Evening time, I park the car in a spot horizontal to a Stake Center, where I know I will find it later.

Whatever I came here for is over, and people are going out to their cars. I see several cousins from both of my uncle’s families. I see them individually, they not knowing the others are there. One of which is Jon. He sees me, but we don’t speak. I wish I had known these cousins were here so that I could gather them and take a picture.

I am in the parking lot. I see Jason with short bleached hair. There is another guy with him. I tall him it’s been a while since I’ve heard from him. They run away from me, needing to get somewhere, with Jason looking back, and smiling at me.

I don’t see the car. The space is empty, but I think to myself, “It isn’t gone, mom and dad have it. But if they have it, how did I drive it here? How did I get here?”

Beyond the lot is a small carnival going on. I notice it, not getting emotionally involved because I am more focused on the car.

I drive into a parking spot, making sure it’s a parking spot, and that I can park there. When I get out of the car, I see that instead of a parking spot, I’m parked between rows of parking spaces, even though I had checked first.

I drive into a parking spot, making sure it’s a parking spot, and that I can park there. When I get out, I see that I’m parked in a handicapped spot, even though, again, I had checked first.

Seems at one point, I was inside the building listening to the radio, and thinking it was ok to do so.

There is a lady in the passenger seat. (I don’t know why she’s there, don’t know who she is, but perhaps I’m taking her home?) we both have a small yellow square-shaped thing that have been placed on the floor behind us. I put my arm back, making sure hers, and mine, don’t get mingled.

As I’m driving out of the lot, I notice the people speeding out, and no one crashing. Jason(?) is in a royal blue car in front of me. I barely bump him because of not slowing down soon enough. I’m looking at the car, so I don’t notice if he registered it, or not.

It’s my turn to drive out of the lot. The cars on the street are speeding past. I speed out into the  street without getting hit.

I’m with a handful if people, walking along the corridors if a senior center living center. The rooms are like an apartment. Colleen walks in front of us, right to left, carrying a bag of dirty plates / dishes, just coming from a gathering of ? I think I say something to her as she passes, but she doesn’t say anything, only smiling, then opens a door and goes inside, shutting the door.

Somehow the group if us has gotten lost as to how to get outside. A worker points out a door by us just as we see it, and go outside.

Obstructed View

I’m in a building / house, in the second floor. There were tall, thick trees in back that were pulled up, and placed against the building so as to block / cover the view out the window.

I am on the second floor of same building(?), and looking out a window, I see a young woman  (20′s) in her truck surrounded, and covered with wood chips. I tell two women who are deep in conversation behind me (one young, the other in her early 50′s), who then get up to go help, still deeply engaged. By the time I get there (I never do see these women down there, or again), I see that she has gotten up, and realize what was the truck was just some foam, with a facade of a truck, by sticking a piece of wood through it.

I am in a room with a rectangular table. There is  a young black man (late teens / early 20′s) sitting at the table. Seems there may be a chalkboard behind him. I sit on the other side of him, across the table. There is an older man sitting at the end, to my left. I mention my reason for sitting where I sat is because we all need our space. The young black man is happy with this answer, and repeats, “Yes, we all need our space”, placing his leg(s) over the chair(s) next to him toward the other man.

I am in a kitchen, and a man tells me he needs to speak to me. (Or perhaps those are reversed?) I am standing with a fridge(?) to my left. Up in the ceiling is a fold up door with ladder attached. The passage is barely big enough for an adult to go through. The man is waiting for me up there. The bottom portion of the ladder isn’t coming down. While I’m fiddling with it, I’m thinking about a circular stairway (somewhat like in a lighthouse) behind a door that uses, and wonder why I can’t just use those instead.

The backyard has dirt over on the right side over by / next to the (old man) neighbor. I pick up one grain of dirt, and a big hole appears, engulfing some of the neighbor’s paver bricks (he doesn’t have any). I mention this to someone, that I only picked up a single grain of dirt.

Coming To the Light

WWII(?) in Asian country.

Missionaries, and the Navy are involved with a project no one knew about, but is now coming to the light.

This project had been documented during the involvement with. (Is that how I should word it?)

Group of missionaries, 50 – 100 of them, walking along concrete path, having fun. They were not wearing their badges (don’t know if there were any back then), and the guys were casually dressed (there were females also, and they were mostly in dresses / skirts, it seems).

The President (leader) of the mission(aries) is talking to someone, answering questions, in Oriental language, while walking. He is casually dressed, wearing a polo shirt. He answers one last question, looks toward person, to his left, then opens a door, and walks through, shutting the door behind him.

I see signatures of these people (Navy included) in different spots. One of them, his first name is Cel, and has his military rank. The rest of his name, he has fun with, changing it up each time with a new name / description (of him), but / and everyone knows it’s always the same person.

Two pictures, of these same group of people, comparing them, and affirming that the same people are in both pictures.

Paid For Two

A man says that being paid for one book is good, but it’s better to be paid for two.

A perturbed guy has a professional check he is holding, still attached is the receipt, that has been made out to him for writings he has done. He’s standing between two people, wanting something on the check to be fixed. He holds up the paper to me to see, but I am a couple of feet away, so don’t see what he is complaining about. I then think that maybe I could send some of my poems to be published, and get paid for them, but then am not sure about the quality of my poems.

A young girl (9, 10) is in the air, vertical, propelling herself with her legs as frogs do. I then see her with a charcoal bow and arrow. She shoots it (at an animal?), but the arrow is only capable of going 6 feet, so it ends up just shy of the target.

I am in L.A. at Zac Efron’s house, looking at it from outside in back. I’m thinking it might be, or at least reminds me of, a house that was featured on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters: Renovation (the Spanish Fixer episode). I am then in the back room of the house, where it is semi-enclosed, but still open to the back. I lean to my right because of the sound of water. I see a fountain of water where a jacuzzi would be, sprouting water into the pool. (It is the pool, that if you’ve seen that episode, you can get a general vision of what I am seeing.) There are white blankets and pillows layered all over, Bohemian style. There are cats, and dogs lying around, enjoying being there, and having fun. Zac has a bunch of his friends over, who are (mostly) in the backyard, having a party. They don’t see me. As Zac converses with me, he playfully jumps around.

I am naked, and at one point, pull up a blanket to cover me, but take it off shortly after. Zac is lying by / on it, and mentions that there is sweat. I tell him I was a bit warm (my body is naturally warm). I ask if it’s a double blanket, pulling it toward me to look. I see that indeed, it is, with two blankets sewn together.

In the backyard with small green rolling hills, a man (Islander?) is wearing a big heavy blue coat. I think he has a metal detector. He says to Zac, “One of these days I’m going to catch you”, meaning, catch Zac having sex.

Zac then sucks on my left breast for a bit, then jumps around again. He then comes in front of me, observing my breasts. He then says that when he is up close, they look perfect, but when he leans back, they’re off. He says there could be some orange stuff in my left breast behind the nipple, and that I should have it looked at.

He then lies on me, stomach to stomach, pulling his penis up, and between us. He begins to suck my left breast, and I suck him. I start to get excited, gradually tighten my grip on his right arm up by his shoulder. He says he wishes he could stick / put it in.

I woke up with the lyrics, ” There must be some misunderstanding. There must be some kind of mistake” sung by Genesis / Phil Collins.

Lion Chases Deer

My family is in some type of white elevator(?) looking thing, traveling through the atmosphere here, and in space. We are somewhere here on earth where a lion is chasing after a young deer amongst a wooded area. Judy gets out to use a phone booth we see that is in the midst of this. We cajole her to come back in so the lion won’t attack her. The lion doesn’t attack her, and perhaps maybe doesn’t even see her. I’m not sure if she was able to make the call, or not, but she comes back in. The lion and deer circle a huge tree, with the chase ending with the deer stopping and curling up under a concrete bench(?).

This elevator thing kinda moves on an invisible roller coaster, but only so fast as an elevator goes. I say that my favorite part is when we travel upwards.

There are sheep crossing a road, at the bottom of the hill it is on. There are cars coming down the hill, barely stopping / slowing down enough to miss them.

I am a missionary again at a members’ house for dinner.  The husband is, or looks like, Dr. Bradley Nelson. He and his wife have three young boys. The boys sit at the table, but the adults do not. The wife is even still cooking the last of the meal. The boys go off and do their own thing after a bit. The adults do also. The husband leaves, and changes, coming back out with boxers on. I’m wondering if / how he is wearing garments. He goes over by a wall, turning his back to me, and while doing something, lifts his left leg enough so that I can look a bit in the leg, and I see that he is indeed wearing the garment. I then see the wife wearing a mini dress, and suspect that she is not a member. They get in a disagreement, but the wife stays calm.

I am at Barbie’s home (only in the dream). She is younger (-10, or 20). A somewhat older man shows up in the backyard to be a guard, even though he doesn’t need to be there.

Back inside, there is a black trash bag. I open it, and see two Christmas presents for two women who come over to visit, and work (crafts?). I take them out, then ask Barbie if she wants the bag. She says, no, as if saying, “Why would I want that?”

I take the bag and put my things in it, as if i had stayed the night, or something. Sara(?) is going through my (costume) jewelry, and sees a colorful ring she likes. I tell her she can wear it, as long as she brings it back, since it is one of my favorites also. (It is one with those dangly little “balls”.) She puts it back, looking for something else.