Diana Barry, and her husband, and baby were at a park, with other people, lying on their blanket enjoying the day. I was noticing the beautiful smile of the baby. A free flowing microphone, with the cord, came by them, and she took the mic and announced that her father had an announcement to make. She then stood up, holding the baby in air while waiting for her chubby husband to get up. All the other people had disappeared. Did they go to where her father was / is, or did they take off? They had left their blankets behind.

I was on a website that had a black background. There were two boxes to the right with faces of somewhat older men, with several faces in the big space to the left. As I was looking at the faces, I noticed that one of the men pictured there had already passed away.

I am in a building that is being updated / remodeled. There is a downstairs that is partially open. It is a restaurant / lounge. The several steps leading down to it lead to a bar / counter where one goes to check in. There is a chalkboard wall behind the counter that is already written on with different brightly colored chalks.

There are some church benches, with green fabric, that have been delivered for use. The church had bought these back, costing them less than when new, because they were already assembled.

Michelle was there with a daughter (7,8) and baby. Some parts of the scenes, the baby was missing because someone else had it. At one point, Michelle had her daughter go check on the baby.

I looked like I had black stubble. I was conscious of it, being somewhat uncomfortable (such as when out in public wearing something not comfortable in, but “suffer” through until getting home), but couldn’t do anything about it at this time.

There were about 100 (+ / -) black women in a room watching a comedic play. I was in the back observing how they were enjoying the play, and also observing their hair (why?).

We were outside, I felt happy, and free. I was noticing the shapes of the clouds, and wanted to lay on the small stone pathway.

There were mountains at the end of the pathway, looking as if they were in walking distance. Straight on, they were lush, and green. When looking to the left of that, there was some green, but only here and there.

I could see in to the grouchy old man’s house, and saw that it was empty but for a handful of boxes that his wife was taping up.


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