We Can Go

(I asked for my dream(s) to tell me what the assignment was.)

Before I fell asleep, I was told that I know a lot, and someone wanted to take my hand, and take me somewhere.

Something about horses.

Different cars lined up in a desert(?).

I was in class, sitting on the left side up near the front, facing the wall with my back partially toward the teacher, not paying attention. I didn’t have anything on my desk. The teacher looked like the scientist from Nightmare Before Christmas. He wore somewhat thick glasses, and had white circles around his eyes from wearing small shades / sunglasses, like the scientist wears. (His eyes were clearly shown to me.) He came over to me, and said something to me. I then got out a folder I had papers in. I didn’t have my book with me. The teacher had written a math problem on the board for us to solve. I looked through my papers, looking for a clean one. They all had writing on them, but there were some that did have some space to write on. After writing down, and solving the problem, the teacher had us tear that off, and give to him. When I tore mine, I didn’t get all of it, and handed it to him anyway. I then became “lost” for a bit, then “woke” again, and saw that he had written some other problems, with some letters above them, on the board. Since I didn’t have any clean papers, I didn’t write them down.

We then had a ten minute break. I looked down, and noticed I was naked, but I knew for sure that I had dressed myself. After being in a quandary about this, I decided to wrap myself in a blanket, in case I truly was naked. Having a blanket was nothing out of the ordinary, as others had done so also. It seems that the weather outside was also a bit chilly. When I came back, I saw my clothes back on. I told myself, “See, I knew I had dressed myself.”

The teacher then sang a short silly song about being bald, got his briefcase / stuff, then walked toward the door. No one watched him. He disappeared. The students, after a bit, looked around and questioned, “Can we leave?” Seeing no sign of the teacher still, they decided that yes, we can leave.


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